The United Nations is an
intergovernmental geopolitical association tasked to encourage and promote the
idea of international collaboration on world complications and problems. With
its five principle parts, the UN deals with everything from big intercontinental
wars to small squabbles over a tiny chunk of land.


            The United Nations was originally an anti-terrorist group
(more like anti-world-war group) founded by collectives of the Republic of
China (Taiwan), the Provisional Government of the French Republic, the Union of
the Soviet Socialist Republics (Russia), the United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland, and The United States of America. This meeting took place
in San Francisco, United States on the 26th of June, 1945. There and
then was when the United Nations charter was written and signed by all of the
51 original members (though Poland had to sign it 2 months later). This
document contained everything to do with the UN.



The United Nations charter
was the most important thing keeping the world from falling apart after WW2,
but there was a society that was made even before WW2. The League of Nations
was the predecessor to the UN, and was established as a result of the Paris
Peace Conference (the organization was enforced; therefore it failed before it
even started).

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            The UN has the whole world to look after, so to help with
such an enormous job the association also needs a lot of offices. The Main
headquarters are in Manhattan, New York. The second offices are held in Vienna,
Austria. The money and finance centre is in Geneva. The “World Centre” is in
Nairobi, Kenya (this one was put in Africa because the countries were
protesting against the “western world” having the power).


            The United Nations has five key organs, the first of
which is the General Assembly. The general assembly is the most well-known part
of the UN, and is one where all of the 193 member states and the two observer
states have to participate. The UNGA is also sometime called the “main
deliberative assembly”, and is held in the UN headquarters in New York,


            The second most well know part of the UN is the Security
Council, here the countries on the council encourages peace and keeps war at
bay. There are (and always have been) five permanent members of the Security
Council. The permanent members are China, Russia, USA, UK, and France (seem
familiar?). The other seats are picked from groups of countries. Look at the
table below for reference

Country Group Name

Permanent Member Number

Number of Seats (All)

African Group



Asian-Pacific Group



Eastern European Group



Group of Latin American and Caribbean States



European and Others Group (WEOG)




            The Third group on the UN is called
the Economic and Social Council (ECOSCO). This group is in charge of different
countries and their economies. The current president of this council is Marie
Chatardova. The council consists of 54 members, where each half has a two   two-year-term that means that whatever the
first group was planning can be passed to the next group of countries through
the second half of the first group.  The
ECOSCO is mostly deprived of African countries followed up by western European
and others.


            The next Organ of the UN is the
International Court of Justice (ICJ). This part of the UN is more like a court
for high-end war criminals. The ICJ has a panel of 15 judges selected by the UN
for nine year contracts; the current President of this group is Ronny Abraham.
The ICJ hearings are all held in The Hague, Netherlands.


            The Last (but not least) is the Secretariat
of the UN. This is the part of the UN that takes care of the money, meetings,
and so much more. The entire part of the UN is commanded by the Secretary
General (who currently is Portuguese Antonio Guterres). The second in hand is
the Deputy Secretary General (who is currently Amina J. Mohammed). The current
UN secretariats have around eight different departments to take care of. They
also used to have another part of the UN to look after, but this part


            There was once a part in the United
Nations that was called the Trusteeship council. This part of the UN was tasked
to take colonized lands and give them a government and a border on the map. At
its peak, the trusteeship council had French Alexis Lamek as president.
Unfortunately, this part of the UN was considered useless, and as of 1994 the
Trusteeship council was disbanded.


            In conclusion, the United Nations is
a very important part of the world; if it weren’t for them, the world would be
different. There would be no place where the governors of different countries
get to vote on thing. There would be no security council, therefore no
security. There would be no thriving economies or high stock markets. In short
the world would be a terrible place if it weren’t for the UN.


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