There is a batch of enlisting that is go oning in the cordial reception industry because of their deficit of employees in the cordial reception industry. The section that is normally in charge of engaging employees for the hotel is the human resource section. They are normally the 1s that will interview the people who apply for a occupation in the hotel. There are different things that a director in the human resource section will look for when they conduct an interview and it depends on the occupation that the individual is looking for in the hotel. On the 10th of October 2012, a director from a hotel in Kuala Lumpur was interviewed to cognize what the cordial reception industry looks for when they are questioning people who look for a occupation in the hotel. There are certain things that the director explained is of import when it comes to questioning a campaigner. These interviews are conducted based on the criterions and process that has been set by the hotel. It is of import that these interviews are conducted decently because holding a hapless interview will stop up in the choice of hapless employees. The cordial reception industry ca n’t afford to maintain on engaging the incorrect people who are non suited for the occupation because it will diminish their net income and besides the efficiency of their hotel ‘s operations. On the other manus, when the interview that is conducted by the cordial reception industry is good and efficient so the cordial reception industry will be able to engage better employees that can assist the hotel addition more net income and avoid any unneeded jobs if they were to engage the incorrect people.


The study below will stipulate what the director looks for in a new employee and how he travel about in recruiting and engaging people. The study below will demo a few factors that the director will look for in an interview and besides the factors that an interviewee should hold if he or she wishes to fall in the cordial reception industry.

Factors The Hospitality Industry Looks For In An Interview

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Harmonizing to the director that has a batch of experience in the past conducting interview for the hotel, the director said there are surely a batch of things that will an interviewee should hold if he or she were to work in the hotel. One of the things that the director said is that the hotel will look for a individual who is ever hardworking. The cordial reception industry is ever looking to acquire person that will hardworking because the cordial reception industry is a really ambitious industry and those who are non hardworking will non be able to get by with the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operation of the cordial reception industry. There are a batch of things that are non mentioned in the occupation description when a individual wants to use for a occupation. The individual should non merely make what is mentioned in the occupation description because there are many things that happen out of the blue in the cordial reception industry. The employee of the hotel should ne’er waver to assist the hotel to work out jobs although it is non mentioned in the occupation description. If all the employees were to set the hotel as their precedence so the cordial reception industry will genuinely be really successful. Hardworking employees in the cordial reception are normally the 1s that will acquire promoted faster than those who are non hardworking

which is why the human resource director will prefer to engage a individual who is hardworking to work for the hotel.


Another thing that the director will look for when carry oning an interview is a individual who is dedicated in their occupation. As mentioned before, the cordial reception industry is so a really ambitious industry. There are different types of invitee that have to be served mundane and all invitees will hold different type of characters. It is really hard for an employee in the cordial reception industry to fulfill the invitee and do certain that the invitee will come back to the hotel on their following visit. The employees will hold to make everything they can to delight the invitee which is why the director wants to look for a individual who is dedicated to their occupation. Merely a individual who is dedicated to the cordial reception industry will cognize how to happen ways to fulfill a invitee and will make every bit much as they can within their authorization to fulfill the invitee. A individual who is non dedicated on the other manus will non make so many things to delight the invitee, a individual who is non dedicated will normally make what is stated in their occupation description and will non make anything extra to assist the hotel. The director has his ain ways to prove the interviewee to cognize that he or she is dedicated to the cordial reception industry. Questions will be asked in order to assist the director place if that peculiar individual is dedicated or non. The interviewee might be asked by the director on how to manage a certain state of affairs and from their reply the director will cognize whether or non that individual is dedicated to the cordial reception industry.

Can Work For Long Working Hours

The following factor and besides one of the most of import things that the director will look for in an interview is for a individual who can work for long hours. In the cordial reception industry, it is about a must for its employees to be able to work for long hours each twenty-four hours. An industry that has a batch of unexpected things that happens every twenty-four hours will necessitate employees who can work longer than stated in their occupation description. As for those that ca n’t work for long hours in the cordial reception industry, they are surely non suited to work in the cordial reception industry and are decidedly non the people that the director looks for in an interview. Although, employees can take non to work overtime in the hotel it is in the hotel ‘s best involvement if they can work longer because during extremum season the hotel will decidedly hold a deficit of employees. Having deficit of employees ‘ agencies that the hotel will non be able to execute their twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operation swimmingly and might even confront possibilities of non fulfilling their invitees which will ensue in invitees taking another constitution the following clip they go on a trip. This is something that the cordial reception industry does non wish to go on hence they will look for employees that are willing to work for long hours. The director will once more inquire certain inquiries that have been prepared before the interview to happen out whether the peculiar employee is a type of individual who is willing to work for longs hours or non. Having tonss of old experiences in interviewing, the director knows that there is no confidence in interviews but there are a batch of methods that can be implemented to better each interview.

Proper Qualification

The last thing that the director looks for in a new employee is proper making. During the older yearss, the cordial reception industry is non truly concerned about proper making when they are using new employees. During these yearss, it is truly of import for employees of the cordial reception industry to hold proper making if they want to work in a hotel. This is

because a individual who has proper making will hold better cognition on the operation of the cordial reception industry every bit good as the ways to manage jobs faced by invitees or the cordial reception industry. Working in the cordial reception industry is so non an easy undertaking and if person without proper making were to work in the cordial reception industry, he or she will non be able to execute every bit good as a individual with proper instruction. In add-on to that, holding the proper making besides means that they director and the hotel will non necessitate to pass so much clip in preparation and learning new employees to transport out their responsibilities in the hotel ‘s twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations. This is why there are occupation demands that will be posted through the cyberspace or other related methods which will allow the people out at that place cognize what the hotel wants from them. In add-on to that, the director besides said that, the hotel is concerned about the employees making because employees which are holding proper making will normally hold less communicating jobs compared to those who do non hold proper makings. Therefore, it is of import that new employees have proper making in order to work in the cordial reception industry.

