On a dark, gloomy day, two brothers called Jack and Daniel had Just moved into their new house but there was something strange about this house, the man who owned this house before had died in the living room two years ago. One day the two brothers where exploring in the basement, when they found a secret door hiding under a old, dusty rug. Jack and Daniel pull the door open and a big puff of dust blasted into their faces, they walked into a dark, spooky room filled with spider webs and a strange stench.

While Daniel was inspected the dark, gloomy room Jack Jumped up and screamed “AHOY! RATS! “, “Don’t be such a baby” Daniel said. As Jack and Daniel were walking down the underground passageway they spotted a tomb, there was a note on the tomb but they couldn’t understand the language on it. Daniel shone his torch on the tomb and the note said it belonged to an ancient Egyptian King called Tutankhamen. The boys headed back to the house and looked up Tutankhamen on the internet and they found out that his body is worth up to 10 lions pounds.

Jack said ” We could hand in the money and get the reward”, Daniel said that is was a brilliant idea!!! As they walked back into the underground passageway they heard some strange noises coming from the tomb, then they heard a shatter of glass, Jack got really scared so he ran out of the cave. After Jack fled Daniel heard some kind of ghost groaning “GET COTTONMOUTH! ” Daniel made a quick getaway. As Daniel ran into the house he saw Jack crying in the corner so he told him what he had heard.

Daniel said we need to get that body and get the 10 million pound award. Jack said he didn’t want to go back in there but Daniel told him to “man up”. Jack and Daniel made their way back to the cave but when they got to it they realized there was a translation of the note scraped on the ground. They ripped the note off the tomb and started to try and figure out the translation. After 30 minutes figuring out they knew what is said. It said “This tomb is buried with all of Tutankhamen valuable items such all his Jewels and his crown”.

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That made Daniel more anxious to get that tomb, as soon as Jack and Daniel laid their hands on the tomb a large figure suddenly appeared and said “l told you to get out”!!! But Daniel refused, he told Jack to go get the tomb while he created a distraction. Jack ran away with the tomb while Daniel shouted at the ghost to come and get him. Jack escaped out of the cave with the tomb but Daniel is still down there, at the very last moment Daniel arose from the cave unharmed. By Stuart Cameron AS The Secret Mummy By accoutrements


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