TAJ MAHAL PALACE HOTEL has completed 100 old ages in the twelvemonth 2003, and is the oldest 5 leading hotel in our state.

Taj ‘s name was kept TAJ as MR. Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata wanted to do his clients feel as if they are remaining in a royal castle ; this is likely the ground why the insides of TAJ MAHAL PALACE are like the one found inside a castle.

For more than 100 old ages, we have acquainted invitees with the life heritage of India – and a legendary experience in cordial reception.

It began on December 16, 1903, when Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata opened Taj ‘s first hotel, the Taj Mahal Palace & A ; Tower, Mumbai. This expansive hotel epitomized a doctrine that still holds true today: provide faultless service and alone installations so every stay is a memorable one.

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A portion of the Tata Group of companies www.tata.com, India ‘s premier concern house, Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces comprises 56 hotels in 39 locations across India with an extra 17 international hotels in the Maldives, Mauritius, Malaysia, Seychelles, UK, USA, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa, and the Middle East. Over the old ages, Taj has won international acclamation for its quality hotels and its excellence in dining, concern installations, insides, and world-class, individualized service.

In India, Taj is recognized as the Prime Minister cordial reception supplier, crossing the length and comprehensiveness of the state, and decorating of import industrial towns and metropoliss, beautiful beaches, historical and pilgrim centres, and wildlife finishs.

History OF TAJ: –

Billed by the Times, London as the finest hotel in the East, the Taj ‘s first hotel, the Taj Mahal Palace & A ; Tower, Mumbai was possibly the lone topographic point in the universe where a British Viceroy could rub shoulders with an Indian Maharajah, where the Congress could debate with right flying leaders, and where crewmans on shore leave could chat up with the Pompadour Follies. Built at the cost of a one-fourth of a million lbs, the hotel introduced a series of number ones that set new benchmarks in Indian cordial reception. Over the old ages, the Taj brought into Bombay, “ Professors of Dance ‘ Mademoiselle Singy to raise temperatures and a few superciliums with the Tango, the first air-conditioned dance hall to chill things down, the first cold storage, the first accredited saloon, and more.

The altering decennaries ushered in new gustatory sensations and newer invitees including Mick Jagger, Steven Spielberg, and David Rockefeller, to call a few. From Nobel laureates to sway stars, manner prima donna, to oil-rich Arab chief, Taj represented a planetary small town long before the term was to go a cliche . Even today, a hundred old ages on, invitees will happen Taj taking luxury to greater highs in all its hotels around the universe including concern capitals, fairy-tale castles, on privy islands, in private yachts, on board executive jets, and amidst watering place and resorts. Still, as the spoting traveler will observe, a small in front of its clip.

How does TAJ supply services to its clients?

Harmonizing to TAJ, CUSTOMER IS GOD. So they see to it that they serve their clients in the best possible mode. The undermentioned stairss are taken by TAJ to function their clients: –

TAJ has a system known as the G.S.T.S i.e. the GUEST SERVICE TRAFFIC SYSTEM. In this system all the ailments of the clients are filled utilizing computing machine package. A separate commission is appointed which goes through the systems to look into out all the ailments that are filled in by the clients. There is a meeting at the terminal of the month where these ailments are discussed by this commission, so that in future these ailments do n’t go on once more.

The people in TAJ do n’t wish to maintain their clients waiting, hence whenever one calls TAJ for some work ; their call is picked up within 2 rings by the individual sitting at the telephone section. Besides the room service like the cleansing of bed etc, is besides done in a period of 3-4 proceedingss.

TAJ besides provides free pickup and bead services to all its clients.

Suppose if a client ‘s birthday comes during his/her stay in TAJ, so he is given a wine bottle and few cocoas by TAJ.

Employee OF TAJ: –

These demands are the basic demands of nutrient, vesture, shelter etc, which have to be fulfilled B Y an person. An person will be able to carry through these demands merely if he has equal money with him. Taj helps to fulfill these demands in the undermentioned ways: –

Taj provides employment to more than 1,500 people ( including people employed on lasting and impermanent footing ) and gives them a good wage depending upon their station.

