Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist follows the journey of a immature Pakistani adult male and his journey after traveling to America in hunt of the American dream. Changez is in a minority group when traveling to America and is a clear foreigner nevertheless he is accepted into American meritocracy and given the chance to go ‘a successful American’ . Though he tries to suit into what he believes a successful American should be. through altering his individuality harmonizing to the criterions of society. he is ne’er genuinely accepted as an American. This inquiring of individuality leads him to besides lose sight of who he was as a Pakistani. doing him to experience like a alien when traveling back to his fatherland. After the 9/11 bombardments Changez makes a determination to halt trying to suit in as an American and alternatively proudly stands out as an foreigner. The two conflicting individualities. Pakistani and American. are non able to work cohesively together taking to Changez going an foreigner in both America and his fatherland Pakistan. Despite the extent to which Changez attempted to alter himself in order to suit in as an American. he was ever an foreigner. As merely one out of the “two non-Americans in the entering category at Princeton” . Changez was instantly portion of a minority group. After sing Manila Changez makes a witting determination to “speak and move like an American. every bit much as [ his ] self-respect [ would ] let him. ” Though he did this to go more of a typical American he still feels a stronger connexion to a Filipino cab driver in Manila than the American’s he was tie ining with observing “his just hair” and believing “He was so foreign and [ he ] felt much closer to the Filipino driver than to him. Much like his first sexual brush with Erica. Changez is rejected by America. Even after stating Erica to “pretend he is Chris” their sexual brush still has “violent undertones” and though he’s attempted to alter his individuality to suit what is wanted by Erica he is still non able to be to the full accepted.

No affair what Changez alterations makes in the manner he speaks. frocks and Acts of the Apostless Changez is ne’er genuinely an American. After passing so long seeking to suit into American society. Changez comes back to Pakistan and finds that he looks at it with the “eyes of a foreigner’ . His confusion in individuality causes him to lose the sense of belonging he one time had. Erica one time told him that he seemed “solid” and “gave off a strong sense of home” nevertheless traveling back to Pakistan he realises that he’s now “lacking in substance” and has become the kind of “entitled. unsympathetic American which one time annoyed him. ” By seeking so difficult to suit in as an American Changez has lost sight of whom he was a Pakistani. doing him to experience like a alien in his ain fatherland. Though there is ever an implicit in sense of non belonging in America. Changez does non do the witting determination to go an foreigner until the calamity of 9/11. Changez has a reaction atypical of the one a true American would presumptively hold. His initial reaction is to smile and go “caught up in the symbolism that person had so visibly bought America to her articulatio genuss. ” This was a turning point after which he decided to turn a face fungus which was “a signifier of protest” . He goes back to America with his face fungus and becomes capable to racial profiling. being yelled by a adult male in a auto park due to his visual aspect. Despite the racism that he encounters and being told by his friend Wainright that he should acquire rid of the face fungus Changez decides that non to shave it. it is a symbol of rebelliousness and he now recognises the inescapability of his strangeness. Changez makes a determination non to suit in as an American but instead do a statement against it and declare himself as a proud foreigner. Changez has two conflicting individualities which are non able to work together. It is this confliction that prevents Changez from experiencing a sense of belonging in both Pakistani and America. When Changez goes to a Pakistani food shop in New York he attempts to pay with an American Express corporate charge card. An American Express card is a mark of success and wealth nevertheless the teller will non accept it.

The food shop may symbolize Changez’ life in Pakistan whereas the American express is the life he’s found in America. both of which are non able to work together. It is non until Changez meets Juan Bautisa that he realises he is non able to be loyal to both America and Pakistan. He becomes an “ex janissary’ and returns to Pakistan where he is able to experience a sense of belonging as he no longer possess conflicting individualities. Changez begins his journey as a hardworking immature adult male making his best to suit in in America and willing to alter himself in order to suit in. His alteration in individuality does non take to him going accepted as an American but does do him to lose his sense of belonging in his fatherland Pakistan. Changez’ conflicting truenesss to America and Pakistan make him experience out of topographic point in both lands.

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