The concern program presents trekking in the Ruwenzori Mountain, as alone merchandise among East Africans important mountains. Ruwenzori Mountains besides known as the ” Mountains of the Moon ” is protected as Ruwenzori Mountains National Park ( RMNP ) , embracing outstanding attractive force from which the Park derived its name and is situated in Western Uganda. It has hence, go a major travel focal point for touristry finish. Largely, becuase of its singularity as base from which to research the Ruwenzori Mountains ranges, experience.

The olympian Ruwenzori Mountain trekking expedition signifiers portion of Uganda ‘s national touristry industry. It is surely a comfy mountain within the National Park environment, and there is significant adjustment comparatively low-cost with good nutrient and no deficit of company from other travelers. The program further describes, trekking in the Ruwenzori as important merchandise for competitory advantage and selling scheme. It does, nevertheless, examine the concern environment in broader position taking into history the tendencies of developing a selling scheme. The SWOT Analysis ( see Appendix =A= ) has been used as footing to develop concern Plan to be implemented as a tool to market trekking as merchandise to pull more tourers.


Ruwenzori Mountain National Park

The Ruwenzori Mountain National Park ( RMNP ) falls under Uganda Wildlife Authority ( UWA ) estates. Mount Ruwenzori known as the Mountain of the Moon is situated in Western portion of Uganda.The RMNP direction takes due committedness to beef up touristry publicity, selling, and development of the park in coaction with Uganda Tourism Board ( UTB ) . The RMNP respects touristry sector as an of import, and built-in facet for developmental schemes for the Country, with accent being directed to the economic benefits that are derived from touristry to relieve poorness among the local communities. However, the RMNP besides considers the impacts of touristry on the environment and societal facets every bit good.

The direction of RMNP decided to originate development of concern program to market the oustanding beauty of the Ruwenzori Mountain landscape ( see Figure 1.1 ) . Often, the focal point of the concern will be directed to the niche market, because of the alone merchandising proposition ( USP ) of the merchandises encompassed within the RMNP ecosystem. In add-on, RMNP is besides inscribed on the United Nation Education Scientific and Cultural Organization ( UNESCO ) , and is among the recognized outstanding snow capped mountains scopes of the Moon in the part, by African criterions. The authorities of Uganda ( GoU ) supports the developement of touristry in the Country, apparent policies and substructure for touristry are have showed important betterment on touristry circuts.

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Uganda is exceptionally of import in footings of biodiversity, one time described by former British Premier Winston Churchil as ”The Pearl of Africa ” and is endowed with a assortment of ecosystems. Uganda is gifted by nature, allow entirely the RMNP, Winston Churchill in 1908 was struck by the natural beauty including the Ruwenzori the Mountains of the Moon. The diverse landscape ecosystems and clime that characterize Uganda have supported a diverseness of zoology and flora species. The RMNP stands out with beautiful distinguishable characteristics, considered uncomparable with mist shrouded extremums, which provide the most brilliant position of the national park ( Liniger, et al. , 1998 ) .

Figure 1.1 Map of the Ruwenzori Mountain National Park

Beginning: UWA-Quarterly Report ( 2009 )

In Table 1.1shows the RMNP has high biodiversity of species that are widely considered vulnerable and endemic to the Albertine Rift ( AR ) , and holds several endangered species endemic to the vicinity. Empirical grounds suggests that, the park has well high figure of workss and trees. The park is recognized for its vegetation, which has been described as the most beautiful in the World ( Liniger, et al. , 1998 ; Hockings, et al. , 2001 ; WRI, 2003 ) .

