This entails information about offering quality goods and service conditions in the touristry industry or other concerns and besides community based touristry. in any concern it is really of import that you supply your clients with choice goods or service at all times because our clients are the 1s who keeps the door of our organisation open without them there would be no concern. Expanding the client base is critical for any concern this means that companies non merely of to pull new clients or client but they must besides maintain the bing 1s, so offering quality client service will assist do this a world.

Community based touristry is the when an organisation take the locals into consideration because they in return wants the support of the locals populating in the surrounding of their locality. The community and the organisation depend on each other for concern to run smooth within that country. In this research you will besides larn the factors that influence tourer to the Caribbean besides from our sea, sand and Sun.

Quality Service in the Hospitality Industry

Service quality determines the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of clients, accordingly, an effectual scheme for any organisation or finishs success must include service quality.

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Every organisation depends upon its clients to maintain their concern up and running, so bring forthing quality goods and service should be their chief purpose. However in the touristry industry touristry should understand that good techniques is non adequate and quality of the response every bit good as the services given to the client which will take to the success of the industry cause in the touristry industry the service is consumed as it is created. So it is really of import to command the quality in progress.

In this type of industry the clients is the 1 who tests it so there is no 2nd opportunity if something goes incorrect, so prevention becomes a precedence. Quality is hence the figure one precedence that the touristry professionals must face in the procedure of making their occupations.

As the universe continues to go more complex, the importance of presenting high-quality goods and services will increase. In today ‘s concern universe clip and information is critical resources. Furthermore the importance of presenting the service as addition so there is cherished small clip to rectify errors. In the fabrication industry errors can be corrected at some cost, aside from being a cost economy, excellence in service can increase grosss. Supplying choice service can be the competitory border that more than balances out any fringy addition in costs. Stairss to present Quality Customer Service:

Measure I

Send a positive attitude to others

Measure two

Identify the demands of the clients, invitees or clients

Measure three

Provide for the demands of the guest, clients and clients

Measure four

Ensure the clients, clients and/or invitees return

Quality client service is made up of two dimensions, the procedural dimensions and the personal dimensions. Both are critical to the bringing of quality service. The procedural side of the service consists of the established systems and processs and criterions to present merchandises and services. On the other manus the personal side of service is how service forces, ( utilizing their attitudes, behaviors and verbal accomplishments ) interact with clients.

There are four types of service:

The deep-freeze – this ‘freezer ‘ attack to service communicates to clients, “ we do n’t care ” .

The factory- this type of service communicates to clients, “ we are here to treat you ” .

The friendly menagerie attack to service is really personal but it lacks procedural consistence. This type of service communicates to clients, “ we are seeking difficult, but do n’t truly cognize what we ‘re making ” .

There is nevertheless no difference between service bringing in the cordial reception industry and service bringing in the other concerns. ( M.Davidoff, 1994 )

What is community based touristry

Community based touristry is touristry in which local occupants ( frequently rural, hapless and economically marginalized ) invite tourers to see their communities with the proviso of nightlong adjustment. Community based touristry enables tourers to detect local home grounds and wildlife, and celebrates and respects traditional civilizations, rites and wisdom. The community will be cognizant of the commercial and societal value placed on their natural and cultural heritage through touristry, and this will further community based preservation of these resources. ( Oikos, 2009 )

Professionals and Cons of community based touristry

Communities developing touristry enterprises extra hurdlings have to be taken. Communities ( or their representative lawfully registered organisations ) do non utilize private, but community capital, and most of the times make usage of common belongings natural resources. The decision-making on what resources to utilize in a touristry venture, how to utilize them and how to command entree is complicated, as the land, the wildlife and other resources are communally owned. The direction of a concern venture is complicated every bit good as the concern is owned by and should profit the full community. Often community undertakings fail as “ everyone ‘s concern turns into no 1 ‘s concern ” ! ( Developed by IUCN Botswana )

For community touristry undertakings to win it is necessary to add something to the above mentioned elements of a successful touristry endeavor. The organisation of the community and its institutional development are of critical importance. This publication will therefore non so much focal point on the touristry merchandises, the needed direction of a touristry endeavor, the selling restraints and chances but more on the attacks followed by the communities to form themselves to utilize communal resources in an economically feasible, just and ecologically sustainable manner.

Community Tourism is about new degrees of relationships between the host state and the visitant. What is appealing to the visitant is found among the varied natural attractive forces, local resources and endowments, and autochthonal properties of a community or country. Through visitor/community interaction, several civilizations are explored, thoughts and information are exchanged, and new friends are made.

This construct of touristry Fosters chances at the community degree for local people wishing to take part more to the full in the tourer industry. This may run from set uping bed & A ; breakfast adjustment in a rural place to making income – bring forthing touristry chances for an full small town.

