“Hurry up before Sykes sees us!” I shouted as I watched my friends nervously clamber into our school through the window that we had broken. The window displayed a heavy arsenal of sharp glass teeth, which would have easily cut through our costumes. It was October 31st, Halloween, we were bored of carrying out the tedious task of knocking on doors and asking for candy. We decided that we would go in search of more fun after all Halloween comes but once a year, so we decided to break into our school and spend the night there, as we had all heard rumours that it was haunted. When I say we I actually mean I had decided and Beth, Ruth and Tom had agreed to come along so that they wouldn’t be known as chickens.

They all eventually got through the broken window and came to join me in our schools main hall. School seemed so much different at night no noisy pupils, no footsteps, no teachers shouting and no lockers shutting just an empty building with a thin layer of dust settling to form a carpet that covered everything. The dust on top of the newly polished floors gave the hall an eerie look and added to the atmospheric feeling in the room as the moonlight shone down on it. We all sat on the raised stage, pondering over what we could do. I noticed how spooky the shadows looked that were being cast by the gym equipment. I walked my eyes up and down each shadow in order to determine what each one was of. Then I saw something that nearly made me choke with fear.

I didn’t tell the others because I didn’t want to scare them or maybe it was the fact that I didn’t want them to think I was lying so that I would make them scared. Beth, who was now on her feet walking around the gloomy hall was kicking up clouds of dust which reminded me of the mist that covered the lagoon in the film that I had watched before I came out, just to get me in the mood for Halloween. Most kids my age don’t really bother with Halloween any more but I love the scary side of life, it was only after weeks of nagging on my part that I had persuaded the others to come with me.

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“What now?” asked Tom as he banged his heels back and forth against the side of the stage.

“We cant sit here all night, I thought this was going to be fun,” he said

“Let’s go for a walk around,” suggested Ruth. We dropped to our feet and walked towards the door leaving a large cloud of dust behind us. I still had a clear picture of what I had seen but I didn’t want to let it get to me so I just followed on as if nothing had happened.

The corridor was long, narrow and very very dark and every footstep and every noise echoed along it. I looked at Ruth; her head was frantically turning, looking around her checking to see that nothing was lurking. She looked petrified and I kind of felt guilty, as it was me who had forced her to come, even though I knew she hated being scared. We walked along the

un-illuminated corridor listening for any noise that we didn’t recognise, which wasn’t easy through the continuous creaking of the old floorboards beneath our feet. Our only light came from the row of windows that continued along the right hand side of the corridor. There was a slight musty odour in the air, a vile concoction of body odour and the left over scents of deodorants that had been sprayed throughout the day. All of a sudden Tom stopped dead in his tracks, followed by Beth and the Ruth. I stopped as my heart began to race. I looked at their faces. They were drip white. Something was there but what?

“What’s wrong?” I murmured

“Up there look,” someone said, I couldn’t make out who had said it because their voice had no expression it was just plain. I slowly tilted my head up towards where the three were pointing.

“Aaahh!” I screamed sarcastically “an alarm.” What a set of chickens getting so scared over an alarm that isn’t even turned on. I knew this because we had a similar alarm system at home, if the green light is on the alarm is disabled if the light is red then the alarm is on. I had seen the schools alarm before we broke the window to get in to the hall so I knew that the alarm system wasn’t on Sykse must have forgotten to turn it on after all he is about 90. A look of relief came over them and the colour began to return to their faces.

” I think that you should go first seen as though you’re into blood and scary stuff!” said Ruth

I walked in front of them and began up the steps that led to the English, Maths and Science corridors.

“Are you coming then?” I asked they all looked at me and then at each other. Eventually they reluctantly followed me.

Every step that we took was like climbing a mountain. The stairs were pitch black and we couldn’t even see our own hands in front of our faces. Every now and again we would hear the sound of one of us tripping up a step, this sound would be followed by giggles as we laughed at the persons misfortune. Suddenly a different sound was made. This time it wasn’t followed by giggles, as it wasn’t a funny sound. It was the sound of a child laughing.

“Who was that?” asked Ruth

“You mean what was that?” replied Tom

” I’m off back!” exclaimed Beth

“Okay but your by yourself,” I said the other 2 shook their heads in agreement.

” Yeah I ain’t going no where bad things always happen when groups split up,” suggested Tom.

Just then I remembered the shadow. The shadow that I had seen in the hall. The shadow of a child.

