1. 618~ ( or its reverse 0. 681~ ) : figure of aureate ratio is a enigma of ka`aba. Unbelievely. the closer a ratio to this figure in an object or a system of objects. the more beautifull it is manisfied. Phi changeless: 1. 681~ ; superior design figure of mathematics. is a mending decimal. which ne’er ends. This expression is b/a. The Godhead has ever used the really same figure in legion events in the universe even in our organic structures. The aspect ratio of DNA spiral. I dodecahedron. phylotaxy. I the snowflake crystals. in the coiling construction of legion galaxies. The Godhead used the same figure ; the figure of aureate ratio which is 1. 681~ . As a consequence of his 25 old ages long study. aesthetic Dr. Steven Markout proves that each of human faces and organic structures. created pursuant to this ratio. are compeletly beautifull. If the realative ratio is 1. 681 for the constituents of any construction. so this signifier will be convenient to aureate ratio. the perfect design. It is determined that this ratio has been used for the design of assorted reputable architecture constructions. even including pyramids in Egypt. Famous astronomer Kepler defined this figure as a great exchequer. So. where is the aureate ratio point of the universe?

The propotion of distance between Mecca and north pole to the distance between Mecca and south pole is precisely 1. 681. which is the aureate mean. The miracle has non been compeleted yet ; there is one alone poetry in Qur`an that includes universe ‘Mecca’ and an look that references clear groundss within the metropolis which will allow religion to humanity. The relation between the metropolis of Mecca and the aureate ratio is clearly engraved in the surah al-imran poetry 96. The entire figure of all letters of this poetry is 47. Calculating the aureate ratio of entire letters. we find out that the word Mecca.


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