The Country manner groups of Advisers are interested in working closely with the Office of the Prime Minister ( Tourism ) , TPDCo, the Jamaica Tourist Board and NGOS in developing Community Tourism Island broad. If this happens, Community Tourism will help in relieving torment, societal jobs, offense and the present hurt in communities that touristry is merely for the hotels, resort countries and the ‘big adult male. ‘ There is no uncertainty that this partnership would make more economic chances andA

let the people of Jamaica to better their self-esteem and accomplish their ain visions Community Tourism merchandises and services are geared to turn to these tendencies and to fulfill the involvements of emerging travel markets.

Key clientele includes:

The mature market

Study and Research groups, including schools, universities, colleges and research based organisations

Church groups

Environmentalists, phytologist, bird watchers and nature lovers

The independent traveller


Caribbean Nationals – at place and abroad

The vision of Community Tourism is to expose the local resources and endowments, and do the construct a world for local people. Community Tourism embraces eco-tourism, cultural touristry, adventure touristry, recreational touristry, geo-tourism, heritage touristry, wellness touristry, farm touristry and all the popular particular involvement touristry. ( McIntyre-Pike, 2006 )

Professionals of community based touristry


Cultural saving

Use of natural resources as attractive force

Language barriers broken down

Skilled and unskilled workers find employment

Improvement in quality of life of the community

Cons of community based touristry

Excessively much foreign influence on the state

Deterioration in values and attitudes

Rural- urban migration

Black market trading

Illegal peddling

Tourist torment ( service, 2002 )

Factors Attracting Tourists to the Caribbean

In less than 50 old ages the Caribbean has become one of the universe ‘s premier tourer ‘s attractive forces.

Tourists love the Caribbean for a figure of grounds, for some it ‘s our civilization and for others it ‘s our sunlight, sand and sea ; besides these the Caribbean as a batch to offer for illustration the Bahamas is non merely liked for its tasty formulas, but besides some of the most beautiful manus trades and graphics in the Caribbean. Tourist love Bahamian art! Their front-runner is the straw woven chapeaus and basket, while for others it ‘s the vivacious pictures of island places and landscapes. There is a batch of originative endowment in the Bahamas. In fact, the island of Andros in the Bahamas has been bring forthing the most astonishing batik vesture and cloths at a small mill called Androsia since the 1970 ‘s. Peoples besides visit the Caribbean for fishing or other to bask the other resources of our Caribbean islands.

Batik cloths

The Caribbean music besides attracts the tourers ; our music is really alone and can merely be found in the Caribbean. Some of the Caribbean music can be seen in the tabular array below.


Music type


Reggae, dancehall, lovers rock, mento, roots reggae, rocksteady and kumina.


Abwe, zouk, dancehall, raga, reggae.

Bahama islandss

Junkanoo, profligate and scraping, goombay.

Antigua and Barbuda

Soca, extempo, Fe set, benna music.


Compass, kadons, rara, zouk.


Organ music, pan music, spouge, tuk.

Dominican Republic

Bachata, gaga- raca, salsa, reggaeton.

St Lucia

Calypso, dancehall, extempo, steelpan, kont.

Trinidad and Tobago

Calypso, chut-kai-pang, chutney- soca and dancehall


Bele, Jing Ping, soca. fairy-slipper

St Kitts and Nevis

Soca, fairy-slipper, steelpan, stringband music.

There are different types of tourers so depending on what type they are they will go to the Caribbean under different types of influences such as mentioned above or merely to be a topographic point off from place the Caribbean is seen as this type of topographic point due to its scenery and peace of head you get whenever you visit the Caribbean.

Factors Attracting Tourists to the Caribbean

Some tourers are attracted to the Caribbean for its delightful nutrients and pastries, like Jamaica in peculiar. Jamaica culinary art is a jubilation of the diverse cultural groups and the intermingling of different civilizations. It represents invention and creativeness in blending old recopies with modern dishes.

From the soup seller in Castleton and the dork porc seller in Boston to chefs fixing international culinary art in the luxury resorts and all right eating houses across the island the visitant ‘s roof of the mouths will ever be stimulated with the Jamaican spirits, spices and herbs. Some of these nutrients pulling the tourers to the Caribbean are:

The national dish

Jerked porc, poulet and fish

Stewed peas

Curried caprine animal

Mackerel summation

A shrieking hot patty- a pastry- crust filled with minced meat seafood or vegetable

The Caribbean is good known for its attractive forces such as the Blue Mountain and its java ; the universe ‘s best java and some of the finest rums and cordials, including the award winning Tia Maria java spirits, another thing is shopping. Shoping Caribbean manner is ever a memorable experience, with a broad assortment of high quality art work and trade points available for purchase. ( ( unknown ) , 2012 )


Personal inquiries

How long have you been a director at this organisation?

What makes you an effectual director?

Describe your responsibilities as a director?

How make you as a director resoluteness confrontations/conflicts with your invitees and employees?

What type of proficient preparation did you need to hold applied for this occupation?

Operational inquiries

Please entail on the signifier of direction manner and how do you set this into consequence.

What are the schemes your organisation has in topographic point to guarantee that good client service is given to clients?

How make you see your organisation in the following five old ages?

What is the working environment like on a day-to-day footing?

What sets this restaurant/hotel apart from its rivals?

Which season is most feverish?



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