Thomas Hardy’s novel. The Return of the Native was influenced greatly by realistic ideals. Hardy cultivated his rural scene. Egdon heath. to be a topographic point that strongly influences the chief character of the novel and supports his subject of “survival of the fittest” .

Eustacia Vye. the anti-heroine of the novel. was forced to populate in Egdon with her gramps. The Heath frequently serves as an alibi for Eustacia’s hapless life determinations such as her clandestine love affairs or her almost-adultery. She claimed “Egdon was her hades” ( Hardy 72 ) and invariably dreamt of traveling to far-away topographic points such as America. Eustacia was invariably described as a enchantress or mystical animal. and the storyteller himself even admitted that Eustacia could hold been a really different individual. had she lived someplace else. It was merely this peculiar town that caused Eustacia’s discouragement.

This is how Thomas Hardy uses Eustacia to show the ideal of Naturalism and his subject of the novel. endurance of the fittest. She is portrayed as person who is out of topographic point and doesn’t rather fit into her milieus ; her emotions are being controlled like a marionette on a twine. We can deduce that because she is so defeated with her life agreements. she will ever be unhappy while being retained on Egdon Heath.

The Heath is a topographic point established as traditional and cultured ; Darwin’s popular construct “survival of the fittest” is being applied to this society. Eustacia is greatly influenced by where she lives. farther showing a realistic ideal. We can reason. that Hardy focuses his whole novel. The Return of the Native. around its state puting in Egdon. All characters respond and evolve around the environment that they are a portion of. Eustacia is merely an illustration of a character that suffers from a suppression ambiance.

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