Report Prepared By,

Ian Yip Wai Lone

Written On: 23th October 2012

Question 2

2.0 Answer Question 2

2.1 Television External Communication Advertisment

Television advertizement is one of the external communicating used by the cordial reception and touristry administration. This advertizement can be really dearly-won because telecasting advertizement can be said as the most expensive manner to publicize a merchandise. Television is one of the tools that is used by everyone all around the universe. Probably 80 % of the people who is populating in this universe have a telecasting in their ain places. Peoples choose to utilize telecasting as an external communicating is because advertisement through telecasting can be said one of the most effectual ways to pull clients. Customers can see clearly and understand the merchandise because telecasting provides better ocular and sound that newspaper ca n’t. In add-on, certain company might take to make their advertizement on extremum hours which would surely be more. This is one of the schemes used by the organisation if they were to acquire the full attending of the clients that they want. During the peak hours, clients are free and they can absorb what the advertizement is publicizing alternatively of merely a glimpse of expression. On the other manus, there is ever failing in everything. This method of advertisement besides has its ain failing. The monetary value is the first factor why non all company could afford to utilize this method. Some people might non gain much plenty to make the advertizement. Besides that, if the merchandise gross revenues failed, so the company might hold to be closed due to insufficient hard currency to do a turnover. And so, all people who which to publicize through this external communicating should believe decently before they make a move.

2.Email External Communications.

Electronic mail is besides one of the effectual external communications for the administration to publicize and make possible clients in a manner where engineering is greatly used. As we all know, engineering is acquiring better and better as twenty-four hours goes on. We have no longer need to trust on face to confront purchasing if we do n’t wish to travel out. Therefore, the touristry and cordial reception administration figured out a manner where they promote their merchandise through e-mail messages. This is one of the free of charge ways to advance their merchandise. Almost everyone who surfs the webs has an electronic mail. They can merely snap in to the electronic mail that they received to see and understand the merchandise. If they wish to purchase the point, they can easy buy it online. As engineering is beforehand today, there is besides bringing up to door stairss. This external communicating can be effectual if its merely be done at the right manner. The administration should take on the possible clients and do their advertizement interesting in order to pull them to purchase. Customers might experience that those messages are like spamming because excessively many companies use the same manner to advance their merchandise every bit good. In a indirect manner, clients will besides cancel those messages without even looking at the advertizement. And so, this is the failing of e-mail messages in advertisement. Other than that, certain clients still like to purchase points through shops and face to face. They are afraid of being cheat by the cozenages on the cyberspace. Therefore, administration have to believe decently before they chooses this method to publicize their merchandise. Although this external communicating is much cheaper, but this manner can non give clients as much assurance as the telecasting can give to the clients.

2.3 Radio external communications.

Radio is one of the external communicating which is widely use by administrations to publicize their merchandise. As we all know, wireless is similar to telecasting as wireless do n’t hold a ocular merely. It is used and listen by people all around the universe. Peoples do listen to radio during working hours, free clip, and driving times. This is a chance for the clients to cognize the merchandise though this external communications. Customers will even do a purchase after hearing the advertizement. The administration will likely go forth a hotline or figure for the clients to reach them at the terminal of the advertizement. In this method, there is ever pros and cons of every external communications. This manner can pull 1000s or 1000000s of client everywhere but some possible clients might non acquire to listen to the merchandise advertizement because they did non tune in to the right channel where it is advertise. Besides that, clients would distribute the merchandise ‘s information with their friends, household, relations and so on after they listen to the advertizement and they do experience that the merchandise is deserving to purchase. On the other manner in stating, there is besides no verification that people will be attracted to the merchandise because wireless merely provides audio merely. Peoples can non truly cognize what the point is all about. They ca n’t see how the merchandise is without ocular like the telecasting. There should be proper consideration that should be done before taking this method of external communicating.

2.4 Newspaper advertisement external Communication.

The finale method that is chose is the newspaper advertisement method. The newspaper is read by everyone including grownups or adolescents in all ages. Reading newspaper is one of the basic ways to cognize what is go oning all around the universe. Therefore, administration besides thought of an thought where they used newspaper and a tool to publicize their merchandise efficaciously. There is ever pros and cons of the external communications. The pros of the newspaper external communicating is that newspaper is read all around the universe. Company can fix attractive ocular for the merchandise that they wish to publicize. Many possible clients comes from reading newspaper. They can see the information or specification all straight from the newspaper. Peoples will besides hold more confident on an organisation that advertises their advertizements in the newspaper compared to constitutions or organisation that choose non to make so. Other than that, newspaper provides different information everyday for clients to see. This allows company to do betterment from twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. In add-on, seting up advertisement sing a specific merchandise, service or publicity in the advertizement can be seen by 1000000s of people around the universe who read the newspaper. Puting up advertizements with images and information that the organisation wishes to can guarantee that whoever is reading the newspaper will see the advertizement and besides understand the content of the advertizement. The cons of this external communicating is the monetary value. Puting up advertizement in long footings is really dearly-won because advertisement through newspaper is one of the expensive manner to publicize a merchandise. Besides that, adolescents presents do n’t truly pay attendings to the newspaper. They are more up to the computing machine and cyberspace. They felt that reading newspaper is an old tendency for them. Therefore, this is a waste for the administration to make the advertizement through newspaper. Therefore, proper consideration should be done in progress before taking this manner of external communicating.


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