The Old English epic sonnet Beowulf utilizes
a distinctively Germanic style of verse in which the quantity of solid beats
per line is what matters. Rather than tallying syllables, solid beats alone
were tallied. There were precisely four such solid beats for each line every
time, and there was consistently a caesura between every two pairs. These solid
beats may have made it simpler for the pre-educated poets to recite the
extremely long poem, of 3000 words, and for one to go along these unwritten
minstrel lines to later ages. Other Germanic poems from the oral convention
likewise took after this plan. Be that as it may, today this type of literature
and poem composition is not to be found in English any more. Rather, as our
dialect developed rapidly in vocabulary through the amalgamation of Romance
terms, numerous of which with styles that completely differ to Old English, we
additionally started to embrace a more Romantic style of creating literature
work. This raises the query of how Old English poetry would be written in
the modern day, specifically if Beowulf had been written as a tale of a modern 21st
century superhero, how and why might it differ?


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