The Study of the Chinese customers reveled that a bog part of them recognized that the Sony brand and considered it to be a premium label, young and trendy partially due to the number of color choices the company offered but, in the other hand they didn’t recognized the VAIO brand or they unfamiliar with it. Here is the point; we need to make the customers aware that VAIO is SONY.

Many customers trust Sony, but they have no idea that VAIO is associated with Sony, making some advertisement with VAIO computers and then always show the Sony logo. The Studies reveled that Tech Enthusiast and status Focused segments (from CLUES and Compass)with a large number that wanted to purchase a laptop within the next 12 months ranked Sony as Their Top Brand, and we should probably focus on that segment of people more our short term advertising plans .

But in the other hand, many other segments ( especially the fashion oriented one ), seem to be a really good customers, since they purchase computers more regularly, We need to associate our product with fashion and style, I was thinking about involving some big Chinese Pop Stars or people recognized for their fashion orientation, we need to focus on that segment too, In order to think of a long term strategy .

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The other point that appears from the Data is that Chinese society tend to be family oriented, with a large number of woman, Focusing on that segment is important too since they represent the highest percentage of the sample we’ve got. Making the Products appear in a family contest but in the same time with some women oriented colors and showing how performance and style is combined within this family will make us touch many segments in the same time .


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