The PURA theoretical account involves four connectivities — physical. electronic. cognition and economic — to heighten the prosperity of bunch of small towns. Under physical connectivity small towns will be linked to one another by route. There will besides be a pealing route accessible to each small town. Besides roads. commissariats for electricity and conveyance installations have besides been included. Digital connectivity will intend associating small towns with modern telecommunication and information engineering services. For illustration public call offices. cyber coffeehouse. and so on. Knowledge connectivity would intend set uping every 5-7 kilometer of the ring route a school. a higher instruction Centre and a infirmary. Economic connectivity purposes to set up within this group of small towns good selling installations so that all the trade goods and services of day-to-day usage can be produced and sold in these markets. Type B bunch is besides near to an urban country but has sparsely dispersed substructure and no connectivity. MAWPHLANG

Mawphlang is a small town in the East Khasi Hills territory of Meghalaya province in north-eastern India. 25 kilometers from Shillong. Mawphlang is the site of one of the Khasi Hills sacred Grovess. The chief business of Mawphlang is cultivation. The people when asked what sort of alterations they want to see. their reply was simple “transport installations. good selling of cultivated harvests. MAWSYNRAM

Mawsynram is a small town in the East Khasi Hills territory of Meghalaya province. It is the wettest topographic point on Earth. with an one-year rainfall of 11. 872 millimeters. Its entire geographical country is 61. 450 hectares. The chief business of Mawsynram is agribusiness. The Principal Crops in the Block are Paddy. Potato and Arecanut. There are 6 Numberss of P. H. C and 4 Numberss of Dispensaries in the Block. Mawsynram is a popular tourer finish across India every bit good as the full universe. The people of Mawsynram wants overall development in at that place small town. MAWRYNGKNENG

Mawryngkneng is situated in the territory of East Khasi Hills. province of Meghalaya. The entire country Mawryngkneng is 292. 00 sq. kilometer. Farming is their chief business. The agricultural merchandises they produce are tomato. ginger. ginger. chou and Brassica oleracea botrytis. There are 2 PHC in Mawryngkneng. The locals of Mawryngkneng want “development & A ; self-sufficing place” . MAWKYRWAT

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Mawkyrwat is situated in the territory of West Khasi Hills. Most of the people populating here are husbandmans. The people besides pattern pig farm. domestic fowl. dairy farming etc. to gain their supports. 80 % of the dwellers depend on agribusiness for their support. The chief nutrient harvests are Rice and Maize. the other agribusiness green goodss are ginger. Curcuma longa. black Piper nigrum. areca nut etc. Mawkyrwat is really rich in minerals resources Mawphlang. Mawsynram. Mawryngkneng and Mawkyrwat falls under PURA Type B bunch. They are close to urban countries but have less connectivity and substructure. The small towns of Meghalaya have a great trade of assets.

* Bio-diversity
* Culture
* Creative
* Festivals
* Mineral Resources
Meghalaya biodiversity comprises of an tremendous species of vegetations and zoologies. Around 8514 square kilometres of the entire land country of Meghalaya being under the screen of woods. a big figure of flowered and faunal biodiversity is natural.

The chief ground for such high biodiversity in Meghalaya is its clime which supports the being of a big figure of flowered and faunal species. Meghalaya is the wettest province in India. Furthermore. there are several little seasonal rivers fluxing across the province thereby doing it disposed for cultivation. The Meghalaya forests back up a huge flowered and faunal biodiversity. Apart from these. Meghalaya offers workss that offer rich lumber such as teak and sal forests. workss with medicative values such as Cinchona. Taxus Baccata. etc. and workss that offer fruits and veggies. But the most important vegetation of Meghalaya is the orchids. The faunal biodiversity of Meghalaya includes a broad scope of reptilians. mammals. insects and birds. Among the insects there is merely this one insect that attracts the eyes from all across the Earth towards Meghalaya and it is the colorful butterflies. There are around 250 species of the colorful butterflies in Meghalaya. CULTURE

Song. dance and beat permeate the psyche of the people of Meghalaya. They are people who live their lives to the beat of nature and the round of tribal membranophones. The adult females are adept at weaving. The “Dakbanda” . a sort of saree. is decorated with woven designs. Other trades of Meghalaya include intricate bamboo and cane work. The Khasis society is a matrilinear society. This can be one ground why adult females here are given regard. Bing tribal the civilization of these people are rich and vivacious. Humanistic disciplines and trade. every bit good as dance and music besides form an built-in portion of the civilization. The civilization here. with its generation and development. is an facet that attracts most of the tourers towards Meghalaya. The civilization in Meghalaya is deserving look intoing. CREATIVE

