George Clooney additions attending of the audience right off. He says: “I won’t attempt to educate you on the issues of Darfur. ” By stating this. Clooney acknowledges the audience’s expertness and points out that the intent of his address is non to educate them. but to press them to move suitably on the issue. Besides. Clooney starts off with a stable gait. which does non alter throughout the whole address.

In the organic structure of the address. Clooney states that he is the representative for the people who can non talk for themselves. With this statement he additions credibleness right off. and lets the audience know that he represents non merely his ain. but a corporate point of position. Clooney returns with statement that UN needs to move instantly on the issue of Darfur. Therefore. he stresses his attending on the holiness of human life by stating: “my occupation is … to implore you on behalf of the 1000000s of people who will decease — and do no error ; they will decease — for you to take existent and effectual measures…” While stating this. Clooney keeps directly and serious face. which adds more poignancy to his words.

Towards the terminal of the address. Clooney starts to fault UN for inactivity by faulting the organisation for the struggles in Rwanda. Cambodia. and Auschwitz. Therefore. he addresses to the audience with a rough statement: “So. after September 30th. you won’t necessitate the U. N. You will merely necessitate work forces with shovels and bleached white linen and keystones. In many ways. it’s unjust. but it is. however. true that this race murder will be on your watch” . Even though. Clooney makes rough statements. he manages to present strong message to the audience and warns them to move instantly on the issue.

Towards the decision. Clooney becomes less rough and goes softer. He asks the UN to get down moving on the issue of Darfur. and points out at that place must be no waste of clip sing the decision-making. By the terminal of the address. Clooney says: “We believe in you so strongly. We need you so severely. We’ve come so far. We’re one “yes” off from stoping this. ” This statement. likely. was the most influential portion of the address. because Clooney begs UN to get down moving on the Darfur struggle and his address coatings with a inquiry: “So. what is following? ”

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The Rhetorical Situation

George Clooney is known worldwide as an histrion. manufacturer. and film writer. However. Clooney is non merely a Hollywood star. but besides a political militant. After presenting the address on the struggle on Darfur. he was named “messenger of peace” by the United Nations. Therefore. Clooney has all the necessary accomplishments for public speech production. Consequently. Clooney efficaciously uses rhetorical tools and delivers his address to the audience with somewhat rough and assaultive manner.


Throughout the whole address. Clooney maintained strong oculus contact with the audience. Besides. his gait remained during the whole address. He was non hotfooting. but instead seeking to emphasize attending on every word.

Clooney had great vocal assortment ; his voice was loud and clear. The articulation was on the high degree. and it was easy to understand everything that he was stating.

For the organic structure linguistic communication. it was seeable that Clooney was seeking to conceal his custodies. as he kept them crossed on the tabular array. By making this. he has created the feeling that either he was concealing something or was non wholly honest about what he was stating.

Even though. the talker was passionate and persuasive. he was reading excessively much from his notes. His address was rather short. therefore. he could hold memorized it and he could hold more impact on the audience if he did non utilize any notes.

Besides. Clooney’s address sounded bit excessively rough. Sometimes it seemed like he was seeking to fault UN for everything bad go oning worldwide.


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