Table 1.1 the preliminary informations of species in Ruwenzori Mountains






















The development of the merchandises and associated services are organised through the Ruwenzori Mountaineering Service ( RMS ) tour company, that works in close concurrence with the RMNP to keep the substructure within the Mountains landscape such as huts and trails used for tourer. The RMNP direction proctors the environmental spacial force per unit areas of trekkers, and the park governments channels 20 % of the gate fee money into local community development enterprise. The RMNP and RMS shall supply stakeholders with more information particularly, the Private sector with market informations to market the Ruwenzori trekking touristry merchandises. Park direction and RMS shall implement the concern Plan as selling scheme to market its merchandises regional and international nich market. The selling section shall concentrate on trekking in the Ruwenzori Mountain extremums, visitants may besides detect the beauty of assorted flora types and sing birds on their manner. These merchandises includes: –

Treking Trail Network

There is good web of trails ( see Figure 1.2 ) below, and resting huts on the mountains. The extremums are by and large merely tackled by experient trekkers or tramps. Most visitants stick to the cringle trail, which takes about six to seven yearss. Ruwenzori Mountain is regarded as unique and tougher trek than the acclivities of mountain Kilimanjaro or mountain Kenya.

Photo 1.2 boardwalks on the pes of RMNP chief entree point for boosting

Beginning: UWA-Ruwenzori General Mamagement Plan ( 2006 )

Long trekking

The trekking starts from the Park central office to the first hut, which takes about 5hours walk about 10km. The most longest and strenuous walk takes visitant through marshy countries and it takes about 7 hours from the first hut go throughing through elephantine lobelia species. Visitors so are encouraged to take apprehension or even remain for anight at the 2nd cantonment and bask the brilliant extremums of Ruwenzori. Generally, trekking takes between six to seven yearss ( see Table 1.2 ) below, and it includes portion of the Ruwenzori H2O falls every bit good. It is rather electrifying and rewarding experience but one, which must be planned to finish the circuit.

Table 1.2 the Ruwenzori Mountains trekking Circut system

N0.of Days

Resting Holman hunts


N0.of Hours


Day 1

Nyakalengija Gate to Naybitaba




Day 2

Nyabitaba to John Matte




Day 3

John Matte to Bujuku




Day 4

Bujuku to Kitandara




Day 5

Kitandara to Guy Yeoman




Day 6

Guy Yeoman



Day 7

Nyabitaba to Park HQ ‘s



Visitors who wish to trek the glacial extremums are encouraged to come with or are provided with mounting ropes, an ice-axes, crampoons, mounting boots, snow goggles, a compass and altimeter on hire. Though RMS ushers are really experient, when it comes to taking trekkers to below the snow line. But with small cognition or they are non decently trained in alpine conditions, nevertheless their knowing with peaks locations.

Figure 1.3 Lake Bujuku on Ruwenzori Mountain

Altitude Sickness

The height illness largely occurs when visitants have reached at the extremums ( see Lake Bujuku ) above, one of the important lakes on Ruwenzorit tucked at 4075m above sea degree. The ushers have been trained in First Aid and are really familiar to recognize height related symptoms. Finally, they advice the visitant or visitants to withdraw or name off the trekking. In this instance, should the illness become serious, the ushers may name for the chopper for deliverance. This chopper is based at the Park central offices specifically to react to exigency non merely for visitants, but besides for the general operation of the Park.

The olympian Ruwenzori Mountains have high clime and visitant are advised to come with warm vesture ‘s. The chief factor to see when be aftering a trip to trek Ruwenzori is upwind form, the best months for trekking scopes from May to September due to dry spelt and the wettest month April, June, and November severally ( UWA Annual Report, 2008-09 ) . Ruwenzori Mountain is regarded to be the legendary snow-capped mountains of the Moon. The typical glacial extremums are seeable, nevertheless, most trekkers rate Ruwenzori to be the most ambitious of all African Mountains.

Short trekkes

Ruwenzori Mountaineering Service besides can organize twenty-four hours shorter treks into the five recognized flora zones including the alpine. The visitants will bask sing magnetic birds and nature embedded with endemic species of workss ( see Photo 1.1 ) .

Photograph 1.1 the Ugandas magnetic bird species Source: hypertext transfer protocol: //


Table 1.3 below reflects the fees for sing the Ruwenzori Mountain National Park. The bundle for trekking Ruwenzori Mountains for case four a yearss or seven yearss ( see Table 1.4 ) per individual including Park entry, and deliverance operation. These does non including the porters services, the visitants may wish to transport their baggage. Visitors in most instances are encouraged to negociate with the porters depending on the kgs and figure of yearss.