The people of Meghalaya are cheerful. sociable and hardworking and have model self-respect of labor. Nature has affected adult male in Meghalaya psychologically and in a metaphysical sense. This has given rise to other interesting originative tendencies that are characteristically symbolic. spiritual and pictographic. There are a figure of trades found in Meghalaya and the important 1s are cane and bamboo work. artistic weaving and wood carving. The Khasis are known for making attractive cane baskets and screens. With traditions being passed down by the seniors the young persons have created different sorts of merchandise made with bamboo. Wood carving is one field where they are first-class. If there is a good market of their creativeness is will decidedly assist them. They are known for their weaving. Besides the traditional weaving of shawls and wrap-around. they are new manner and designs being weaved today. Festival

Meghalaya comprises people with different civilization and because of this there are different festivals celebrated by the people. Festivals and events are marked throughout the twelvemonth in Meghalaya. It is typical of Meghalayan festivals that they are marked by common people dances and common people vocals and music. Nongkrem dance in the month of November is the chief festival celebrated by the people of Mawryngkneng. It is a five twenty-four hours long spiritual festival. While other festivals celebrated by the other small towns are Shad Sengkhasi Mawsynram. Shad Seng Khasi Tyrsad. Shad Niam. Shad Mawja and Christmas. MINERAL RESOURCES

It is rich in minerals like isinglass. coal. and gypsum and provides 95 % of India’s entire sillimanite green goods. COAL – The estimated modesty of coal in Meghalaya is 576. 48 million metric tons. The coal is suited for usage as fuel for heat and power coevals. in bring forthing Fe. steel and gas and to do coke for metallurgical intents. Entire one-year production of coal in the province is about 5. 0 million metric tons. LIMESTONE – Huge sedimentations of good quality limestone. cement to chemical class are found here. The entire estimated modesty is 15. 100 million metric tons. KAOLIN/CHINA CLAY – Small spots of china clay or China clay occur in Khasi Hills. It can be utilized in white ware. porcelain and paper devising industry. GRANITE – Deposits of motley granite around Mawkyrwat. There are jobs faced by these small towns. If the jobs are taken attention the small towns will decidedly thrive. The jobs faced by them are. * Water deficit

* Roads and Commuting installations
* Education
* Health Care
* Employment

Water Deficit:
Despite being one of the wettest topographic points on the Earth they still have H2O deficit. This is because they don’t cognize how to salvage H2O. One manner to work out this job is presenting them H2O direction. Water direction strategies like H2O sheds and pools from the rainfall can be stored and be used for watering the Fieldss. In this manner people can salvage H2O alternatively of merely blowing it and assist to work out their job. In this manner the people will be taught how to conserve H2O. Roads and Commuting Facilities:

Because these small towns have what the locals refer as “kutcha roads” this has been making an obstruction for the people to transpose. 60 % of their roads are kutcha motorable route. Adding to this job is transposing installations. There are no proper public transit for the people to go to the urban and other small towns. which harmonizing to the locals have being making job for them particularly in selling. Supplying them with proper roads and transit installations will assist them economically. Education:

Even though there are schools here there are non adequate schools. higher instruction. With more schools the people will acquire cognition through instruction. Bing husbandmans and agriculturists the community tends to concentrate more on agriculture and agribusinesss or the existing authorities schools are excessively far from their houses. If more schools are set up for the locals. 5-7 kilometer from their families can do a batch of difference. Health Care:

Health attention is one of the most backward countries. The installations provided to them are non every bit good as it should be. Like schools. wellness attention installations should be set up every 5 kilometers so that the people won’t face the troubles. With the aid of instruction medical colleges will supply good physicians and nurses who can take attention of the wellness attention Centres and infirmaries. Employment:

Employment will be take topographic point if there is a topographic point to work and in order to achieve this. the above jobs needs to be solved. If this is possible so there can be employment and they can get down gaining that can assist them prolong their lives. Banks will supply loans with low involvement and no procedural hurdlings to the SHG ( Self Help Groups ) so that they can make some concern based on the preparation and earn net incomes. In this affair even the craftsmans. carpenters and the remainder who are trained will be given some aid like supplying them with their tools so that they take the first stepping rock. These small towns are rich in civilization and if they are helped and given proper counsel they can go self-sufficing small towns. * Tourism

