How did countries throughout the world view the United States after the Spanish-American War?
as a major power with worldwide military strength
Which number on the map shows Guam?
Why did late-1890s newspapers publish sensational stories about Cuba and the Spanish-American War?
Newspapers used the stories to sell more papers.
What was the main similarity between the Teller Amendment of 1898 and the Platt Amendment of 1901?
They both were concerned with the rights of Cuba.
How did newspapers that used yellow journalism react when the USS Maine exploded in Cuba in 1898?
They blamed Spain for the explosion and called for the US to declare war.
The Spanish-American War helped the United States
become a strong leader in the Americas.
Why were US businesses upset by Spanish reactions to the Cuban Revolution during the late 1800s?
US businesses were afraid they would lose money that they had invested.
How did the Spanish-American War affect US power in Asia?
The war made the US an important power in Asia.
Which of the following describes an effect of the Spanish-American War?
Puerto Rico became a US territory.
The first battle of the Spanish-American War was fought in
the Philippines

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