When intelligence of K-12 course of study spread 2 old ages ago. the common articulatio genus jerk reaction of Filipinos was of contempt—K-12 course of study has merely been prejudged as an unseasonable unneeded extra disbursal. They can’t be blamed. The sound economic basicss were non truly being cascaded to the grassroots degree. Possibly a portion of me even had that articulatio genus dork reaction.

But findings will state us that K-12 is non sick timed ; neither is it unneeded. The Philippines is the last state in Asia and one of merely three states in the universe ( the other two being Djoubuti and Angola of Africa ) with a ten-year pre-university plan.

Our course of study has to be antiphonal to the planetary criterions.

Upon reading the intelligence point in the official gazette of the Filipino authorities with nexus World Wide Web. gov. ph/k-12. I became cognizant of the salient characteristics of the K-12 course of study.

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Universal Kindergarten is a outstanding characteristic that will fix the childs the kids from informal to formal instruction as they advance to the primary degree. It is aligned with familiarisation with indispensable constructs.

Contextualization and Enhancement makes lessons more interesting as the subjects are related to things that are already familiar to the scholar. As the page illustrates. the trigon is compared with the vinta. Mount Mayon and bandiritas. It communicates to the scholar that the things being learned in school are things which are already around them—in their physical. societal and cultural environment. Using Bloom’s taxonomy. they are non merely involved in callback and comprehension. but they are able to use and synthesise the acquisition experience with the immediate environment.

The mother-tongue based multilingual instruction ( MTB-MLE ) characteristic of the K-12 is besides interesting since ALL topics from K to 3 will be taught in the female parent lingua. It is advantageous for pupils since the linguistic communication at place and community is besides the linguistic communication in school. This means the child’s accommodation. every bit far as linguistic communication is concerned. won’t be hard. Furthermore. it’s easier for pupils to hold on the constructs as they learn in their female parent lingua.

As I read this portion of the article. what came to my head was an English and Filipino category where female parent lingua is translated to English and Filipino. Example. kayu in Ilocano is puno in Filipino. Then kayu in Ilocano is tree in English. . and so forth and so on.

Hence. command of the female parent lingua will be the tool to larn Filipino and English. And one time they learned Filipino and English. these will be the linguistic communications of direction get downing grade 4—found to be effectual in the planetary community. and now a beginning field of educational research in the Filipino context.

Furthermore. the Coiling Progression in larning Biology. Chemistry. Physicss and Math is consistent with the basic to progress attack in a gradual mode since the subjects will be spread across the classs. This lessens the alleged “trauma” that pupils associate with the fast paced attack in larning each of these topics in a year—one twelvemonth for biological science. one twelvemonth for chemical science. and another twelvemonth for natural philosophies.

Finally. the senior high school may fix the pupils for farther academic surveies. employment or entrepreneurship since there are three paths: academic. technical-vocational-livelihood. athleticss and humanistic disciplines. This means that instructors have to fix themselves good. since instructors will be the foundation of the successful execution of this program—having direct contact with the pupils. Teachers should prosecute in multi-tasked. multi-disciplined. and multi-skilled activities.

Looking at the said scenario. the K-12 will hold enormous benefits for the students—as research have shown in assorted states. The K-12 course of study will hold a great impact at place. school. community. and state. As a instructor. I have hopes—and trust—in this enterprise.

As the article stated. the K-12 alumnus will be equipped with ( 1 ) information. media and engineering accomplishments. ( 2 ) acquisition and invention accomplishments. ( 3 ) effectual communicating accomplishments. and above all. ( 4 ) life and calling accomplishments.

These are exciting times.

The execution of the K-12 course of study in the Philippines is non of sick timing ; it is long delinquent.


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