School uniforms limit a student’s individuality. It limits the students ability to express themselves the way they want people thinking about them. Some people express themselves through clothes. As stated by the public School Review, under the First Amendment, it argues that uniforms stifle children who feel robbed of their individualism. Students want to send a message about their personality. That message they are trying to send you is silent and passive. School uniforms eliminate a crucial form of self- expression. Students usually send a distinct a message, through the clothes hey wear.

According to Rash Chuckwalla, “if the student gets used to being respected for their mind and not looks, the “outside world” could come as quite a surprise to People argue that school is for learning and expressing is for aftershock. But that simply isn’t exclusive. Talking about social things, culture, and by getting to know the students as individuals are tools teachers and staff need to increase to bond with the student. School uniforms indicate a lack of confidence in the student’s ability to make responsible choices.

Students should be made to feel that they are partners n the educational process. Students should make their own choices. This would make the student feel safer and cultivate them into making honest and responsible choices. According to David Brush, compelling students to do something they have no say in would break the bond between students and staff. Students should be able to wear what they want to school, as long as it isn’t disruptive.

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