How does Hussein explore the theme of friendship In The Kite Runner? ; It is one of the predominant themes in the novel, especially in the sections recounting Emir’s childhood. ; Significance of friendship to childhood The obstacles made all the more poignant as neither of them fully comprehend them (novel deals with coming of age, coming understand social stigmas and in the light of friendship Is perfect to convey this) ; Friendship and what it means to be a good friend are major components of the novel.

The fact that the adult Emir emotions the child Emir in this way alludes to the maturity he has gained from their friendship o ‘He knew I had betrayed him’ o ‘l was the snake in the grass, the monster in the lake’ ; For every good deed Hosannas does, Emir repays him with an equally dishonorable one. To Hosannas he shows his love for Emir ‘a thousand times over’, but perhaps for Emir each time Is another lesson he must learn. In this way, the novel uses the concept of friendship to teach. ‘For you a thousand times over! ‘ The theme of friendship Is often used as a vessel to portray Afghan culture: In the evolve it stems between different classes, castes and generations. O Ihram Khan is arguably more off friend than Baby ever becomes ; ‘l would very much like to read It (short story) Your friend, Ihram Khan’ o Hosannas and Emir -the pairs Juxtaposing attitudes highlight this relationship in particular ; ‘But he’s not my friend! ; ‘Emir gaga and I are friends’ ; It’s vital to talk about Hosannas and Emir when talking about friendship o Consider to what extent their relationship can be called a friendship – Hessian’s loyalty and deep respect could be seen as an attitude borne of servitude ; gaga’ – term of respect used for those above you ‘loyal as a dog’ (Safes to Hosannas) “You won, Emir gaga, you word” “We won!

We won”; Only when Emir is secure in his knowledge that Baby appreciates him equally to Hosannas can he love him o Often in the novel relationships are put into religious context ; Emir’s first word was Baby, Hessian’s Emir. To take this comparison, it is clear that Hosannas dollies Baby, we can transmit this to Hosannas and Emir from the various other parallels. ; worshipped Baby with an Intensity approaching the religious’ ; ;final sacrifice’ Faith – an unquestioning devotion.

Hosannas is unquestioning with his love, Emir is questioning ; What does this disparity mean, how might it have affected the outcome of their friendship. ; The two are rarely equal In their estimation of the other: only at the end does Emir see Hosannas the way the other always has ; . ‘l wasn’t worthy of this sacrifice’ ‘ I would have told, except that a part of me was glad’ ; ‘l loved him more than I’d ever loved anyone’ ; ‘Had I Just said that? I hadn’t’ mars the quality of friendship

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