DRP. Michael Barry says that “For a time, then, Grant’s main motive for helping Jefferson is that he is doing a favor for Vivian. ” (Barry 3) Although, as the visits came and went Grant and Jefferson were finally able to connect. Barry also says, “Grant is finally able to connect with Jefferson after a stretch of time in which Jefferson vents his resentment upon him and on Miss Emma. ” (Barry 3) “Grant challenges Jefferson to defy this myth, to show white people who perceive him as inferior, as being subhuman, as being a “hog,” that he in fact is a human being” (Pacification 73).

Not only does Jefferson learn how to die as a “man” he also dies with a little faith. Reverend Ambrose pulled Grant to the side and asks him to bring God into Jefferson life. Grant refuses to because he does not believe in God and he refuses to lie to Jefferson. Although, one day Jefferson asks if Grant believes in God, Grant says he does. This is because he is looking out for the best for Jefferson. Grant does many things for Jefferson for Just the short time he knows him. He gets Jefferson a radio and a diary.

Jefferson looks up to Grant a lot and loves having omen there to talk too and having someone that actually cares for him. Jefferson and Grant have a strong connection when Grants tells him that he can be a hero. Grant says he could never be a hero, he is Just a school teacher. Jefferson has a chance to be a hero. Jefferson can walk up to that chair and be a strong hero. Stand up to the racist people that convicted him for something he did not do. This is his time, time to stand for himself and everyone else that was done wrong.

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Jefferson takes this to heart and walks to the chair like the bravest man on the earth. Jefferson died with a strong heart full of dignity and faith. As the books goes on not only is Jefferson learning and becoming someone different so is Grant. Barry agrees he states, “Grant is the teacher, and Jefferson the learner, but before long, Grant is learning form Jefferson how to confront adversity, how to be a man, and how to be a hero… “(Barry 7). Grant becomes a better person by someone that he did not even care for at first. Someone that people thought meant nothing to the world and was worthless.

Jefferson taught Grant to put others before himself. Grant’s lessons he learns are more important than Jefferson because Jefferson life has come to an end and Grant still has his life to live. Barry agrees that just the short time with Jefferson Grant learned how to become loving, caring, and how to think of others first. Barry says, “… Grant is guided by a desire to do good, even if he is not always immediately inclined to think of others. His persistence and Jefferson real need for human companionship eventually enable the two of them to make a connection” (Barry 3). “[Just]… N the few months that he is giving counseling n a narrow definition of his duty toward others, an idea that he does not owe anyone anything, toward a realization that the meaning of life is bound up with loving others and accepting love from others” (Barry 4)Having dignity and identity himself helps Grant with teaching students. Grant believes that writing reading, and arithmetic is not the only thing that should be taught in school. “.. Settling for reading, writing, and arithmetic is not too bad, since dignity, identity and love are difficult subjects to consciously and explicitly teach in a school” (Barry 4). .. But I am suggesting that a theology for reading literary texts can be properly literary’ (Barry 4). When his Aunt and Miss Emma made him go see Jefferson when he did not want to paid off in the long run. The lessons Grant learned took effect before Jefferson execution. When Jefferson asks Grant if he believes in God, Grant replied yes. Not because he did, because he did not, because he was looking out for Jefferson over himself. He did not lie to Jefferson to hurt him he lied so he could die with as many morals as possible. Even though at first Grant says that he didn’t believe in God I believe after

Jefferson execution Grant had a little faith in him. Everything does happen for a reason. “The Lessons learned by Jefferson and Grant are not identical to one another and neither of them is identical to the lessons for the readers of the novel (Barry 2) “They involve dignity, Identity, loving, and caring… (Barry 2). The word “lesson” in the title is the lesson that Grant learns, putting others before his self. The lesson is directed toward him instead of Jefferson because Jefferson is going to take him to Heaven and Grant’s is going to take him throughout the rest of his life.


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