They make products available to customers on daily basis with low rises; in addition it also provides 96% of all fresh fruits and vegetables and 100% of fresh meat from Australian farmers and growers. This makes Woolworth king in Supermarket business and it also runs campaign of Australia’s Fresh Food People. In 2012 sales in Total Supermarkets division (including liquor) continuing operation was ADD $48,565 million, an increase of 4. 9% sales from last financial year. In Liquor business Woolworth is Australia’s leading liquor retailer running under the names of Dan Murphy’s, BBS, Schoolmasters, Longboats.

It has total 329 registering Liquor stores and over 460 retail liquor outlets working with ALL group operates all over Australia. Woolworth is also very much popular for its General Merchandise business under the name of “Big W’. It has discontinued its business of Dick Smith Electronics and Dandy closing total 348 stores in 2012. It made total sales of ADD $4180 millions in 2012 with the increase of 0. 5% in comparison to last year and made $178. 4 million profit before interest and tax. In Hotels business Woolworth is partner with ALL group and it has total 294 tools operated all over Australia.

It made total sales of $1204 millions in 2012, an increase of 4. 4% in comparison to last year and its BIT was $196 millions, increased by 6. 5%. In 2012, Woolworth has made total net profit of $1,816. 7 million which has gone down by 14. 5% in comparison to last financial year it is because of discontinued operations of Dick smith electronics and Dandy where it made net loss of $366. 2 million. Woolworth has also increased its Dividend distribution to their shareholders to 126 cents in 2012, increased by 3. 3% from last year 122 cents.

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Hence, more investors are attracted due this policy of Woolworth. 2. Significant Issues from Chairman’s Report: Woolworth Chairman James Strong has stated in his 2012 report that so far Woolworth strength has been demonstrated by a solid performance in tighter economic and market conditions over the past year.

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