Motivation of employees is non a new phenomenon, nevertheless really small attending paid to him.A The major and most successful companies are svjestne importance of human factors in their organisation, but, unluckily, is much more smaller and non so successful that net income merely the vision, mission and exclusive objective.A Many people are non believing and non believing approximately ways to enable them to gain, and maltreatment of the adult male and his cognition and accomplishments has ne’er been respected, nor will it.A Loss of employee trueness is the consequence of failure to follow with the individualism of employees, their desires and demands.

How of import is the motive of employees, peculiarly in the hotel industry, will be explained in the undermentioned presentation.

For the poptpunije intervention given subject, will be given an equal theoretical footing in the first portion, where he will speak approximately motive as a construct, the procedure of motive, original and modern-day theories of motive, normally applied motivatorima, link between employee motive and human resource direction, and relatedA between the employees ‘ motive and leading.

The 2nd portion will be statements about the particulars of the hotel merchandise and the motive of employees as a factor of success in the hotel industry.

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The 3rd portion will react specifically to the given subject and demo how a successful company, Hit Montegro, motivate employees in your hotel, Maestral, which gives an advantage, as the construct develops and determines the concern and what this hotel stands out from all others, non onlyA in Montenegro, but besides beyond.

Part I – theoretical foundation

1.A MOTIVATION – definition, division, the procedure of motive

Motivation is a complex country of human behavior.A The term motive comes from the Latin word moves, which means movere ; move.

Under the motive we podrazumijevati amounts of factors that influence people to act in a certain manner, and particularly to put a certain attempts to accomplish or carry through something.

The economic system of concern motive is hidden inside the drive force behind overall economic form that connects and arranges the mark all economic attempts and incorporate them into one whole.A In the procedure, motive is manifested as the chief drive force of creative activity.

Work motive is a system of methods, processs and actions which encourages, directs, and reinforces the behaviour of certain employees, in order to recognize a larger and more favourable consequences.

Basic premises about the motive:

aˆ? Motivation is a positive – people feel good merely if they are motivated.

aˆ? Motivation is one of the factors that influence the behaviour of individuals.A Other factors: capacity, resources, working conditions…

aˆ? Motivation is ever less than sufficient and should be sporadically renewed.A Time can be lost.

aˆ? Motivation is the agencies by which directors can associate to offices in the organisation.

Motivation can be: subjective and nonsubjective.

aˆ? Capable motive is defined in two signifiers: moral motive of workers ( scruples, duty, pride, aspiration, cognition, etc. ) . Materjalna and motive ( involvement in the occupation, salary, stimulation, etc. ) ..

aˆ? Objective motive occurs at the degree of the house, on its repute, strengthen, and similar recognition.A ie.A If you contribute to the decrease of the higher information of the system ( house ) .

Talking of motive, we can non to talk about human needs.A The demand is expressed through a deficiency of something and is associated with goals.A Therefore, the demand is internal, external and nonsubjective facets of motive

The procedure of motive – the procedure of run intoing the single demands of employees, consists of several phases:

aˆ? Employees identify their demands – which is what it lacks and what he wants to accomplish?

aˆ? Looking for ways to run into the demands – lack creates a sort of anxiousness, and he seeks a manner to extinguish

aˆ? strives to accomplish the ends which reduces the demand

aˆ? act suitably

aˆ? To acquire the wages or penalty

aˆ? Re-evaluates its demands

Satisfaction is frequently in the literature and in empirical research identifies with the construct of motivation.A These two footings are surely related in big step are reciprocally conditional, but doubtless is to be different.

Under the satisfaction of employees involves the subjective rating of the grade of satisfaction that derives from the personal appraisal of their satisfaction with assorted facets of belonging to the organization.A And so happy employees pijre chiefly related to the perceptual experience of employees and the extent to which they met their motivations and above all the motivations that are perceived as of import for their involvement.A Best illustrates the differences following chart:


( motive, consequence, satisfaction )

Chart 1stA The difference between motive and satisfaction

Beginning: Developed writer

If you are motivated plenty for the occupation you do, it will surely impact your concluding performance.A After a occupation good done following the feeling of satisfaction.


