Ever since the very first motion picture screening in 1895, there has always been a healthy thriving market for pornographic films. The fact that in the span of a few years the art had progressed to the piece we saw on Monday is truly remarkable. Modern movies and porn have come a long way since then. Although this was filmed in the early days of cinema, there is much we can learn from analysis of the 1905 French film and modern porn.

I consider myself a connoisseur of fine films and have encountered pornographic features of varying theme, most, though, set after the turn of the millennium. Having this background, I was amazed to see the striking similarities in plot and character development despite this film’s setting in early 20th century Europe. In the beginning of the movie, we see a group of young lasses gathered and, naturally, their innocent banter starts escalating until they are on top of a table scandalously showing their knickers.

This is much like a modern scene where two schoolgirls might be having a casual pillow fight when all of a sudden they start shoving foreign objects into each other. Another example can be found when the French musketeer-looking gentleman arrives at a home seeking lodging for the night and ends up banging some bitches by a picnic table in the back.

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Substitute the musketeer for a plumber then add color and a Brazzers logo in the bottom right corner and you have a modern porno. The main changes evident in porn’s journey since this 1905 production are a modern distaste of bush and the exclusion of dogs from orgies, which, most will agree, are changes for the greater good. Though we have made great advancements in technology and culture, for the most part, we’re still the same horny bastards we were 100 years ago.


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