Have you ever wondered that is there any secret behind your cats? Actually, cats have a lot of secrets that is untold. According to Bonham and Coile (2008), cat is actually related to the North African wild cat or ‘Felis silvestris lybica’. They also claimed that cats get domesticated when they live with human for easy meal. When human started to grow grains, cats were used to hunt down vermin such as mice. In ‘The amazing cat’, (n. d. ), it is said that they weren’t being domesticated for about less than 5, 000 years or so ago.

Therefore, here are a few other secrets that are untold about cats that will make you not to look at your cat the same way again. The histories about cats are the most important secret. That is because in the history of cats in ancient Egypt, it is said that they were holy and admired by the human, Nizamoglu (n. d. ). A study by Graham (2004) found that if a cat died, the owners would grief and as to show their sadness, they would shave their eyebrows. Cats were protected by the law, for instance, if a person killed a cat, he would be executed. In addition, the exportation of cats was prohibited by the laws.

In the war between Egypt and Persia, the Persian General asked his men to gather as many cats that his men could get because he knew that cat is very important to the Egyptians. Amazingly, the Egyptians willing to admit defeated to the Persian so that they would not hurt the cats. In addition, to show kindness to animals is the part of the belief of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad once had a cat named Muezza. When the Prophet was going for prayer and discovered that Muezza was asleep on his robe, he was willing to cut off the sleeve of his robe to avoid disturbing Muezza.

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These show how holy cats really were to human. There are also secrets behind their behaviour and habits. For instance, their purr symbolizes for different things according to “What a cat’s,” (n. d. ). A mother and her kittens use purr to talk with each other. They also purr when they felt uneasy and to calm themselves. Scientist said that the laryngeal muscles and the larynx operate on a neutral impulse from the brain are causing them to purr. People usually said that dog is man best friend. In “The amazing cat,” (n. d. ) it is said that cat is actually much more engaging pet compared to dog.

Cats are faithful, much easier to awake than dogs, have better night vision and better hearing ability too. For those who think that dog is a better pet, think again. In “Things to know,”(n. d. ), it is stated that cats are a sensitive creature. Actions such as yelling, raising your voice or using water gun toward them can affect their feeling and abuse them. A cat that turns mean is a usual sign that he is emotionally abused. Lastly are their needs. Who said that all that a cat needs are food and water. It is true that they need both of it but that are just the basic need and it is not enough to ensure a good health.

In “What your cat,” (n. d. ), cats have three essential needs that are need to be fulfilled. The first one is clean and safe atmosphere. A safe atmosphere should protect them from danger such as from wild animals, stray pets and the most important is protection from road hazard. Next is diet. They need a sufficient amount of nutrition such as protein, minerals and also calories in their daily meals. Thus, it can maintain a healthy weight and also to prevent them from becoming tired and also illness such as diabetes. Lastly is need of health care plan.

A cat should have standard vaccination, parasite control, grooming and a clean area for them to defecate. This will ensure a healthy body for your kitties. Cat is special and one of a kind. It doesn’t really matter the one that we owned is a rare breaded cat or just a stray cat because every cat deserved to be loved and to be taken care of by human. As a cat owner, you should not under estimate them just because they are just a small and lazy little creature. Now that you have known about their secrets, there something that you should remember. The secrets of cat should not be remained as a secret forever, but it is something that is should be shared with the rest of the world so that people will know that cats are not just an ordinary animal.


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