“Explain how you would execute the function of the lookout. in each of his two visual aspects. in order to uncover his alteration of attitude from his intial fright for his ain life to his reliefe as he brings a guilty Antigone before creon”

The lookout would be acted by a 5ft5 adult male. he would be lame looking with mussy brown hair. and he would besides hold a high pitched voice that breaks from clip to clip therefore demoing his physical and societal failing through his pitch of voice. He would be have oning mussy apparels to demo he is a worker. All of these characteristics show that the lookout is at the ‘bottom’ of the hierarchy and this is shown through his thin expression. When the lookout first enters to state Creon what has happened to the organic structure of Polynices it is obvious for the histrion to see the immediate fright that the lookout has of Creon. His lines would be delivered unpredictably. because he wants to acquire it done rapidly.

The lookout would besides bumble some lines to demo his anxiousness. he would besides be pacing up and down the phase whilst feigning to move out what happened. The lookout when non moving would be nervously be jerking his custodies. When the lookout says what has happened ‘the body’s been buried’ he blurts this line out as he is cognizant of Creon’s orders. The lookout so delivers a soliloquy of what happens. he wants to do out as though he is guiltless and Creon should non set on any incrimination on him. He is cognizant of Creon pique and in order to portray this he would invariably looked aghast ‘no hints of any sort at all’ in order to show this he would raise his superciliums and speak in a higher pitch as if he is stunned right there whilst stating Creon what has happened.

He so goes on to state Creon how he was chosen to come and state him what had happened to the organic structure ‘so we decided we’d have to pull lots’ whilst stating this the lookout would nervously set his manus in his pocket an draws out the piece of straw and lifts it up indicating it towards Creon. Before the lookout leaves the phase he turns and with a sense of alleviation and a cheeky smile delivers. ‘I ne’er thought I’d acquire out of here alive’ . he knows he made a lucky flight and this is the start of the alteration we see from lookout. the bullying he felt from Creon has gone as he is literally ‘given a life line’ The following clip the lookout appears on phase is when he has found Antigone burying the organic structure ; he enters the phase with Antigone processing on with pride and a self-satisfied smile on his face. He is eager to turn out his inexperienced persons blunder outing out the line ‘we saw it’ .

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