Most of the employees working in TAJ come from different parts of the state and happen it hard and expensive to acquire adjustment, TAJ provides them with lodging installations by merely subtracting a little sum from their wage. The houses provided are decently sized and good maintained and besides differ from station to station.

Taj besides provides unvarying ( sport jackets ) to all its employees. They are given a new set of unvarying every six months.

Since the employees have a displacement of 8 hours a twenty-four hours, Taj besides provides them with repasts depending upon which shifts they work on. The quality of the nutrient is tantamount to the nutrient provided to the invitees.

In instance of occupation security an employee ‘s occupation is non secured for the first twelvemonth. However if the direction is satisfied with his occupation, an employee ‘s occupation might be secured even before he completes 12 months.

In instance of a trainee there is no occupation security provided. But if the direction is satisfied with his occupation they might offer him a occupation in their hotel.

In instance of physical security they provide them with benefits like medical insurance, life insurance at the discretion of the employee. This is because to avail these installations a minimal wage is deducted from their wage.

The employees are allowed to hold their repasts in groups, for illustration if there are 10 people working on a displacement there may be groups of 4 who tiffin at one given clip. This helps them to organize informal groups. However these informal groups are made amongst the employees of the same degree.

In Taj there is besides an one-year societal assemblage where all the employees from the top to the underside are invited. Besides each and every employee is given a gift when they leave, and the gift differs from station to station.

Promotion: –

In Taj, publicity is purely given on the footing of virtue. Here the things like experience and influence does n’t come into history. If one is capable so he will be promoted.

Recognition: –

Employees are considered of import in Taj, and are recognized for their occupation. In instance, if an employee ‘s public presentation is exceptionally good in the past twelvemonth he is awarded a certification along with some hard currency inducements. Besides if an employee has given long old ages of service he is given a impulse from Taj.


In the hotel industry, occupation rotary motion is followed on a big graduated table. This is done so that an employee can exel in each and every section. An employee ‘s occupation is non revolved unless he has proven himself in a peculiar section. Therefore when an employee is rotated from one section to another there is an ego encouragement as he feels that the direction has appreciated his work and experience that he is capable of making something more.


In the hotel industry, occupation enrichment and expansion is non followed as they feel that if an employee is capable of managing extra duties so he is straight promoted.

Important Milestones in the History of Taj:

1903: Created history with the gap of The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Bombay ( Mumbai ) – India ‘s first Luxury hotel

1971-72: Pioneered the construct of reliable Palace Hotels in the state with the Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, the Palace of the Maharajah of the esrtswhile province of Jaipore.

1974: Conceptualized the alone beach resort at Fort Aguada, Goa built within the walls of a Lusitanian garrison overlooking the Arabian Sea

1978-82: A Taj launched in Delhi with its luxury hotel – Taj Mahal Hotel on No. 1 Man Singh Road and so prepared India for the Asiatic Games by puting up Taj Palace, Delhi with the largest convention Centre in the state

1982: A Taj established a presence in the Western Hemisphere with the historic St. James Court Hotel near Buckingham Palace, London

1984-92: Well before these finishs became universe fame for their beauty, A Taj expanded to Kerala and Sri Lanka

1992-97: Rolled out Business Hotels in cardinal metropoliss and towns across the state, branded as Taj Residency hotels

2000: Consolidated its place as the largest concatenation in India with hotels in Ahmedabad and Hyderabad, the latter metropolis being a joint venture with GVK Hotels ensuing in a dominant place in the market for premium and luxury hotel suites

2002: The new Taj Exotica Resort & A ; Spa, Maldives, within six months of its launch, was awarded the rubric of “ The Best Resort in the World ” in the first of all time Harpers and Queen Travel Awards


From world-renowned landmarks to modern concern hotels, and idyllic beach resorts to reliable Rajput castles, each Taj hotel offers an matchless combination of warm Indian cordial reception, modern-day, efficient service, and modern luxury. Taj Hotels, Resorts, and Palaces are organized into three classs: Luxury, Leisure and Business.

