The Technical Industrial Study ( TIS ) is a mandatory preparation study for Taylors University, School of Culinary Arts, Hospitality and Tourism pupils as portion of their class demands to obtain their Higher Diploma enfranchisement, which is affiliated with Academie de Toulouse, France. After developing in several hotels, eating houses every bit good as resorts, the Brevet de Technicien Superior ( BTS ) pupils are required to suggest a subject which will be used to the identify the betterments needed in the pupils ‘ several work topographic points. Students are so required to choose a subject through observation and experience, following with supportive information, state of affairs analysis every bit good as suggesting a solution through thorough research.

The TIS is non merely good to pupils as it can be used as a mention for pupils but besides pupils can derive more cognition and understanding about their field of work. By making assorted research, pupils will be able to analyze the jobs occurred and come up with relevant solutions, therefore over approaching jobs and bettering the current state of affairs. On the other manus, pupils comes up with originative thoughts and every bit good as proposals intended to profit both the eating house and clients likewise.

Upon finishing his preparation at Restaurant Au Pois Gourmand ( RAPG ) , Toulouse, France, the research worker discovered that the internship has sparked an involvement in the research worker ‘s head to suggest a bill of fare that includes points that are ill-famed and abundant in the part of France ; Wine and Cheese. Therefore the research worker has come up with the Technical Industrial Research Title ‘Introducing a bill of fare on vino and cheese partner offing bill of fare in Restaurant Au Pois Gourmand ‘ , therefore efficaciously making a research on the current available bill of fare every bit good as supportive inside informations for the new proposed bill of fare.

1. Structure OF PART TWO

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2.1 The Rational and Relevance of the Undertaking

Serving vino paired with cheese is a common dining experience in France and in many other European states. In Restaurant Au Pois Gourmand, although vino and cheese are served, there is no bill of fare based on vino and cheese coupling for the invitee to take from. If the invitees intend to hold vino together with cheese, may it be during tiffin or dinner, so they would normally order from the Ala Carte menu the cheese platter and so individually order vino which is either recommended by the wine waiter or is chosen by the invitee themselves.

With summer being the busiest period for the eating house, it is a challenge for the wine waiter and other waiters to be go toing to the all the guest demands at any one clip particularly during tiffin clip which is deemed the ‘rush-hour ‘ . Thus both the forepart and dorsum of the house needs to work co-efficiently to run into all the invitees ‘ demands may they working people or leisure guest. Keeping the quality of the concluding merchandise ( nutrient served ) yet supplying efficient service to the invitee is one of the major factors that keeps every bit good as attracts invitees.

Introducing a bill of fare on these two nutrient points ( vino and cheese ) whereby invitees frequently choose from is likely to cut down the clip spent for a server/sommelier on a peculiar tabular array hence leting the server/sommelier to cover more tabular arraies guaranting that all the guest are entertained.

Other than that, presenting a bill of fare on these local green goods will add assortment or an add-on to the chief bill of fare every bit good to be used on particular themed event. As Restaurant Au Pois Gourmand began runing on Sundays early in 2010, the direction has been allocated certain Lord’s daies to be a themed dinning ( illustration: Mother ‘s Day and Father ‘s Day ) with specially created bill of fare suitable for that peculiar subject. Thus a bill of fare based on vino and cheese coupling can surely be used a particular event or dining experience for both local, regular invitees every bit good as tourer.

2.2 The necessary information/analysis

In order to finish this research paper, both internal and external information are demand such as:

Table 2.2: Internal and External Information needed

2.3 Expected Result

With the freshly introduced bill of fare it is expected that:

1. Guest will hold better apprehension on the vino and cheese coupling.

2. Reduce insistent actions by staff ; Avoid the demand to repetitively pass excessively much clip on any peculiar tabular array ( of which guest petition to partner off vino with cheese ) as the proposed bill of fare on vino and cheese is offered.

3. Environmental SCAN


Au Pois Gourmand Restaurant is a well-known and established semi-fine-dining eating house which serves Gallic culinary art along with assorted picks of vino. Located in Toulouse, south-France, right behind the Garonne river and within the lodging community, creates a strategic location for such a eating house ( refer to Figure XXX in Appendix XXX ) . The eating house opens from 12 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. for Lunch and 6.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. Dinner, from Mondays to Fridays. On Saturdays it opens from 6.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. for Dinner while late it has opened on Sunday ( old old ages, before 2010, the eating house was non unfastened on Sundays, therefore merely runing from Mondays to Saturdays during those period ) every bit good for Lunch from 12.00 p.m. to 2.30 p.m.