* Fundss and Schemes
* Market
Meghalaya is dotted with a figure of godly tourer musca volitanss. where Nature unveils herself in all her glorification. Meghalaya has the one of the most
breath-taking beautiful waterfalls in the universe. These topographic points are besides endowed with huge militias of sand and rocks. It is besides known for the life roots ( Bridgess made of life trees ) . All these factors have been the cause why these topographic points are pulling tourers but due to miss of equal installations like good transit installations. bad roads and deficiency of substructure have been the root causes as to why these topographic points been one of the most beautiful topographic points in the universe hasn’t been able to lift up. If the jobs are taken attention like supplying the installations they are missing right now. so this will make a batch of chances for the locals. Employment will besides turn. the small towns will besides develop.

There are strategies like Annapurna strategies where the card holders get free nutrient grains. Mid-day repast strategies. Meghalaya Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan. Model School Scheme. Girls Hostel Scheme. Information and Communication Technology. Vocationalisation of Secondary Education and Inclusive Education for Disabled at Secondary Stage are some of the strategies present in Meghalaya. These strategies have been assisting the people and with clip it is traveling to make chances to them. If for financess and strategies are introduced by the authorities which are people oriented they is a high possibility that these topographic points will come on better and fleetly. In footings of continuing biodiversity there should be new policy. The demand of the hr for policy shapers is to keep serious deliberations on woods. wildlife. non-timber wood green goods. medicative and aromatic workss. joint forest direction. agribusiness. gardening. H2O security and aquatic environment. traditional establishments and customary patterns. gender position in preservation. environmental services and C trading. Selling

Marketing isn’t every bit good as it should be so if a good selling is introduced to these topographic points it’ll heighten their economic growing. The traditional trades can be a good country for selling. These topographic points are rich in minerals resources. handloom weaving. honey. oranges. medicative workss and bamboos. Therefore a good market will better the lives of the people from Meghalaya. There are jobs internally but there are menaces externally besides. This has been one of the chief issues why Meghalaya hasn’t been able to turn. * Illegal Mining

* Insurgency
* Criminal Activities
* Bio-diversity Under Threat
Meghalaya is really rich in minerals resources. Important minerals found here are Sillimanite. Coal. Limestone and Uranium. But this has been a immense job for the locals. Some topographic points have become hubs of illegal excavation. Not merely there are illicitly robbing these people. environmentally is has been impacting the people and because of this the people are confronting with wellness diseases. Forest countries are invariably being encroached as they are cleared for coal excavation. Illegal excavation is a kept up secret of the province. but it is easy being exposed. Local newspapers have besides started to expose the illegal excavation activities in the province. Insurgency

The people of these topographic points are faced with insurgence. Problems in Meghalaya arise from the divide between tribal and non-tribal colonists. individuality issues and turning corruptness besides the fright of being reduced to minority by native tribal. The activity position is classified as active. There are groups in Meghalaya like Achik National Volunteer Council and Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council. This issue hasn’t been dealt either by the province or cardinal authorities with proper attention and in return has affected the lives of the people populating here. CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES

Condemnable activities are a major job in the province. Drugs like marijuana. cocaine. opium. etc. are sold at big sums. Local Mafias extort local concerns. Smuggling of arms. narcotics. black market goods. etc. is a major job in the province. The province lies in a major smuggling path between Bangladesh and India. The boundary line between India and Bangladesh isn’t decently managed and hence illegal activities have been easy to take topographic point and the victims have been the people. Even illegal migrators have been deluging these topographic points. Clangs have occurred due to this ground. BIO-DIVERSITY

It is a known fact that Meghalaya is really rich when it comes to bio-diversity. Though the part of this state is considered an ecological hot spot. big subdivisions of the local people are non even cognizant that the part reservoirs of biodiversity are under changeless menace. At present the part is enduring from devastation of woods that is endangering lasting loss of biodiversity due to unsustainable logging and jhuming ( slash and burn method of farming ) . Awareness on bio-conservation must be promoted among the multitudes and policy shapers must be alerted on the impending demand to protect. continue biodiversity resources in these countries. one of the richest bio-hotspots on Earth.


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