A»Taj Luxury Hotels

A»Taj Leisure Hotels

A»Taj Business Hotels

Taj Luxury Hotels

The Embodiment of True Indian Hospitality

Taj Luxury Hotels capture the kernel of the Taj experience and are synonymous with munificent adjustments and matchless service. With vantage locations in every metropolis, each hotel offers luxuriously appointed suites and suites, gourmet forte eating houses and bars, state-of-the-art concern installations, modern fittingness Centres, rejuvenating watering place, and good equipped feast and meeting installations.

Taking Guests Back to the Age of Refinement and Fairytale Beauty

Taj Luxury Hotels besides encompass reliable castles. Transporting invitees back to the age of male monarchs and concubines, these keen edifices resplendent with domes, patios, carved pillars, and archways built in the true royal manner? have late been refurbished with modern luxuries. To rise the reliable castle experience, a squad of pantrymans serves invitees in the sort of manner that a maharaja would hold offered his invitees.

Fine Dining that Stands Apart

A typical characteristic of the Taj Luxury Hotels is the tendency scene, award-winning eating houses and bars that serve a broad assortment of culinary arts from across the Earth. From modern-day Pan Indian culinary art to East Mediterranean, Chinese, Vietnamese culinary art, the eating houses at Taj are puting benchmarks for an outstanding culinary experience.

Members of the Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd.

The undermentioned hotels are members of the Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. :

The Taj Mahal Palace & A ; Tower ( Mumbai )

Taj Lands End ( Mumbai )

The Taj Mahal Hotel ( New Delhi )

The Taj West End ( Bangalore )

Taj Coromandel ( Chennai )

Taj Krishna ( Hyderabad )

The Pierre ( New York )

The undermentioned hotels are portion of the Leading Small Hotels of the World, Ltd. :

Taj Lake Palace ( Udaipur )

Rambagh Palace ( Jaipur )

Umaid Bhawan Palace ( Jodhpur )

Taj Exotica Resort & A ; Spa ( Maldives )

Taj Leisure Hotels

Escape the Ordinary at Our Leisure Hotels

Taj Leisure Hotels include idyllic beach resorts, echt castles, turn-of-the-century garden retreats, and historic and pilgrim Centres. Showcasing the best of every finish, Taj Leisure Hotels are full with escapade, love affair, comfort, and manner.

Offering a Vacation to Remember: –

Taj Resort Hotels offer delightful suites by the sea, eating houses that serve the freshest gimmick of the twenty-four hours, the latest H2O athleticss installations, tennis tribunals, freshwater swimming pools, watering place, and travel aid. Taj Garden Retreats are a great flight in the thick of nature, offering restored colonial architecture, gracious suites with a position of finely landscaped gardens and a fantastic ambiance of peace and composure. Other Leisure Hotels echo the state ‘s rich and varied yesteryear, and are located in close propinquity to the focal points of Indian art, civilization and history.

Fun the Whole Family Can Enjoy: –

Taj Leisure Hotels are a complete household finish offering a broad assortment of activities for all age groups. For the immature members of the household, Taj Leisure Hotels offers exciting, fun-filled vacations that provide the best in kids activities runing from athleticss, civilization, environment, escapade, music, and amusement. Parents can loosen up throughout their vacation by go forthing their kids in the attention of the hotel staff, which will do certain that the younger invitees have a vacation to retrieve.

Well Equipped for the Perfect Escape: –

Taj Leisure Hotels offer everything from comfy suites with a position, friendly efficient service, forte eating houses and lively bars, telecommunication installations such as Internet connectivity, good equipt concern Centres, conference installations, and banquet countries. Other characteristics include swimming pools, insouciant dining eating houses, fittingness Centres, travel aid, watering place, assorted sightseeing options, backwater sails, and much more. The eating houses offer an array of delicious Indian and universe culinary arts. Some formulas from places in the part frequently go back two to three coevalss.