The eating house has a seasonal bill of fare in a signifier of Set Menu for both tiffin and dinner ( La formule dejenuer and La formule diner under the rubric Menu Decouverte, Menu De Printemps, Menu Degustation Accord Mets et Vins ; refer to Figure XXX in Appendix XXX ) every bit good as assorted ala carte dishes and sweets. The chief thought for this full undertaking is to unite two popular nutrient and drink point to make an new Menu of the twenty-four hours ( Plat du Jour ) which can be used as a themed event or combined with the Main Menu. Thus to farther proceed with this undertaking, an environmental scan must be looked into. There are three factors involved in the environmental scan which can impact the procedure and out-come of this procedure.



3.1.1 Employee Skills and Qualification

The right staffs with the right accomplishments and making is the most basic factor to organize a solid foundation in an constitution and in this instance, a eating house. The staffs must be able to pass on fluently with the invitee every bit good as fiting themselves with the merchandise cognition of the bill of fare. Upselling and suggestion remains one of the most of import undertaking of a waiter ; equipped with the merchandise cognition and experience they are able to urge the suited dish/item/menu harmonizing to the invitee ‘s penchant therefore salvaging both the invitee ‘s clip and the clip spent for a waiter per tabular array, straight maximising efficiency during busy periods. Therefore for this undertaking to run expeditiously, basic vino and cheese cognition is a must. The rudimentss should cover:


On the other manus, both the eating house and kitchen should cognize how to hive away, maintain and follow hygiene policy of these perishable productions to understate nutrient & A ; drink spoilage every bit good as to avoid nutrient taint which can impact the public assistance of the invitee and stain the eating house ‘s image.

Restaurant Au Pois Gourmand has 7 full clip staff, 4 of which are in the forepart of the house while 3 are in the kitchen. Table 3.1 shows the direction tree of the eating house.

Table 3.1: Management Tree of Restaurant Au Pois Gourmand

3.1.2 Staff Training

Every staff, may they be freshly recruited or a senior, are extremely recommended to travel through preparation to better their accomplishments every bit good as addition valuable updated cognition. Training focuses on bettering one ‘s accomplishment guaranting the staffs are ever good prepared while on occupation and expeditiously transporting out their undertaking therefore increasing and transcending guest satisfaction. Restaurant Au Pois Gourmand has a lasting Sommelier, Mr. Lionel ( a certified vino expert with experience and deep cognition on vino ) and an experient Head Chef, Mr Ugo ( proprietor and caput chef ) , both of which combined together are more than capable of developing the staffs on the basic cognition and the know-how on vino and cheese as shown in DIAGRAM 3.1.1

Staffs will derive overall assurance and as a consequence performs better hence indirectly meeting and transcending guest satisfaction.


3.2.1 Guest/Clients/Customers

Regular clients are the chief beginning of income for the eating house besides tourers, groups from assorted companies and hotel invitees ( A 5-room hotel is located beside Restaurant Au Pois Gourmand, owned by Mr Ugo ) . The mark market of this eating house is the upper-class abode as the monetary values of the bill of fare offered are good above norm. Regular clients include physicians from the nearby Purpan Hospital, managers from Boeing every bit good as affluent abode life within the radius of the eating house. With fresh goods and quality ingredients used combined with good service, in an attempt to continuously run into the clients ‘ demands and outlooks while supplying consistence in the terminal merchandise. The following are a few of the many reappraisals available on-line sing the eating house by frequenters ;


Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: //


Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // Reviews-Au_Pois_Gourmand-Toulouse_Midi_Pyrenees.html

Diagram 3.3.1 and Diagram 3.3.2 were obtained from two different popular web site supplying information and evaluations on eating houses, hotels and remarks from invitees, and due to some restrictions during the procedure of roll uping informations and remarks from clients, these two web site ( and hypertext transfer protocol: // ) provided a dependable information for this analysis. A bulk of the clients rate Restaurant Au Pois Gourmand as a great topographic point for dining and enjoyment.

3.4. Suppliers

Suppliers are besides an of import portion of any constitution. Geting the right provider with the right monetary value at the right clip will cut cost dramatically therefore indirectly increasing net income. Cheese supplied to restaurant Au Pois Gourmand is from Xavier Formage, a good know and sure trade name, providing cheeses to many eating houses and hotels in France. This company besides provides bringing upon petition. Clients are able to see all the cheeses available every bit good as pricing and weight from their web site at hypertext transfer protocol: //

Suppliers for the vino nevertheless remained anon. together with its existent cost as the eating house wants to maintain this information private and confidential.


