The media. agencies of communicating is a broad root of information and amusement across the universe. The assorted feelings it leaves upon the human head. the positions and thoughts it may stop us propagating do impact the people’s life styles. their manner of thought and even being.

The media today encompasses newspaper. magazines. periodicals. books. wireless. telecasting. film. the cyberspace. the universe broad web. electronic mail. facsimile. etc. Although the usage of cyberspace and e-mail seems to be recent phenomenon yet the other media has coexisted with it since its origin. In the Indian context. a adept synthesis between traditional and folk signifiers of communicating on the one manus and the modern print and audio-visual media including satellite communicating on the other manus. is being tried out.

Even though electronic media tonss over the print media. the later still holds its land. The media has the ability to perforate the remotest portion of the Earth and can do us experience its presence everyplace. The CNN’s coverage of the Operation Desert Storm. the US-led war to emancipate Kuwait from Iraqi business in 1991. demonstrated the extended range of the electronics media. The media coverage of assorted natural catastrophes. terrorist work stoppages and the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq are other illustration.

The print media enjoys great readership. The coming of the electronic media has ne’er threatened its being. Some of the journalists. in fact. bask great fan-following and are respected for their work. Indians from the literacy circles have got the Nobel Prize. the Man Booker Prize and have won the other awards. Some people think that the forbiddance of books like ‘The Satanic Verses’ . by Salman Rushdie. ‘Lajja ’ by Taslima Nasreen may restrict the freedom of look.

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