The Fine Art of Relaxation: –

The Taj Leisure Hotels besides promise a whole new experience of tranquility and entire ‘wellness ‘ . At the Spas, Ayurveda, yoga, speculation, and herbal cognition come together to make a holistic experience in harmoniousness with its location.

Leading the Industry with Innovation: –

Taj Business Hotels are witnessing a new spirit of alteration. Recognizing the germinating demands of its invitees, Taj Business Hotels are in the procedure of turn overing out an enhanced merchandise offering across its hotels. Extensive research has been conducted across the state to understand the demands of invitees to make a merchandise offering that will put the benchmark for concern hotels in India.

Management: –

Mr. Raymond Bickson

Managing Director & A ; CEO.

Mr. Anil P. Goel

Sr. Vice President


Mr. Ajoy K. Misra

Sr. Vice President

Gross saless & A ; Selling

Mr. Prakash V. Shukla

Sr. Vice President Technology & A ;

Chief Information Officer

Mr. Yogi Sriram

Sr. Vice President.

Mr. Franz Zeller

Sr. Vice President & A ;

Chief Operating Military officer

Taj Luxury Hotels – International

Mr. Abhijit Mukerji

Chief Operating Military officer

Taj Luxury Hotels – Bharat

Ms. Jyoti Narang

Chief Operating Military officer

Business Hotels Division

Mr. Jamshed S. Daboo

Chief Op. Officer.



Mr. Raymond Bickson

Managing Director & A ; Chief Executive Officer

Raymond Bickson ‘s experience in cordial reception spans thirty old ages and four continents. In January 2003, Mr. Bickson moved to India and joined the Board as Executive Director & A ; Chief Operating Officer of Taj Luxury Hotels, supervising the operations of all luxury belongingss and playing a cardinal function in the planetary enlargement and development of future hotels. He assumed the function as Managing Director & A ; Chief Executive Officer of the Indian Hotels Company Ltd in July 2003.

An American national, Mr. Bickson attended the Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne in Switzerland and Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. He was voted one of the Top 10 Best Hotel Directors by Leaders Magazine from 1997-2002 and as the Best Hotelier in the World by the Gallivanter ‘s Guide in 2002 and holds legion awards in the industry.

Anil P. Goel

Senior Vice President, Finance

Anil Goel is charged with the undertaking of supervising the Taj Group ‘s finance, amalgamations and acquisitions, purchase and audit maps. With over 22 old ages of experience in the Tata Group in assorted fiscal functions, including Chief Fiscal Officer of Tata Tea, he brings a alone apprehension of financial duty to Taj. Anil is besides a former member of the Board of Tata NYK Transports Systems Ltd, Watawala Plantations Ltd and Tata Coffee Ltd. , every bit good as the former Principal Ethics Officer of Tata Tea Ltd.

Ajoy K. Misra

Senior Vice President, Gross saless and Selling

In his 24 old ages with the Taj Group, Ajoy Misra has worked in assorted capacities, from gross revenues and selling to operations. Ajoy joined the Taj in 1980 in the Corporate Gross saless and Marketing Department through the Tata Administrative Services. He served as General Manager of the Taj President Hotel in Mumbai and Area Director in the Sri Lanka and Maldives parts. Today, Ajoy represents Taj in industry organisations such as the World Travel and Tourism Council, India Initiative ( WTTC ) , World Tourism Organisation ( WTO ) , Hotel Association of India ( HAI ) , Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Confederation of Indian Industry ( CII ) .

Prakash V. Shukla

Senior Vice President, Technology and Chief Information Officer

With over 20 old ages experience in the information engineering industry, Prakash Shukla brings valuable expertness to the spread outing web of Taj Hotels. He is presently responsible for entire IT deployments at the Taj Group and is on MD ‘s direction commission. With a background in some of the industry ‘s most venerable corporations-Unisys / Sperry and IBM-Prakash has provided IT solutions for legion clients: Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Solomon Smith Barney.