A big figure of theories of motive which, in fact, complementary to one another.A The following tabular array provides a list of major theories.A

Table 1A Theories of motivationA

Name Type theory theories theorist and /A

Theories instrumentalnosti Tejlorizam Teylor ( 1911 ) A

Theories content theory hijararhije demands Maslow ( 1954 ) A

ERG Theory Alderfer ( 1972 ) A

Managerial theories need McClelland ( 1973 ) A

Two-factor theoretical account of Herzberg ( 1957 ) A

Theory X and Y McGregor ( 1960 ) A

Theories of end puting procedure theory Latham and Locke ( 1979 ) A

The theory of equality Adams ( 1965 ) A

Theory outlooks Vroom, Porter and Lawer ( 1964, 1968 ) A

Learning theory Bandura ( 1977 ) A

Beginning: Michael Armstrong, Armstrong ‘s enchiridion of human resource direction, 11th ed. , Kogan Page, London, 2009, p.319A

As you notice, there are three sorts of theories of motive in which: A

aˆ? Theories instrumentalnosti belong to the original theory of motivationA

aˆ? Theories of content are besides in the original theory of motivationA

aˆ? Theories are in the procedure of modern theories of motivationA

Theories instrumentalnosti bazraju the attitude that people are motivated to work through wages and punishment.A One of the major theories instrumentalnosti is called.A Tejlorizam, which is named after its laminitis, Taylor, who wrote: A

“ It is impossible for any drawn-out period of clip, to promote their employees to work more than others, the ordinary that surround them, if you are non certain to look into a big and lasting pay additions. “ A

This theory is still widespread and can be successful under certain circumstances.A However, its usage is ignored other human demands and upset the dealingss among the employees.A

Theories of content based on the attitude that people do to run into their needs.A As an of import aside the followers: A

Hierarchy of demands theory ( Maslow ) – in every human being there are five primary demands that meet the hierarchal order: A

aˆ? physiological – nutrient, H2O, shelter and all.A bodily needsA

aˆ? security – physical and emotional safety and protectionA

aˆ? Social – belonging, love, friendly relationship, credence by othersA

aˆ? regard – self-pride, position in society, acknowledgment of environmentalA

aˆ? samoaktuelizacija – development and advancement, possible development of personal fulfilment and interior satisfaction with them.A

The first two groups are the demands of lower-order and run into the external mechanisms ( salary ) , and the other three were of a higher order and fulfill the internal mechanisms ( attitudes, values, outlooks ) .A The function has motivatora Unmet demands, which, when it takes satisfy the needs.A This theory has non been verified legion empirical surveies and criticized because of excessively much generalization.A Namely, different people have different precedences and it is hard to accept Maslovljevu hijararhiju needs.A

ERG Theory ( Alderfer ) predicts three types of basic demands: A

aˆ? experiential demands – the basic stuff necessary Poreba every adult male for life.A

aˆ? the demand connexion – the desire of people for the realisation of interpersonal relationsA

aˆ? development needs – the desire for personal development, preparation and advancingA

Alderfer abolished the hierarchy of demands and claims that it can at the same time fulfill multiple needs.A When it comes to frustration due to inability to run into the demands on one degree, increases the desire to fulfill the demands of another and, frequently, lower level.A

McClelandova theory of demands, the demands of managerial theory – focal points on three types of demands: A

aˆ? need for achievement – nisus for success and greater accomplishments in relation to bing standards.A

aˆ? the demand for power – the desire for influence and control over others.A

aˆ? the demand for unifying – the desire to be loved and accepted by others.A

This theory assumes that successful directors who have a high demand for power and personal success without the desire for merging.A

Two-factor theoretical account – Motivation-hygiene theory ( Herzberg ) – based on the premise that the single attitude of employees towards work determines success or failure of work.A