My heart rate picked up and the adrenaline began to pump around my body. I knew we were not alone. I sprinted up the remaining stairs listening as the others followed.

We reached the swing doors that connected the staircase to the corridor and I carefully pushed them open. At the end of the corridor was a window, which allowed moonlight to creep through the glass. It shone through like a sparkling diamond on a gold ring. I stepped froward and looked around. To my horror Tom, Beth and Ruth weren’t there. The swing doors were shut tight behind me and I was alone. Alone in a haunted school.

“Okay guys this really isn’t funny!” I shouted. No reply. I walked down the corridor towards the light. I checked in every classroom as I passed. Eventually I got to the end but there was no sign of the others. I looked out of the window and into the mysterious night sky. I was day dreaming about when I was younger and what I used to do on Halloween, then a noise from behind me snapped me out of my dream. I turned around.

I stared down the corridor and saw a person’s silhouette coming towards me.

“Tom, Tom is that you?” I asked. I soon realised that the silhouette was too small to be Tom or any of the others.

“ha ha ha,” the voice replied. It wasn’t a voice that I recognised, it was the voice of child. My heart began to race as I stepped back with my back pressed firmly against the cold glass of the window. The silhouette began to walk towards me and as it got closer its features became clearer. The only problem was that it had no features. No eyes, no ears and no nose just a plain face. It might not sound scary but when you’re all alone in a dark corridor that last thing you expect to see is a featureless child stood in front of you.

One thing stood out about the child. It had ginger hair that looked as if it was burning like a fire on bonfire night. It just stood there motionless in front of me only arms distance apart. My heart felt as though it was ready to jump into my throat and my hair was soaked with sweat, which was draining out of my body. I slowly took a step back and pressed harder against the cold glass.

“w w what do you want?” I asked hesitantly. The thing stood for a second and then let out the most blood-curdling scream that you have ever heard. I felt myself jump back in terror and I felt the cold night’s air whizzing past me as I fell followed by shards of glass from the broken window.

I opened my eyes. Where was I? Was I anywhere? I asked myself as I got to my feet and to my surprise I was not in any pain which was surprising as I had just fallen from about forty feet on to a concrete floor. All I could remember was seeing the glass raining down on me like a shower of crystals. I ran my hands down my body to see if I was bleeding, but I wasn’t. I looked around. And to my amazement I was back in the main hall. Everything seemed normal. I began to walk towards the stage when I heard a voice. It was Tom’s voice and he must be near.

The voice came from the corridor, which runs along the side of the hall. I ran over to the door and put my hand out to open it but instead my hand went straight through the door as if it wasn’t there. It might sound stupid but I didn’t really think about what I had just done. I just blamed it on my fall and thought it was all my imagination. I stood and looked up the corridor but no one was there. My head began to ache and I began to get annoyed. I turned around and saw Tom and the others standing talking to me. The only thing was It wasn’t me because I was here and they were there talking to another me.

“Tom!” I shouted but he didn’t turn around, none of them did. What was wrong with me? What was happening? All these questions ran through my mind. I began to get frustrated so I darted towards where they were standing. I jumped into the small crowd but my body just passed through them. I could see them but I couldn’t hear them. They began to walk towards the hallway led by me except it wasn’t me. I followed.

The rain was pouring down outside and the occasional lightning strike illuminated the hall. I looked around and noticed something in the corner. Where I was laid before I had woken up. The others were sitting on the stage. I walked over to the thing in the corner. I stopped as I realised what it was. It was a body. My body. I walked over to it and looked down at it.

My hair was no longer brown but bright red. Right before my eyes my corpse began to morph. My features began to disappear first my eyes and then my nose followed by my mouth. I jumped back in shock and turned to see the other version of me clambering through the window that we had entered through. I sprinted over and grabbed the window frame. The rain was pouring down like a shower of nails lashing against the window.

At the back of the group was my clone he turned around as if he knew I was there. He looked me directly in the eyes and smiled before turning back around and walking away with the others. I looked closely at his head and as I looked harder I noticed that he had a small patch of ginger hair. I took a step back as I began to realise what had happened. Everything fell into place. I looked at my reflection in the window and saw that I was no longer me. I was the child that I had seen before.

Writing began to form in the condensation on the window. As more lines were formed I was able to make out what it said. HAPPY HALLOWEEN.


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