An American national, Mr. Shukla is a alumnus of Rutgers University with grades in Electrical Engineering and English, and New York Polytechnic University with a Master ‘s grade in Computer Science. Mr. Shukla attended the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.

Yogi Sriram

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Yogi Sriram has over 28 old ages of experience in Human Resources Development. He has lead the HR map in Asea Brown Boveri Limited, Dabur India Limited and Larsen & A ; Toubro Limited, one of India ‘s largest pudding stones as Vice President – Corporate Human Resources. Before fall ining Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, he was H.R. Director ( Africa, Middle East, Turkey & A ; South Asia ) with BP ( British Petroleum ) .

Talent direction and alteration direction are his involvement countries to which he has successfully contributed in leading functions in really big organisations.

Franz Zeller

Sr. Vice President & A ; Chief Operating Officer

Taj Luxury Hotels – International

Franz Zeller joined The Indian Hotels Company Limited as Senior Vice President & A ; Chief Operating Officer, in November 2003. Previously he was Senior Vice President Middle East & A ; North Africa, Millennium Hotels & A ; Resorts and prior to that Senior Vice President Operations, Asia Pacific & A ; General Manager for the same Group.

Abhijit Mukerji

Chief Operating Officer, Taj Luxury Hotels – Bharat

Abhijit Mukerji manages a portfolio of the 13 Taj Luxury Hotels in India, which consists of landmark hotels in cardinal metro metropoliss including the group ‘s flagship hotel, The Taj Mahal Palace & A ; Tower, Mumbai, historic royal Palaces, and luxury abodes.

Mr. Mukerji is an alumna of Cornell ( Essec ) and Harvard Business School, and has a genius for European linguistic communications.

Jyoti Narang

Chief Operating Military officer

Business Hotels

In a calling crossing 23 old ages with Taj Hotels, Jyoti Narang has held a assortment of places, from gross revenues and selling to operations. Presently, she serves every bit Chief Operating Officer of the Business Division of the Taj Hotels, Resorts & A ; Palaces. Located at the nervus centres of India ‘s emerging industrial and concern metropoliss and towns of India, Taj ‘s 18 Business Hotels maintain the highest criterions in all the services they offer.


The Taj ‘s legendary cordial reception has been taken to a all-new degree: The skies above.

TajAir is an executive jet service that offers you a epicurean experience in the comfort of your really ain aircraft.

When you fly TajAir, you have a pick of two Falcon 2000 aircrafts. They conform to international safety criterions, place eight riders and are designed by Dassault Aviation of France.

Visit www.tajaironline.com to happen out more or book a private luxury jet for your following trip


Inditravel was formed in 2002, post the acquisition of the 18 twelvemonth old bureau Stallion Travel Services Pvt. Ltd. by The Indian Hotels Company Limited.

Headquartered in Mumbai, with subdivisions in 34 locations across India, Inditravel is a professionally managed travel bureau supplying entire travel direction solutions. Affiliated to IATA, UFTAA, PATA, TAAI and the Department of Tourism, India. Inditravel offers the undermentioned services:

International air fining

Domestic air fining

Rail ticketing

Hotel Engagements

Car Leases


Passport Assistance

Foreign Exchange Assistance

Questionnaire inside informations: –















Questions asked to Mr. K.S.Srinivasam: –

Q ) How long back was this administration established?

Ans ) This administration was started on December 16, 1903. Since so Taj hotels have completed over 100 old ages.

Q ) Who started this administration?

Ans ) This administration was started by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata. The name of the administration comes from his name.

Q ) Is it a formal or an informal administration?

Ans ) It is a formal administration. Here a group of people work together under an authorization towards common ends that reciprocally benefit each other. Our administration has a system of good defined occupations, each holding clearly defined authorization duty. We have a big set of regulations, ordinances and systems.

Q ) What type of administration is it?

Ans ) It is an economic administration as it provides services of value to its clients in the society.

Q ) In what manner would you distinguish Taj from other administrations?