Table 1.3 the Visitor Entrance Fees for Ruwenzori Mountain National Park

Visitor Entrance Fees


Foreign Resident

East Africans

Class-Category A

Visitation Fee US $

Visitation Fee US $

Visitatio Fee Ush.


One day/Night $ 30

One day/Night $ 20

One day/Night Ush 500

Children ( 5-15 old ages )

One day/Night $ 15

One day/Night $ 10

One day/Night Ush 2,500

Child ( 0-5 old ages )




Table 1.4Visitor trekking fees for Ruwenzori Mountains

Visitor Trekking Fees

Central Circuit Trail


Resident and East African Citizen

Ugandan Citizen

Class of ( Class )

Visitation Fee US $

Visitation FeeUS $

Visitation Fee US $

Adult 7 Days /6Nights

US $ 780

US $ 705

US $ 400

The excess extra clip on the Mountain if desired by the Visitor

Extra twenty-four hours ( Adult )

US $ 120

US $ 120

US $ 120

The Central Circuit including the celebrated Margherita Peak


US $ 990

US $ 870

US $ 470

Desire for other extra beautiful Extremums


US $ 150

US $ 150

US $ 150


The public substructure such as roads and landing field is stipulation for easy motion of tourer to Ruwenzori Mountain for trekking and other touristic activities including traditional cultural entaintment. The RMNP and RMS shall supply improved handiness to hike touristry within the Ruwenzori. The adjustment installations exist within the National Park central office, this will represent improved visitants installations and services to be marketed and later pull more visitants to the Ruwenzori Mountain. Trekking as touristry merchandise, untapped is embedded in this Business Plan. The merchandise has possible to vie with other states on the market, if marketed suitably.

Description OF THE MARKET

Market Segment Strategy

The RMNP in partnership with RMS shall develop a diversified market cleavage scheme to capture aggresively the planetary market based on its uniques selling proportion. The planetary market shall include: –

International niche markets will concentrate on United Kingdom ( UK ) , United State of America ( USA ) , Canada Australia, Austria, New Zealand, European Union.

Mainstream tourer including, the tourers to Tanzania and Kenya.

Regional markets the East African members provinces and including South Africa, and

Domestic markets will be Ugandan Citizens.

Ultimately, class 3 and 4 are considered more robust in instance of safety jobs. The diversified scheme is aimed at associating boosting merchandises with market sections, tapping upper, in-between, and lower terminals of the markets. The backpackers and over Landers are frequently the touristry innovators. The RMNP shall promote this market section in peculiar as “ Backpackers ” constitute a strong beginning of income for mountain hike and visit to the local community to research cultural sites within Ruwenzori.

Distribution OF Selling Analysis

Description of the Pontential Market

The RMNP has been advancing itself through booklets distributed to assorted circuit companies, UWA, UTB, RMS, UTA, Uganda Community Tourism Association ( UCOTA ) , and through other protected countries within the state. The distribution reappraisal will concentrate on the visitants perceptual experience and degree of services provided by RMS. Additionally, RMS shall offer trekking as an sole merchandise, and attention must be exercised to manage visitants in professional and profitable mode. Consequently, the merchandise will be promoted strongly in the possible market locations with more accent on market section and distribution of promotional stuffs every bit good: –

Promotion of Local Market

In Uganda, UWA Headquarters and UTB shall work closely with East African Community ( EAC ) to market Ruwenzori boosting merchandise with engagement of the private sector UTA. The reappraisal of selling and distribution shall affect the invitation of the journalist and touristry travel authors to see Ruwenzori and papers hike as a merchandise for selling and publicity both at domestic, regional and international market. The RMS will besides set about selling and publicity locally and co-ordinate with single private sector operators as portion of the reappraisal scheme.

Photo 1.2 Local community displays traditional dance for tourer Beginning: Photograph by John

Potential Regional Market

The EAC member provinces such as states like Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Africa etc. Accessibility to Ruwenzori trekking is important. On the other manus to reexamine and research distribution points as bases for selling, and advancing Ruwenzori trekking expedition escapade. Materials like T-Shirts, posting cards and spines, brochures and information sheets, shall be made available in the regional states as platform for selling and publicity.

