The aim of this papers is to explicate. based on the certification that is found non merely in the back uping text for this course of study but. besides the Political Risk Insurance Center web-site ; The Ten Critical Steps for Risk Managers. The 10 critical stairss as compiled. explained and assessed from our certification expresses a usher for export professionals in buying political hazard insurance. The topic of this papers with the focal point on the 10 critical stairss. will be the state known as the Philippines. a Republic that was formed on July 4. 1946.

Choice of a Broker/Underwriter

The agent is amongst the first persons that will be contacted. Therefore. this first measure is amongst the most of import. Just like any sales representative. it is possible to come in contact with agents who can talk with an informed lingua in respects to political hazard ( Cook. 2004 ) . However. the challenge is happening the 1 who can execute in the limited insurance market. The Philippines since its origin and formation has ever been in-volved in some type of contention both political and militarily within its ain boundary lines. The agent who would be chosen should understand the historical significance and the volatile political clime that exists within this state.

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Service Requirements

Service demands composes an analysis of what services the exporter re-quires. The filing of applications. funding. political hazard intelligence compiled from the agent. loss control and claims managing. contract and expose reappraisal. and the communica-tion of coverage should be analyzed and examined exhaustively. This measure does non merely take topographic point in respects to the Philippines but. it besides takes topographic point in respects to the United States based export and import policies that are ever in drama. The designation of the service demands is needed on both shores to guarantee a smooth passage and transference of merchandises and goods.

Uniting hazards

Our agent should happen a continued engagement in the combine of political hazard exposures in an effort to unite them under a individual policy. The nonsubjective when com-bining hazards should be to maximise the ability to obtain favourable footings and conditions and cut downing the premiums that will be paid ( Cook. 2004 ) Since the aim and the end of any house is cost decrease. it would work to the firm’s benefit which in bend besides increases the communicating of coverage. Making concern in the Philippines will and can affect hazard that could necessarily ensue in the loss of net income and or ware.

Communication & A ; Political Risk Intelligence

Communication. 2nd to the agent in my sentiment is one of the most of import facets of the critical 10 stairss. It is recommended that seminars being held to educate and inform the employees in respects to the Filipino environment. The facilitating of formal communicating systems. which update hebdomadal position studies. would besides be another com-ponent that is sorely needed. Last. holding a point of contact who is familiar with operat-ing program in the event that logistical jobs arise should besides be in topographic point to pass on straight with the firm’s forces who would be counted on to supply information and support. Within the Filipino environment. the political environment itself can switch and alter instead rapidly. hence Political Hazard Intelligence is non merely necessary. but is re-quired.

The elected functionary who holds the office of president can merely by constitutional step be elected one time. This makes it really hard for any elective functionary to implement alteration rapidly that would impact the mean citizen. Therefore the ability to pass on that a political environment has shifted rapidly is important. The effort to subvert the authorities in the act of a putsch has been non merely demonstrated but it has been attempted within the boundary lines of the Philippines. It is besides to be expected every bit good is a demand that the agent ever supply up to day of the month information in respects to political hazard intelligence.

Contract reappraisal

Merely as communicating is damaging. the reviewing of a contract is every bit as of import. The contract reappraisal may affect legal advocate who has the accomplishment and necessary tool set to understand contracts term of gross revenues and payment. and all other certification that could expose the house and guarantee that the optimum coverage has been purchased. With-in the confines of political hazard. guaranting that the house has non been exposed in such a manner that could ensue in the loss of net income. the inability to export or import or the inability to ob-tain payment for merchandises imported or exported.

Ratess. footings. conditions

Export professionals who wish to make concern in the Philippines should be well-versed in respects to deductibles and coinsurance. if there is a waiting period. rescheduling. guarantees and exclusions. method of describing exposures. coverage for concern interrup-tion and protection of net incomes. currency fluctuations. currency for claims payments and cost premiums. Just like the contract reappraisal procedure. rates. footings and conditions should all be disclosed in progress. This provides a house with the ability to do a sound determination in the choosing of whether to prosecute an import exports chance within the Philippines. All of these factors straight impact the profitableness of the house as these are all factors that the house can non straight change at any given clip. ( Carment. 2002 ) “The Filipino economic system was non affected as severely by the Asiatic fiscal crisis as other Asiatic states ; nevertheless. attempts to resuscitate the economic system have taken a backseat to security issue since September 11. ” security concerns can ever impact rates. footings and conditions.

Export recognition

Political instability will automatically and necessarily impact the currency exchange rate. In add-on to since most political hazard coverage excludes export recognition. you would desire export recognition insurance to protect against nonpayment. From the point of view of the Philippines. confronting the United States. the Philippines itself has ever had a reasonably nice relationship with the United States. which has had a military presence in the part for rather some clip. even though there is an turning resistance for the presence of the US Military ( Greenspan. 2010 ) .

Loss Control & A ; Claim Procedures

Loss control and claim processs run hand-in-hand. since before loss. a policy should already be in topographic point that address the necessary forces and the handling of claims. In add-on to and loss control once it seek contractually favourable intervention from the na-tion that you are exporting merchandises to. In respects to the Philippines. since there is already a favourable relationship between the two authoritiess. this is non traveling to be every bit much of a job. However. a house ever runs the hazard of losing cargo in add-on to losing the co-operation of the host authorities or state in respects to retrieving a loss and registering claims with the necessary parties. It is recommended that the forces of the host state develop a relationship with the local funding establishments and local functionaries to maintain the house in good standing to assist guarantee a much more favourable result in the event of a loss where a claim would necessitate to be filed.


Each of the stairss I find are necessary when trying to develop or heighten an export/import concern and/or relationship with the Philippines. From engaging the right agent. identifying service demands. easing communicating. the reviewing of con-tracts and the combine of insurance policies ; all of the stairss that have been issued are still necessary even when taking into history that we are making with a presently US friend-ly state. Due to the local infighting between a turning Christian population and a native Muslim population I strongly recommend that political hazard insurance be acquired before trying an import/export concern in the Philippines.

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