Ans ) Even today there are administrations who follow traditional methods of working. But it is non so here. Due to rapid social, economic, planetary & A ; technological alterations, we try new ways of acquiring our work done like holding employees engagement in determination devising and being more client oriented.

Q ) Is there any peculiar cognition or making required to get down this concern?

Ans ) Taj is a really immense administration. In order to get down a hotel one evidently needs to hold big financess. One needs to hold complete cognition in hotel direction, sourcing of natural stuffs & A ; should besides be cognizant of the fiscal facets of the concern.

Q ) What characteristics harmonizing to you reflect the civilization of Taj?

Ans ) Harmonizing to me Taj is an administration which is a contemplation of the top direction. Our organisational civilization reflects the doctrine and actions of the top direction. One more features is that, our organisational members accept its civilization voluntarily. They may notembrace it but they need non explicate it.

Q ) What sort of civilization is reflected by Taj as an administration?

Ans ) The civilization reflected by Taj as an administration is function civilization. In this assignment is done on the footing of the ability of the individuals to transport out their maps satisfactorily. The sections are assigned specific functional functions and the work is governed by authorization, construction and a set of processs. The sections follow certain mechanisms and regulations for decision-making and deciding struggles.

Q ) What map or what intent does this civilization function?

Ans ) The civilization helps in the choice of entry degree forces i.e. we are extremely selective about the people we hire. We ever hire employees who have values basically consistent with of their administration. Due to organisational civilization many administrations make deliberate attempts to learn their employees certain nucleus values.

Q ) Is this civilization topic to any alterations? If yes, what factors lead to these alterations?

Ans ) This civilization is comparatively stable but can be changed. As we are in hotel concern, our civilization is capable to alterations sometimes. There can be change in the civilization when the hotel is taken over by a new leader i.e. the top degree direction. Sometimes even the feature of the employee brings about a alteration in the civilization.

Q ) Are at that place any commissariats for honoring and penalizing your subsidiaries?

Ans ) Yes of class! If our employees are regular and have shown betterment in their work they are given assorted inducements and are besides prompted to a higher station. On the other manus, they are besides punished on doing errors. If an employee is tardily more than 3 times in a month, their wage is cut consequently. On any other error they are punished by either ticketing them or by suspending them for a few yearss.

Q ) What sort of construction is observed in your administration?

Ans ) Basically Taj observes a tall construction as it is a really big administration. There are different degrees of direction viz. top degree, in-between degree, lower degree. Each degree has its ain caput. Some of the places are president, pull offing manager, buttocks. Manager, supervisor, worker etc. This construction provides greater chances for upward motion. The best thing about this construction is that there is an indirect relation between all the degrees of direction.

Q ) What form of communicating is followed?

Ans ) Communication is an of import facet in every administration. So we give a batch of accent on it. We try to keep a friendly relationship between our subsidiaries so they can experience comfy pass oning with us.

Q ) What sort of departmentalization does your administration follow?

Ans ) The sections in our administration are divided on the footing of their map. The administration is divided into assorted sections such as production, selling, finance, human resource and development, gross revenues. Each section has a senior director under whom there are subsidiaries. Some of the sections are besides divided on the footing of the services given to the clients.

Q ) Any characteristic would you wish to supply to us that outshines your administration.

Ans ) Taj believes CUSTOMER IS GOD. So we take attention that we serve our clients in the best possible manner.Taj provides faultless services and unparallel comfort to their clients.

Q ) What sort of relationship do you portion with your subsidiaries?

Ans ) We portion a purely formal relationship between our subsidiaries. We have certain good defined regulations and norms and we have to follow those norms. The relation is fundamentally impersonal, non partial, contractual, and non-intimate and of economic nature.

General QUESTIONS: –

Q ) How many workers have been employed in your hotel? I.e. TAJ MAHAL PALACE AND TAJ TOWER?

Ans ) We have more than 1100 workers employed on a lasting footing, and about 200-250 workers employed on impermanent footing.

Q ) How many suites are here in your hotel?

Ans ) There are about 565 suites in our hotel and there is besides a java store that can roll up more than 1900 people.

