It is a fantastic tourer finish where it has recorded the reaching of 989,806 foreign & A ; Spanish tourers in the first month of 2011, stand foring an addition of 96,468 tourers compared to the same month of 2010, Internet Explorer, an addition of 10.8 % . The mainland touristry in the Canary Islands recorded in January 2011 an addition of 26.7 % , with 123,582 domestic tourers, which is 26,033 more than in January 2010, while foreign visitants arrived in the Islands last January were 866,224, connoting an addition of 8.9 % over January 2010 with 70,435 more tourers. In respect to La Palma, chiefly touristry grew by 58.8 % , with 536 more domestic visitants, stand foring a sum of 1,447 tourers. In add-on, 10,374 were foreign tourer ‘s reachings to the island in January 2011, stand foring a lessening over the same month of 2010, 29.6 % , with 4,365 tourers less. As for foreign & A ; domestic tourers who chose La Palma for a few yearss off in January 2011 were 11,821, connoting a lessening of 24.5 % , with 3829 less foreign & A ; domestic tourers. Gran Canarias is portion of the Archipelago of 7 chief Canary Islands, stretching out in the Atlantic Ocean, merely 221 stat mis off the shore of Africa & A ; 1350 km off from Spain.

With an part of 582 square stat mis, Gran Canarias is round in outline – best described as a square with the corners rounded off. The cragged terrain of the island is due to its volcanic beginning, although there are no longer any active vents on Gran Canarias.

The chief industries of the island are touristry, angling & A ; fruit & A ; vegetable turning. This gem in the Ocean offers an all twelvemonth unit of ammunition clime, ideal for all sorts of holiday-makers. There ‘s a batch to make during the twenty-four hours & A ; a much varied nightlife scene.

As shown above the figure of visitants going to gran Canary Islandss in increasing quickly so The merchandise that we offer is individual circuit or friendly relationship Tourss that people travel together without cognizing each other for acquiring to cognize different people.

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About Gran Canarias

Gran Canaria proposes countless visitant magnetic attraction every bit good as an unbeatable support agreement for commercialism investing, doing this an ideal mark for guess & A ; the execution of program.

The Gran Canarian archipelago ( which construction portion of the E.U. ) has approved one of the most positive pecuniary & A ; revenue enhancement strategies in the full Europe as recompense for its isolation & A ; narrowness, doing the land mass highly fine-looking from an plus point of view. The islands propose concatenation of incentives that are basically aimed at pulling venture, which comprise an standard revenue enhancement gait on company income of 6 % .

Like we have barbed out, the pecuniary & A ; responsibility strategy ( normally referred to by the Spanish eclipsis, “ REF ” ) mass is rather dissimilar from the construction that is applicable in remainder of the Spain & A ; Europe. The necessary beliefs of this peculiar are stimulated by the beliefs of industrial autonomy, the exclusion of use from responsibility & A ; abridged roundabout revenue enhancement force. These beliefs, which have been used in the Canary Islands of all time since the 19thA century, are at present intended at given the incentives for plus & A ; a societal reply to the confront of overhauling the originative & A ; concern cloth of the cubic decimeter & A ; mass.

the Canary Islands are located in a desirable planned place among three continents, which are Europe, Africa and America. As a effect, the island has turn into a junction and mandatory port of call in covering dealingss among other states.

The land mass has occupied full benefit of its honoured place at the junction of sea classs in order to elicit trade within three continents in question, which have turn into conventional import and export market place for the land mass. as a consequence, Gran Canarias has urbanized an outstanding port substructure, presenting its major port, Puerto de la Luz y de Las Palmas, at the front place of the worldwide container and fish transit industry. There is a duty free part within this seaport that earn particular citation.

The island ‘s modern-day airdrome is someway one of the busiest airdrome in Europe, playing an outstanding function in doing easy the entryway of travellers and the growing of abroad concern connexions.

2. Executive Summery

Gran canaria being such a fantastic explosion offering sightseeing such as high mountain extremums, beach & A ; H2O athleticss etc. The chief purpose of this circuit that I am making is that to keep a fantastic balance between people that is making friendly relationship & A ; the sighting that is traveling to offered to them the people are traveling to interact with groups every bit good as the people around them to do new friends & A ; enjoy their career with with the full bundle that is traveling to be offered to them.The motivation of this concern so that people can go entirely & A ; still be portion of a group & A ; do new friends & A ; besides enjoy without even being accompanied by a known member.

3. The merchandise Concept

The merchandise is that it helps the single traveller to go in a group & A ; interacting with the people he is traveling to go with & As ; making a friendly relationship with the group.The office that is me will set all all the single travellers in groups & A ; form a career with spying & A ; synergistic Sessionss games H2O athleticss health & A ; all the other characteristics that are available to the tourer.The company will be after socio cultural activities so that the persons can interact with group. As portion of the unrestrained & A ; personalized communicating, friends promote one another in many infinite ways. They pay attending, cheer, give suggestion, aid with mundane occupations, finance money, have enjoyment, exchange Immigration and Naturalization Services and outs, portion information which is confident, & A ; strictly “ are at that place ” for each other. They differ from minute to minute & A ; from company to another.

