American history. The Aztec were a Native American tribe who came to be in 1300. They lived in the valley Of Mexico, Lake Texaco. The Aztec were forced to go and live in a swampy, marshy place because the other tribes had already taken the “good land”. The Aztec were very clever people so the fact that they didn’t have the best land wasn’t a problem. They believed that their God had sent them there. They made use of what they had. Once they had settled into their new homes, they started conquering neighboring tribes, one after another. The Aztec took something from each tribe that they conquered, anything room food to jewels.

The Aztec grew and grew until they became a huge empire. This empire was eventually take over by the Spanish. The other empire that the Spanish took over was the Incas. The Incas were a small tribe that started off living in the city, Coco. The Incas started building their tribe in 1438. Somewhere around the sass’s the Incas were attacked by another tribe, who lost. This was the start of the Inca Empire. Over the next hundred years the Incas grew into a large empire. Their population grew to about twelve million people in one hundred years. The Incas had a very powerful, strong standing government.

The leader of the people was the Inca sometimes called by the name Sap Inca ( the only Inca The people had to work for the government. No one was upset about this because they were all well fed, lived in a proper home and lived in harmony. ( Don ) The Aztec and the Incas had their similarities and their differences but there were more similarities than differences. The similarities were that both of the tribes were in South America and they were both strong standing empires with a lot of resources. They were also both Indian-American tribes. They both had very strong beliefs in their Gods and that their Gods would do what s right for them.

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They both got conquered by the Spanish but at different times. The Aztec were more self sufficient than the Incas. The Incas were more strict with their rules and laws than the Aztec were. The Incas had to work for the government and the Aztec didn’t. The Aztec still worked very hard but they were more laid back than the Incas. ( Don ) The date the Spanish came across the Aztec tribe was on the 21 SST of April 151 9, and from here on out the Aztec would be a diminishing empire. ( Phillips, 2005 ). The date when the Spanish came across the Inca Empire was nowhere around the 1 ass’s.

When the Spanish fought the Incas and the Aztec they won each time because they had guns and weapons which the Incas and the Aztec did not have. ( Don ). The leader of the Aztec when the Spanish came to conquer them was Mausoleum II ( 1502 – 1 520 The leader of the Incas when the Spanish came was either Human Caps ( 1493 – 1525 ), Hussar( 1525 – 1532 ) or Utah alp ( 1532 – 1533 ). I could not find the exact date the Spanish conquered the Incas so the Inca who was the leader at the time of the Spanish conquest is very vague. The leader of the Spanish ho conquered the Aztec was Hernandez Cortez with six hundred men.

The leader of the Spanish who conquered the Incas was Francisco Pizzeria. ( The European Voyages of Exploration, 1997 ). The Spanish made Central America and South America their colonies. Colonization is when a powerful country takes over another people’s country which is then known as a colony of the former country ( in this case Spain ). Thereafter, there is a distinguished Of one or more settlements known as colonies. ( Kids. Net. Au, 2013 ). The Spanish went to America because they wanted the land for the Spanish crown and to enforce Catholicism among the ribs they took over.

Everyone wants power because if you have power you can make people do things for you. Our human nature is such that we want power because it gives us control. The Aztec and the Incas were both very strong standing empires. The Spanish were astonished on what they saw, everything was clean. You could buy all types foods including medicine and herbs. You could buy mats, pottery and even paint. The Spanish enforced Catholicism, and completely destroyed the State’s and the Incas religion. The Spanish thought that the religion that the Incas and the Aztec believed in as wrong and Catholicism was the right religion for everyone.

They destroyed everything that was important and useful to the Aztec and the Incas. ( don Quixote, 2013) Human nature has distributed psychological attributes to humankind that we all supposedly should have. For Native Americans the results of the Spanish Conquest was bad. This is because the Spanish were greedy, and that is the nature of humans. The Aztec and the Incas caught many new diseases and had labor forced upon them which they were not used to, and because of this the population in Central America and Southern America decreased enormously.

The population of Mexico had diminished by ninety percent in the first fifty years of the Spanish arrival. In the South and Central America the Spanish who came to live there began to intermarry with the Incas and the Aztec. The Native Americans had Catholicism forced upon them. Their culture was affected, the way they lived and did things was completely changed. Their religion was probably affected the most because they were taught to believe something completely different and told that their religion was wrong. As European trade expanded, it resulted in the colonization of five continents.

South African History, 2012 ) don’t think that the Spanish conquest was a good idea because Native Americans who had got there first had everything that they had worked for, their land, culture, religion was just taken away from them. They were hurt by the Spanish emotionally and physically. The Spanish had taken exactly what they wanted using weapons and guns. The Spanish were fine because they had what they wanted which was another colony and power but the Native Americans who had lived there for ages, had built an empire and deserved every right to be there had everything taken away from them.

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