Q ) In the initial phase what is the minimal wage given to the employees?

Ans ) The pay rate varies from section to section. For illustration the individual working at the telephone section gets a wage of approx Rs-5,500 whereas a normal server gets about 1500 Rs in the start.

Q ) Do you supply lodging installation to workers coming from out of town?

Ans ) We do supply lodging installation to each and every employee in our hotel, but its on the employee to utilize this installation. For this a little sum is deducted from their wage. In this manner the employee gets this installation in about 1/5th of the rate that they may pay exterior.

Q ) Do you supply employees with on-the-job and off-the-job preparation?

Ans ) Each and every employee gets developing before we put him at work. For illustration a individual who wants to go a director has to first undergo room service preparation so laundry service, and so the staying sections.

Q ) What are the regulations of your hotel sing the occupation security of employees?

Ans ) An employee foremost has to work for 1 twelvemonth on test footing and he is given lasting position merely after this, nevertheless if is working exceptionally good so he would be awarded with lasting position even if he has non completed 1 twelvemonth.

Q ) How do you seek and command employee absenteeism?

Ans ) In the first 6 months his day-to-day wage will be cu if he bunks a yearss work but after that he I been given medical foliages and grant foliages that is a yearss off in every 3 months on his ain want.

Q ) If client is non satisfied with the service so what action is taken against that employee?

Ans ) Harmonizing to us CUSTOMER IS GOD, so it ‘s but obvious that we have to take his ailment earnestly. In this instance the employee is given a warning, he will acquire a sum of 3 such warnings, and after this he is asked to give a surrender.

Q ) Are at that place any societal assemblages or one-year get together for the employees?

Ans ) Yes we do hold an one-year get together for the employees, here all our employees from the top to the underside, from each and every subdivision of our hotel is invited. When the party is over each and every one of them is given a gift that varies harmonizing to his place in our hotel.

Q ) Is occupation rotary motion followed?

Ans ) Complete occupation rotary motion is followed ; each and every employee should hold an thought about every section.

Q ) What is your chief mark sector?

Ans ) we used to aim the foreign sector ab initio but these yearss due to the enlargement of concern we get more figure of Indian clients. In the month of sept-feb terminal our hotel is wholly full, and most of our clients are Indians.

Q ) What stairss are taken for client satisfaction?

Ans ) If the client is a regular visitant or a VIP so we provide him complete personal service. We might maintain a wine bottle or few cocoas in their room, besides all the other of import services are provided. Here we might besides give them a gift if their birthday comes on their visiting twenty-four hours.

Q ) How do you supply redressal of client grudges?

Ans ) In our hotel we have a system called the G.S.T.S that is the GUEST SERVICE TRAFFIC SYSTEM. Here all the ailments of all the clients are taken into history and a meeting is held where these jobs are discussed and overcome. If they are non at all satisfied with the service so we might so bear down him half the sum of his original measure. However such a state of affairs has ne’er arisen.

Q ) Do you offer rank installation to your clients?

Ans ) There are two types of clients one who come for a stay of merely 5-6 yearss or a small more and those who book our suites for about 300-400 yearss. The 2nd type of clients is given a price reduction of about 40-50 % . The first type of clients is given a price reduction on the figure of yearss they stay.

Q ) What are the different services provided to clients by your hotel?

Ans ) As you already know that for us CUSTOMER IS GOD so we try to supply maximal possible satisfaction to them. So we have made a few policies, for illustration when person calls our hotel the calls are picked within three rings so that the client ‘s do n’t wait long, this is being introduced in all our subdivisions easy.

Besides services like giving the room service in less than 5 proceedingss and the bed is arranged in less than 2 proceedingss.

Q ) Harmonizing to you what is the chief USP of your hotel?

Ans ) OUR Name IS OUR MAIN USP, we have merely completed 100 old ages of our hotel ( in 2003 ) . Other than this to run into up with the competition we besides provide free installation, fine-looking price reductions and free interruption fast service to all our clients.


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