The subject of adversity is presented in the novel Of Mice and Men _by John Steinbeck. _ Hardship is a subject most people can associate to. as there are many types of adversities in people’s lives. For illustration. George and Lennie have problem maintaining a occupation. don’t ain anything. acquire into unwanted problem. and have personal adversities in the novel. The author uses the conventions of puting. struggle and word picture to acquire the subject across to the readers.

Puting is used to set up the clip. topographic point and temper in a narrative. The novel Of Mice and Men is set in the countryside of California. during the 1930’s. During this clip there was long-run unemployment which leads George and Lennie to go in hunt of more work. as it was hard for the two to maintain a steady occupation. Most work forces travel entirely but George stays with Lennie even though it means work would be harder to maintain. “You can’t maintain a occupation and you lose me ever’ occupation I get. ” George says this to Lennie at the beginning of the novel. Adult readers can associate to George because they know how hard it is to happen a occupation and is forced to sympathise with George and Lennie.

Traveling topographic point to topographic point has effects that George and Lennie face. They are unable to name anything their ain except what they can transport on their dorsums. They don’t have the money. stableness or privilege that many people do. When the reader is foremost introduced to George and Lennie’s dream. George says “Guys like us. that work on spreads. are the loneliest cats in the universe. They got no household. They don’t belong no topographic point. ” Readers of all ages are compelled to sympathize with the characters and their adversities. Traveling together for work brings unwanted struggle between George and Lennie. and others.

There are many struggles George and Lennie face together in the novel such as Lennie against Curley. Lennie against Curley’s married woman and Lennie against George. All of the struggles evolve Lennie but impacts both Lennie and George. Even though these two characters don’t want any problem. problem finds them. When George and Lennie were foremost introduced to Curley tenseness rose. Curley forces Lennie to talk when George instructed him earlier to go forth the speaking to him. Lennie acted nervously when he and Curley foremost met which Curley ignored and continued to intimidate Lennie. Curley merely attacks Lennie because of a personal score against bigger work forces.

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Curley starts a physical battle between him and Lennie which resulted in Lennie interrupting Curley’s manus. After that Lennie says to George “I didn’t want to ache him. ” Lennie was merely frightened and doesn’t recognize his ain strength. The reader becomes a small frightened or concerned for Lennie particularly when Lennie by chance killed Curley’s married woman. Lennie was so scared about George being huffy at him that he took his defeat on Curley’s married woman. He kept stating “Don’t you go yellin’” and “I don’t want you to yell” . In this minute the reader is frightened from Lennie is besides upset because if it hadn’t been for George endangering Lennie. he would acquire so disquieted or paranoid about what he does. Just because of whom Lennie is George Acts of the Apostless so harshly towards him.


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