International Niche Market

It includes America, Germany, Britain, Australia, France, and New Zealand, Austria, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Canda, and Belgium etc. The booklets, travel information, trade magazines ( Africa Geographic ) Ruwenzori guidebook and posting picturing hike will be distributed to the afore-mentioned states as selling nexus points and includes Television docudrama ( Discovery Channel from Britain ) and TV 5 Canal Horizon of France.


Management of the Business Environment

The state ‘s National Tourism Policy ( NTP ) set to steer touristry development as vehicle for economic development and to better local community support through sustainable touristry enterprises. It besides seeks to market Uganda as a favoured tourer finish within East African Region ( EAR ) . As mentioned in the content, the authorities has provided an enabling environment including a contributing clime for selling and publicity of Uganda ‘s natural beauty and Ruwenzori Mountain a merchandise to be exploited sustainably.

The RMNP, shall actively in partnership with RMS, participate to protect the environment and concentrate on sustainable boosting touristry. It is envisaged that the parties shall play important function in back uping local communities environing the Park to enable them rend the benefit from boosting activity.

The touristry development in the Mountain Ruwenzori National Park shall be advanced, whilst staying environmentally sustainable. A certain part of gross accruing from touristry development in RMNP shall be ploughed back towards the protection of natural resource base as pillar for touristry.

The concern environment is significantly influenced by modern engineering associated with things like Internet, Fax and computerized systems for selling, all available in the state. The authoritative hotels in this respect are in topographic point to do touristry roar including banking installations and service.

Kasese is possibly the most attractive town situated about 21 kilometers with first-class position of Ruwenzori Mountains. The visitants meaning to boost are every bit advised to purchase most of what they need either from Kampala or in Kasese town. Although, there are a figure of stores within Kasese town and at the Park central office. Technology wise, the town has rather a figure of Bankss installations and easy communicating to enable tourist entree or associate up with their households. Tourism concern roars in town since most of the hotels came up as a consequence of touristry development in the Ruwenzori Mountains. The vehicles for hire available within the town with professional registered Tour Guides Association of Uganda ( TGAU ) .

Competitive advantage

The potency of touristry in Ruwenzori Mountain is the good abandon coupled with presence of about three extremums and high height. With appropriate scheme for selling and publicity Ruwenzori Mountain stand in a better place to vie with other states in the part offering similar merchandises. The most profitable market section for this type of merchandise requires reexamining of the selling and publicity. The focal point will be photographic campaign and adventures tourers. These rivals include, but non limited to the followers: –

Mountains like Elgon and the Virungas in Uganda

The Kilimanjaro Mountain in Tanzania.

Mount Kenya in Kenya

Product quality

On this footing, the selling scheme will be based on merchandise quality, which will do Ruwenzori Mount market led straight linked to its merchandise which include ( see Photo 1.2 ) . Ruwenzori Mountain has high potency to pull tourer because of its added advantage of being the National Park and World Heritage Site recognised globally by UNESCO criterions.

Von Hohnel Chameleon

Photo 1.2 Ruwenzori dramatic Von Hohnel Chameleon Source:


Action Plan / Marketing Strategy

The SWOT analysis and the important guiding aims ( see Appendix ) have been developed to impel the program, Ruwenzori Mountain has a really powerful and alone possible place amongst the current scope of touristry trekking finish points in Africa. The merchandise profile in Ruwenzori is diverse including bird watching the Ruwenzori turaco one of the Ruwenzori ‘s dramatic birds found in montane wood. Arguably, the Marketing Manager ( MM ) UWA, Warden Tourism ( WT ) , and the Conservation Area Manager ( CAM ) RMNP will organize with relevant stakeholders to guarantee the execution of the Business program.

Management Actions

RMNP will no longer advance itself in isolation but will set up and beef up linkages with stakeholders like UTB, and Private sector UTA to advance Ruwenzori mountain attractive force as USP touristry merchandise. UWA and Private sector will originate regional touristry stakeholders to develop and show a coordinated selling scheme to advance and market Ruwenzori mountain trekking and related merchandises.