3.5.1 Capacity & A ; Space available for storage

Storage country is an of import factor to see before buying nutrient and drink points. A storage country, possibly it a cellar, deep-freeze or electric refrigerator must be clean and working decently earlier nutrient points are stored. Food points that are stored must be often checked to avoid spoilage and to avoid over buying

In eating house Au Pois Gourmand, vinos are stored in a vino basement at a controlled temperature of 18’C all the clip. The wine basement can hive away up to 500 bottles at any one clip. ( Photographs were non allowed to be taken in the vino basement in regard of the direction ‘s policy which are purely private and confidential )

On the other manus, cheeses are stored in the walk-in electric refrigerator at a temperature of 10-15’C. ( refer to Figure 2 ) The cheese are wrapped in protective aluminium-paper like wrapping by the provider ( Xavier Fromage ) . However if this undertaking has a good feedback and response, so a larger storage topographic point is need to hive away the cheese. Cheese is a perishable merchandise therefore it is non recommended to over stock as spoilage and cross taint may happen.

3.6 Cost and Budget

There are certain costs involved for presenting this bill of fare such as storage for the merchandises involved ( cheese ) during future development of spread outing the bill of fare. For illustration:

Scenario 1: An event based on the proposed bill of fare therefore more storage country is required to hive away the perishable merchandises ( cheese ) as a limited sum of infinite is allocated for cheese storage in the walk-in frigde. Therefore a separate adequate size storage is required to hive away the cheese to avoid nutrient spoilage.

Scenario 2: In an event of the dislocation of the chief storage country, an immediate suited storage country is needed to hive away the cheeses ( perishable goods ) which is the chief precedence as it incurs the highest cost in a instance of nutrient spoilage.

3.4 Findingss

3.4.1 Wine

Wine is a well-known alcoholic drink consumed by 1000000s of people around the universe even dating back to 100s of old ages ago. It is stated that cultivation of the vine began several thousand old ages before Christ and is mentioned many times in the Old Testament and following that, the antediluvian Egyptians made vino ; the early Greeks exported it on a considerable graduated table ( ) . Wine made from grape juice which is so fermented by add-on of barm. Following the reaction of the barm and the sugar of the grape juice, intoxicant is formed and therefore vino is produced.

There are a few types of vino ; chiefly the Red vino, White vino and the Ros ‘ vino. These vinos are categorized by:


1. Red Wine a. Made from black grapes with either a blue or ruddy shade.

B. Highest in degrees of tannic acid amongst the 3 vino mentioned.

c. Liquid is red in coloring material due to color transportation from the tegument during the suppression procedure.

d. Commonly leaves a dry, acidic gustatory sensation in the oral cavity

2. White Wine a. Contains really small or no ruddy pigmentation.

B. Normally made from white grapes but are on occasion made from ruddy grapes besides

c. Liquid is clear and xanthous in coloring material due to the type of grape used or minimum contact with the tegument of the grape.

vitamin D.

3. Ros ‘ vino

4. Environmental SCAN SYNTHESIS

The coupling of vino with nutrient is a common pattern in France and other European states.

Table 4.1

Table 4.2

( refer to Table XXX in Appendix XXX for a full tabular array )

4.1 Menu Analysis

Table 4.3

The tabular array above shows the Menu Analysis based on Restaurant Au Pois Gourmand from the collected informations in a period of one hebdomad ( refer to Appendix XXX for illustration of the Captain Order ) . The current bill of fare allows guest to take the Xavier Cheese choice which serves 120g of cheese portioned into three ( mention to Figure XXX in the Appendix XXX ) . Guest can take from the assorted cheeses available ( beginning of mik runing from cow, milk and caprine animal ) .

Internal Strengths Weakness

External Opportunities Threat

5 Undertaking PROPOSAL

5.1 Aims

The aim of this undertaking proposal is to present a bill of fare on vino and cheese partner offing which can either be added to the Main Menu or be used as a subject for a specialised event ; one time every 4 hebdomads on a Sunday.


The concluding merchandise will dwell of a bill of fare which consists of:

I. Menu screen

two. Menu Title

three. Name of the Restaurant

four. Logo of the eating house

v. Proposed list of vino and cheese coupling

six. Pricing

5.2.1 Menu Cover

The excess fresh bill of fare screen from the eating house will be reused. The size of the bill of fare screen is thick B3 ( 35.3cm x 50cm ) paper and the calendered type of quality. Glossy paper prolongs the life of the bill of fare screen and it is easier to take discolorations compared to normal non-glossy paper.

5.2.2 Menu Title

The rubric of the bill of fare will be ‘Menu Degustation Vin et Fromage ‘ as harmonizing to the nutrient and drink stated in the bill of fare.

5.2.3 Name of the Restaurant

The name of the eating house, ‘Restaurant Au Pois Gourmand ‘ , will be on the front screen of the bill of fare.

5.2.4. Logo of the eating house

The logo of the eating house, which is a sepia-styled image of the forepart of the eating house with the rubric ‘RESTAURANT ‘ under it.

5.2.5 Proposed bill of fare on vino and cheese coupling

A list of the proposed vino and cheese coupling along with a list of the vino and cheese served at the eating house.

5.2.6 Pricing

The pricing for the selected merchandise point.

The concluding merchandise


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