Numerous research workers have suggested ways of gathering of these net incomes into a convenient figure of groups. Many research workers think about merely two subdivisions of wagess, sufficient for most rules. These two subdivisions are most often labelled asA influentialA & A ; A communicative.A Influential wagess prosecute having concrete resources such as wares or currency, & A ; obtaining aid in finishing mundane occupations or making aims. Communicative wagess occupy having affecting support, back-up, & A ; private advice from a considerate confidant. Psychologists from Israel Mario Mickulincer & A ; Michal Selinger ( 2001 ) developed a slightly diverse bipartisan agreement ; suggest that individuals hunt friendly relationships to carry through eitherA affiliativeA ( company ) orA add-onA ( socioemotional ) needs.

Though such double classification are sufficient for many grounds, people from clip to clip happen it helpful to chew over over more exact wagess that are ( or are non ) nowadays in a company, or that are at that place in one company but non another. Some bookmans have urbanized more full sets of wagess for detecting such tones. Robert B. Hayes ( 1984 ) , for illustration, invented a list of 4 rewardingA friendly relationship behaviours: A companionshipA ( sharing activities or one another ‘s company ) , A considerationA ( helpfulness, public-service corporation, support ) , A communicationA ( discoursing information about one ‘s ego, interchanging thoughts & A ; assurances ) , & A ; A affectionA ( showing sentiments felt toward one ‘s associate ) . In a similar vena, P. H. Wright ( 1978-85 ) identified 5 interpersonal inducements orA friendship values: these areA utilityA ( supplying material resources or assisting with undertakings ) , stimulationA ( proposing new thoughts or activities ) , A self-importance supportA ( supplying encouragement by understating reverses & A ; stressing successes ) , A self-confirmation ( moving in such a manner that strengthen a friend ‘s valued self-characteristics ) & A ; A securityA ( supplying a feeling of safety & A ; undisputed trust ) .

The circuit is traveling to be for 4-5 yearss which will hold synergistic Sessionss like squad edifice activities

4.The market analysis

The mark audience for this concern is unmarried mans, divorced and all people who do n’t hold any one to attach to them and all those who want to do new friend and want to research a new finish. The proportion of people who are individual has risen from 40 % in mid-1985 to 47 % in mid-2009 ( Office for National Statistics, 2010 ) Loneliness is the biggest cause of emphasis for singles, with more people worrying about their solo position than by recognition card debt, work force per unit areas and planetary fiscal crisis ( imperativeness release, 2006 ) .It is besides really relevant for the Gay clients as because the of the biggest Gay community is here.

Harmonizing to the above charts it can clearly be proved that the tourer from uk and the universe are increasing twelvemonth by year.but there is an addition in divorce rates besides and individual people besides want to go and do new friends so this concern is really appropriate in the clip.

In Most states there are individual Tourss such as the

Africa safari with 9days bundle.

Painting trips for 4days

And many more which are running successfully.

The path for the group:

1st Day

Arrival to Gran Canaria airdrome and manager to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Welcome drink at the hotel.

Flushing synergistic session with squad edifice activity.

Mask Party Cocktail dinner

2nd Day

Breakfast and reassign to Beach with H2O athleticss, where we shall bask a full twenty-four hours plan of activities with exercisings of accomplishments, attempts and squad coordination

Back to the hotel, dinner and adjustment.

3rd Day

Breakfast and reassign to Puerto de Mogan, where we shall board on a pigboat to bask the underside of the sea.

Lunch in Patalavaca.

After tiffin, visit of the subject park “ Mundo Aborigen ” ( Aboriginal World ) , where we shall hold a Drum and Dance session, an event designed to show with sound and motion the coordination of the group. Through percussion instruments, each group will make different beats and dances that will execute to the remainder, to fall in eventually in a common stage dancing. The aim of this activity is to organize all the staff of the organisation, foremost in decreased groups, so as a whole, conducted by experts instrumentalists, terpsichoreans and communicators.

Back to the hotel, canarian dinner and adjustment.

4th Day

After breakfast we shall see Vegueta, the old town, with its “ Museo Canario ” , the Cathedral and the “ Casa de Colon ” ( Columbus house ) .

Lunch in a nearby eating house.

After tiffin, back to the hotel and transportation to the airdrome.

End of our services.

The fiscal prognosis

This concern merely requires the work force for undertaking with hotels and assisting the groups fall in topographic point.But most of import portion is marketing of the merchandise both in United Kingdom every bit good as nan cannaria.


With the above concern thought the construct of Friendship touristry will be a successful concern as is in the other portion of the universe.The visitant graduated table in Gran Canarias will decidedly increase, as the ratio of individual and divorced people is increasing.


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