Management Action



Others involved

Time period


Develope pertnership with other touristry stakehoders



Year 1-2


Develope coordinated scheme for selling and publicity




Year 1-2


Promotional Material

Ruwenzori guidebook and current cusps will be made widely available from touristry publicity or retail shows. The RMNP will bring forth a promotional postings. This postings will picture attractive forces such as the Ruwenzori hike to the extremums. It will be distributed as promotional stuff and will be sold to visitants at trade shows regionally and international.

Sovenier Certificate

A Certificate will be designed with Uganda Wildlife Authority logo and exposure of Ruwenzori Mountain. This certification will be issue to each visitant who hikes Ruwenzori Mountain. This is meant to promote more visitants to come for boosting as portion of selling and publicity scheme.

East African Guidebooks

The East African guidebooks are of import beginning of information about saddle horse Ruwenzori hike and other regional touristry activities. RMNP will subject up-to-date information in good clip for inclusion in new editions as selling scheme. It is, nevertheless, imperative to ask for the research workers to Ruwenzori mountain touristry site. Information will include Camp installations services, which RMS hires out to tourist for mountain hike as selling scheme through media.

Management Action



Others involved

Time period


Develop and administer selling promotional stuffs ( Guide books, Bronchures, T-shirts )




Year 1-2


Develop and administer posting map and cusps



Year 2-3


Develop Sovenier Certificates for visitants



Year 1


Maintain and update on a regular basis visitant orientation and reading stuffs



Year 2-3


Develop visitant questionaire for feedback



Year 2


Mass Media

Uganda Wildlife Authority will utilize available mass media, both locally and nationally to advance and market Ruwenzori trekking merchandise to pull domestic market e.g. the usage of New vision, The Monitor New Paper, FM Radios, Uganda Television, Mobile Cinema shows in parts in Uganda aimed to tape domestic market. The Trade imperativeness organised by East African Community in Moshi Tanzania, The Magazines Nature and Eco-tourism and United Kingdom Daily Weekly Telegraphic.

Filming Crews

The cinematography groups will organize portion of the mark market, this program will concentrate at more particularly at international position as important country to be explored through marketing trekking as alone merchandise. The cinematography crew planned to under the Business program includes: –

St. Thomas Production, France ( Animals Like Us )

The Discovery Channel ( The Royal Tour ) and

BBC Natural History Unit ( The Nile )

CNN shooting crew based in Washington D.C.

These will enable amore comprehensive certification of the merchandise and hence sets it to be at better place to vie and even out viing other states of the similar merchandise in Africa. This certification would sale like hot bar at the markets and hence stimulates the addition of tourer to the Ruwenzori.

Trade Fairs

The mark for trade carnival is rather wide aimed at to capture the market at international, regional and domestic. This country is regarded as of high market section, which involves the followers:

The British Bird Fair in London, United Kingdom

Cultural Fair at Crested Crane Hotel Uganda

Annual Domestic Tourism Exhibition Uganda

Africa 2000 Tourism.

Africa 2000 Tourism is largely organised in Kenya and Tanzania, where by most states in Africa take part in the trade just exhibition. This selling program will hold a broad range of mark publicity particularly the regional clients. The international trade carnival in United Kingdom hopes to aim the over Landers and backpackers. These classs of tourer bring in immense lamp amount of money to Ruwenzori. The ground is that most of their hike expedition last seven yearss, which is good scheme for RMS and the Park as good.

Website Strategy

The Website signifiers speedy and more dependable scheme for marketing trekking in the Ruwenzori. It will necessitate registering with popular hunt engines such as Searchable database of African Conservation Foundation, Enter, and The trekking will so be incorporated in as portion of selling and section publicity.

Management Action



Others involved

Time period


Encourage Mass Media to advance and market trekking in Ruwenzori Mountains




Year 1


Work with Filming Crews to publises Ruwenzori merchandises on planetary market




Year 1-5


Attend and take part in Trade Fairs to tape niche market through publicity




Year 2-5


Ensure to put in cyberspace installations



Year 1-2


Payment of Fees

The fees for RMNP entryway and mountain trekking will so be combined as a individual payment. This enterprise will increase the popularity of RMNP to pull more gross. The rates will be adjusted significantly for foreign non-residents, foreign occupants, regional and local or domestic.

