The Universal rules of writing citing using APA

The APA technique of citation in full known as the American
Psychological Association is normally used when citing resources within the subject
of humanitarian sciences. When using this method of citation there are
universal rules which need to be followed. Your article should be typed on a
standard sized paper (measuring 8.5″*11″) with a margin of 1″ on every side. It
is recommended that you use 12pt. New Times Roman font and your paper should be
double-spaced. Please take note that this should be used on your entire paper
including the title page. You paper should include four key parts. Title page occurs
first followed by the Abstract then by the Main body and then finally the references.

On the topmost of every page there should be running head/
page header. This is a shortened version of your paper title. It should not exceed
50 characters including punctuations and spaces. To create this insert number
flush right then insert the title of your paper on the left and in capitals. Let’s
take it for instance that you are writing about social science your running
head on the title page should look like this:

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Running head: SOCIAL SCIENCE

On the subsequent pages the running head should look like


The Title page

On your title page the title of the paper comes first. This should
be placed on the upper half of your paper and should not exceed twelve words. It
should then be followed by the name of the participants on the next line. When putting
the name of participants, avoid using title or degrees. Then finally on the
next line you should put the name of the institute which the participants carried
out the study.

The Abstract

Begin an abstract on a new page. Type the word Abstract on
the top center part of your page (do not use bold letters, italics, underline,
format and quotation marks). On the next line now write your abstract.

This is a short summary of your paper. It should not be less
than one hundred and fifty words but not exceed two hundred and fifty words. The
abstract should contain the Topic of the research, the study questions,
contributors of the paper, technique used in the study, findings of the study,
data interpretation, references and last but not least the conclusion of the
study. On your abstract you can also indicate the impact of your study and
future use connected to your study.

You may include keywords on your paper; this will help other
researchers to locate your paper on the database. When listing the keywords,
indent the word keyword in italics as
though you beginning a new paragraph.  

How to cite in APA

First and foremost type the contributor(s) name, then in
brackets indicate the last edited date of the resource, then the title of the
resource and then finally, type the word Retrieved from and then indicate the
web address of the resource.

For instance let us assume you are citing an article on
Social Science by Steven Ambwenje and Cyrus Masinya retrieved from,
then your citation should look like this:

Steven, A., &
Cyrus, M. (2018, Jan 5). Social Science. Retrieved from http






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