Factors that influence occupation satisfaction and dissatisfaction are the undermentioned: A

aˆ? Motivatori – related to the work itself ( occupation, acknowledgment, publicity ) and run into the demands of the person to turn out their own.A These are the factors that cause deficiency of satisfaction to those that cause pleasure.A

aˆ? Kontestualni factors – factors of working environment, environment, hygiene factors, which act as bar to forestall dissatisfaction.A This is a set of factors than those that cause defeat to those who do non do dissatisfaction.A

On the positive motive may impact merely the first group, while another can merely cut down dissatisfaction, but non increase satisfaction.A

The antonym of satisfaction is non dissatisfaction, but the deficiency of satisfaction, and frailty versa.So, merely motivatorni factors contribute to occupation satisfaction, and merely factors contest discontent.A

Theory X and Y ( McGregor ) – starts from two different premises about human nature: the negative X-and Y-positive.A

Theory X – assumes that the behaviour of employees Guided demands of lower order.A

aˆ? Employees do non wish to work and izbjegavaA‡e work whenever possibleA

aˆ? must be force to work under the menace of punishmentA

aˆ? avoid duty and seek precise directives from their bossesA

aˆ? They have small aspiration and their safety comes firstA

Theory Y – assumes that the behaviour of employees Guided needs a higher order: A

aˆ? Employees understand the concern as a natural demand for such leaveA

aˆ? Dedicated to the undertakings and trainingA

aˆ? They are ready to accept responsibilityA

aˆ? are able to do determinations and they need povjeravati responsible and ambitious jobs.A

Theories of the procedure ( the modern theory ) focal point on the psychological procedures that affect motivation.A Process theories are surely more utile to directors of the theories of motive because it gives concrete instructions for the application of motivational methods.A

The theory of end scene ( Latham and Locke ) – motivate employees three mechanisms: A

aˆ? Specific and clearly set end – hard but accomplishable come-at-able, because it is in human nature and the demand to turn out self.A

aˆ? Feedback on accomplishing set marks – people want to be informed of how good that worked and the consequences achieved.A

aˆ? Participation of employees in puting ends – increases their motive, efficiency and confidence.A

Equity theory ( Adams ) – one in the organisation expects that attempts to win the same award every bit good as his co-workers who performed the same job.A

When employees believe that they made incorrect comes to the creative activity of tenseness ( non so much attempt into the entryway of their work as earlier, see that pass excessively much clip, give notice ) .A


A Expectations theory ( Vroom, Porter and Lawer ) – developed a situational theoretical account of motive that explains why one and the same individual makes assorted attempts in different situations.A Vroom argued that there are two factors that determine the attempt that employees invest in their work, the first – the value of single awards that would enable them to run into their demands related to security, liberty, samoaktuelizaciju, and another – the likeliness that the sum of awards depend, in fact, A of single effort.A

Porter and Lawer complement this theory and created a new theoretical account where the motive will, in add-on to the attempt, the concluding public presentation of the employees affected and: cognition and accomplishments and the expected function ( what employees want to work and what is expected of them to work ) .A


Chart 1stA Motivation Model – Porter and LowerA

Beginning: Michael Armstrong, Armstrong ‘s enchiridion of human resource direction, 11th erectile dysfunction, Kogan Page, London, 2009, p.326A

Learning theory ( Bandura ) – accent is on larning to accommodate behavior.A Behavior which withdraws the award will be insistent, and it pulls you avoid penalty.A The effects of past behaviour influence the hereafter actions of employees.A Model behaviour of employees is reflected in the followers: a stimulus – response – a consequence – hereafter reactions.A

A A A A A A A A A A A A A Directors can act upon employees to alter behaviour: support, turning away, deficiency of support, or punishing, with regard to some regulations: A

aˆ? Do non honor all every bit, but the performanceA

aˆ? Clearly Tell people what to make to be rewardedA

aˆ? Be certain to state what sinsA

aˆ? Do non penalize the othersA

aˆ? Be fair.A

3.A Employees ‘ motive and human resource managementA

Link between employee motive and human resource direction best illustrated in the undermentioned diagram.A