Booking System

The RMNP shall put in a computerized system with Internet service. This will enable Uganda Wildlife Authority central offices reserves office, tourers, and tour companies to book mountain hike and adjustment straight. This will cut down holds and information will flux promptly every bit good as feedback

Management Action



Others involved

Time period


Establish monitoring and rating system



Year 3-4


Analyse fees and adjust to pull visitants




Year 4


Procure computersfor booking through cyberspace services and supply accurate information to visitants



Year 3-4


Prepare to reexamine the concern program




Year 5


Uganda Wildlife Authority in concurrence with support from private sector shall take the advantage of Uganda ‘s foreign missions to backup Uganda Tourism Board publicity and selling attempts through supplying information to tourist seeking for visas to Uganda.The private sector, Uganda Tourism Association shall advance and market Ruwenzori boosting as sole merchandise to pull international and regional niche market in close linkage with Ruwenzori Mountain Service.


Budget estimation

The costs of this selling and publicity operation would be as follows

Description Dollars

Travel costs ( regional & A ; international ) trade shows 10.000

Selling costs

. Television Discovery Channel ( The Royal Tour ) 4000

. Television St. Thomas Production, France ( Animals Like US ) 4000

. BBC Natural History Unit ( The Nile ) 4000

. Radio Uganda & A ; FM Station 1500

. Cinemas in Kenya/Tanzania 1500

Subtotal 25.000

Tourism promotional stuff

. Booklets and Certificates 5000

. Ruwenzori guidebooks & A ; East African guidebook 5000

. New Papers, Magazine, Leaflets & A ; Posters, Maps 5000

. Internet installing 5000

Subtotal 45.000

Tourism Directory 1.500

Computer Desktop ( 2 Unit of measurements ) 3.500

( IBM ) Printer-Laser ( 2 Unit of measurements ) 2.000

Office stationary 8.500

Grand entire 60.500

Monitoring AND Evaluation

A concern program provides room for reappraisal of monetary values to do the merchandise outstanding to rivals, and measure visitant satisfaction as portion of the selling scheme. The RMNP and RMS will supervise the public presentation of concern program to guarantee adherance to the action. The flow of tourist enlargement in size of the operation within the RMNP is a map of the future rating of the visitant denseness. Once the concern program has achieved its adulthood stage. Tourism promotional stuffs, which are being widely distributed for marketing the RMNP merchandises will be evaluated to set up the degree of their effectivity on market.

Visitors feedback signifiers can be analysed and will be the footing to find public presentation criterions of the concern program in respect to tourist flow. A questionnaire will be designed to step degrees of visitants satisfaction, gauge visitants perceptual experience in regard to trekking as important merchandise on the market. The relevancy of the concern program will be monitored during the execution stage and reexamine strategic aims and comparing them with consequences achieved.


Hockings, M. , Stolton, S. , Dudley, N. , and Parrish, J. , 2001. The heightening our Heritage Tool kit: book 1.UNESCO and IUCN Website: hypertext transfer protocol: // ( accessed on 23/11/09 )

Liniger, H. , Weingartner, R. , and Grosjean, M. , 1998. Mountains of the World: Water Tower for 21st Century.University of Bern, Switzerland Pp 45-75

UWA, 2009. Uganda Wildlife Authority ( UWA ) . Quarterly Report. Website: hypertext transfer protocol: // ( accessed on 10/11/09 )

WRI, 2003. Earth tendencies, Country Profile: World Resource Institute ( WRI ) , Forests and Dry lands: Uganda. Website: hypertext transfer protocol: // ( accessed on 01/12/09 ) . UWA, 2008-09. Uganda Wildlife Authority ( UWA ) . Annual Report. hypertext transfer protocol: // ( accessed on 10/11/09 )

UWA, 2006. Uganda Wildlife Authority – Rwenzori General Management Plan.


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