In D. H. Lawrence’s countervailing narrative The Rocking Horse Winner. there are a figure of fascinating characters presented to us. None. nevertheless. are rather as idea provoking or as clearly defined as Paul’s morally blameworthy. denatured female parent. Hester. In a narrative full of syrupy. confounding characters. Hester is straight and indirectly characterized as being a loveless. vindictive. avaricious adult female. who abides to the doctrine that luck coincides with prosperity.

The first index of Hester’s personality is found by analyzing her relationship with her progeny. for although she has mothered and raised multiple kids it is besides shown that the relationship between female parent and kid is anything but maternal. Her neighbors and friends praise her. for they think that “she is such a good female parent. She adores her kids. ” ( Lawrence. 307 ) but that she herself and her kids knew that was far from the truth. because “they read it in each other’s eyes. ” ( 307 ) .

Hester’s character can farther be analyzed as you observe her relationship refering her dependance on fortune. for “it’s what causes you to hold money. ” ( 308 ) . She is populating in the changeless dissatisfaction of holding deficient financess to go on on her frivolous life style. despite her inability to maturely turn to their current fiscal state of affairs. Alternatively. she rapidly draws analogues between their fiscal crisis and her hubby merely being “very luckless. ” ( 308 ) instead than go oning to work towards a more stable state of affairs.

On top of handling the family’s fiscal quandary maturely. the greed in her that seems to be one of the cardinal causes to their discord is outlined indirectly through the class of events that take topographic point after she learns about the five-thousand lb grant that she will hold trickled down to her over the following five old ages. After larning of this. she instantly goes into town to speak to their attorney. “asking if the whole five 1000 could be advanced at one time. ” ( 315 ) .

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Despite the sort gift from her kid. she is driven to the point of despair by her dependence to money. and this crestless wave fortune merely added more fuel to the fire. as the house’s susurrations of “There must be more money! ” ( 315 ) continued to turn. All in all. Hester’s two chief relationships. that with her household and that with fortune and money accurately qualify her as a loveless. avaricious adult female.


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