The sort of quandary that the Regent Bakery Company Ltd finds itself hinges on the deficiency of human resource direction in the company. Human Resource Management could be defined as the sum of the built-in abilities, acquired cognition and accomplishments as exemplifies in the endowments and aptitudes of employees – Leon C. Megginson.

It may be considered as human capital comprising of rational, societal and emotional capital. Intellectual capital is a specialised cognition and accomplishments, cognitive complexness and acquisition capacity whereas societal capital is a web of relationships, sociableness and trustiness. Emotional capital on the other manus is about holding ego assurance, aspiration and bravery, the ability to bear hazard and being able to defy force per unit areas coming from any one-fourth.

By and large human resource direction is a procedure of doing efficient and effectual usage of human attempts so that the ends set by the organisation could be achieved through the deployment of the human resource available.

Every organisation is made up of people with different degree of accomplishments and orientation. Some of the accomplishments are acquired and others are built-in. It is incumbent on any serious organisation to assist develop the accomplishments of its people and give them the necessary encouragement and motive to hike their ethical motives so that they can keep their committedness to the organisation. It is in this visible radiation that Armstrong, one of the best authors in human resource direction sees people as the most valued assets of an organisation. He observes that a strategic and consistent attack to the direction of people ensures the stableness and the growing of every organisation. Anything short of this will endanger the traveling concern construct of the organisation.

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Lack of human resource direction unit in Regent Bakery Ltd has led to no planning of their human resource issues in the organisation which has culminated in the downswing of the company ‘s gross revenues and its attendant high labor turnover.

Human resource planning is a procedure by which an organisation ensures that it has the right figure of people at the right topographic points and at the right times who are capable of efficaciously and expeditiously put to death the undertakings that are assigned to them to assist accomplish the overall aims of the organisation. When an organisation ‘s human resource is planned really good employees with the right accomplishments, expertness and competencies shall be decently recruited to make full the right places at the right clip. The presence of a planning unit will besides assist develop and develop the work force to accommodate to the uncertainnesss in the work environment. Again through proper human resource planning, direction is able to find the people who are traveling on retirement and go forthing the organisation and replace them with new employees to forestall deficits.

For Regent Bakery Ltd because there is deficiency of human resource be aftering the selling and publicity of its merchandises is left in the custodies of untrained salesmen who lack the accomplishments to execute that responsibility. This to a big extent has affected the gross revenues of staff of life and other merchandises that the company deals in. It is my recommendation that a selling unit be established to manage the selling and merchandising of the company ‘s merchandises. The people representing this unit must be trained, prepared and motivated to market the merchandises of the company. They need to see the company ‘s clients, happen out what their demands are and cater for them. It is learnt that most of their clients turn to other providers for confectionery and other merchandises. The selling unit when put in topographic point could advice the bakeshop to custom-make their production to fulfill their client demands.

Again it is observed that there is deficiency of internal controls in the company. This is because cipher checks the returns of the salesmen against the unsold stock that they bring back to the company. This has resulted in the fact that the sharper 1s has become dishonest and has enhanced their net incomes by assorted violins at the disbursal of their employer and the company ‘s clients. I suggest that any value of goods received by the salesmen should be recorded by the gross revenues director and all gross revenues must be receipted. The unsold stock must be checked against measure received and any deficit must be accounted for by the salesman.

The Regent Bakery has paid so much attending on the production and sale of staff of life whose demand has decreased well and had affected gross revenues severely. I recommend that the company diversify its operations by bring forthing confectionery and other pastry merchandises so that their clients shall hold a broad scope of merchandises to take from to forestall them from turning to their rivals for their demands.

The following issue which is earnestly haltering the operations of the company is recruitment. Recruitment is an indispensable facet of human resource development. The state of affairs where enlisting is left in the custodies of gross revenues director is bad and will non assist the company in anyhow. The gross revenues work forces do non hold the preparation, techniques and the needed accomplishments to enroll salesmen for the company. Again the manner of the enlisting ; that is the use of local enlisting runs will besides non assist to acquire the best employees to assist advance and sell the company ‘s merchandises.

To cover with this job I am of the position that a enlisting unit dwelling of people with specialised human resource direction background be established to manage all affairs associating to recruitment. I besides suggest that enlisting is to be done on virtue so that people who are more qualified could be employed to work for the company to turn its lucks about. To do this effectual all enlistings must be published in the dailies. This will assist the procedure to be really competitory for the best quality of individuals to be employed and work for RBC Ltd. Any senior gross revenues supervisor and gross revenues director who has non been trained should non hold anything to make with interviews or any part of the enlisting procedure.

I once more recommend that in advertisement for employees to be recruited into RBC Ltd the company should non merely look for people who could drive but must besides seek for professionals who has the expertness to sell and market the company ‘s merchandises. To do this possible the freshly recruited salesmen should be trained and nurtured so that they can assist market the company and its merchandises in a more professional manner.

My observation one time once more is that salesmen perform their responsibilities on single footing. This means of gross revenues to a big extent resulted in weariness and ennui on the portion of the salesmen and that negatively affected gross revenues volumes and its downward net income borders. I recommend the squad work attack to gross revenues. The salesmen should be grouped in smaller sizes so that as they move along they can promote one another to accomplish their marks. Incentive strategies like fillips and committee must besides be introduced to actuate them to give off their best.

One of the challenges that has besides plagued the lucks of the company is high labour turnover. Labour turnover is the relationship that exist between the rate at which people join an organisation an leave the organisation. There could be several grounds why people leave organisations but with peculiar mention to the Regent Bakery Ltd, employees are go forthing the company because they complain that the work is boring and that they are non acquiring occupation satisfaction. Others see the occupation as really deadening and excessively everyday and insistent.

To control this job I suggest that the employees must be made to sell during the hebdomad yearss and take remainder during the weekends. If fortunes permit that they are to sell on Sabbatums and Sundays they must be paid overtime as a signifier of motive. Again, I suggest that the undertaking of selling must be redesigned to include gross revenues publicity to bring forth salesmen involvement so that they could bask the work. I besides believe that if group gross revenues is introduced it will advance squad work which has the inclination of increasing productiveness in the company. The company must besides form refresher classs for the staff so that apart from increased wage pocket they can broaden their range and acquire publicities which will promote them to remain in the company. I observe that there is intuition between salesmen and their supervisors with respects to net incomes by assorted ‘fiddles ‘ . This gives room for occupation insecurity on the portion of the salesmen and may non be happy to work in such an ambiance. This must be cleared every bit shortly as possible for the salesmen to experience secured and work with free scruples.

The Regent Bakery Limited has a really bright hereafter particularly when their clients still patronize their merchandises and has besides expressed involvement in other merchandises like confectioneries and bars which they are capable of bring forthing. If they are able to form themselves really good and implement the recommendations that has been put frontward the lucks of the company shall be turned around.



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