Chart 3rdA The influence of single effectivity in human resource managementA

Beginning: Robert Mathis and John Jacson, Human Resource Management, 11th erectile dysfunction, Thomson South-Western, USA, 2008, p.81A

From the person, negovih cognition and accomplishments, motive and support they receive from the company you work for, and the nature of the concern depends on the occupation satisfaction, employee trueness to the company, productiveness, quality and service.A

The above variables are used for mensurating the effectivity of human resource management.A

Namely, if the employee is non motivated plenty, it will foremost be reflected in his public presentation, so all other variables, so hence the effectivity of human resource direction be in the lower degree, and frailty versa.A


Motivatori are things that come to pojedninca activities or methods which can accommodate the conflicting needs or to stress a demand in the manner that it is assigned precedence over other demands.

They are the sort of instruments that would beef up the desire for some accomplishment, and beyond that to accomplish satisfaction, and the agencies through which to act upon the behaviour of people.A Motivatori most normally used are: A

aˆ? MoneyA

aˆ? Security of employmentA

aˆ? allotment of interesting tasksA

aˆ? The public ascription of meritA

aˆ? The possibility of trainingA

aˆ? The possibility of progressA

aˆ? Participation in decision-makingA

aˆ? The quality of working environmentA

aˆ? self etc..A

5.A Employees ‘ motive and leadershipA

Using different motivatora to successful motive of employees in the first row is determined motivacijiskim abilities or samomotivacijom manager.A Namely, the construct of motive is closely linked to the impression of leaders, squad leaders, organisations, companies.A A leader in 21.v.A chiefly motivator.A Howard Gardner, professor at Harvard in his work, “ Leading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership ” defines leaders: A

“ The leader is seldom more persons, or persons who significantly influence the ideas, feelings and / or behaviour of a big figure of persons. “ A

On the other manus, the great leaders of today were non in their places that they did non hold strong adequate motive to invariably better and successfully construct your career.A

One of the greatest leaders of all clip, Napoleon Bonaparte was said: A

“ Leadership is the art of actuating a group of people to move towards accomplishing a common end ” A

Leadership = MOTIVATIONA

LEADER = motivatorA

Part II – employees ‘ motive as a factor of success in a hotel INDUSTRYA

“ Advance one that gives a little more and a small better. “ A

Ellsworth Statler ( 1863 – 1928 ) A

One of the laminitiss of hotel industry, Ellsworth Statler, the success achieved by the debut of criterions in their hotels, which could supply better quality services at a sensible price.A He was a great pioneer and racionalizator.A The first is to recognize the importance of hotel staff: their expressions ( introduced uniforms ) , behaviour ( introduced a Code of Conduct ) and cognition ( he founded the Foundation for Education of providing professionals and scientists, and fiscal aid today in the universe celebrated university instruction hotel disposal and hotel managementA ” Cornell Hotel School, Itaca, New York ) .A Stimulate the workers, leting the purchase of portions of any hotel in a certain sum, with the allowance of the salary.A

In add-on to the above sentence, which with strong grounds, the writer opens his presentation, he frequently spoke to employees: “ The invitee is ever right! A He pays you and me! “ A

It is clear that the hotel industry has developed exactly for grounds to fulfill the demands and desires of the invitee and can non in any instance to disregard its importance.A However the inquiry of whether the invitee is still a cardinal nexus in the hotel in 21.vijeku? A

Let us get down from the well-known selling constructs: A

Needs, demands, desires and satisfaction of invitees in the first topographic point! A

Prove that the set theory valid.A

Hotel is chiefly compeling activity and as such has its ain particulars that arise from the specific features of services in relation to the products.A And they are: A

aˆ? intangibleness, A

aˆ? indivisibility – an built-in portion of its consumer services, ie.A consumer – a invitee of the hotel.A

aˆ? Kvarljivost – services can non be stored, empty hotel installations can non be compensated by good or first-class popunjenoA?A‡u in the undermentioned clip period.A

aˆ? Variability – conditioned by the fact that the subjective factor or a factor crucial for the quality of the adult male of realization.A The service is Neponovljiva, such as the function of histrion in theatre boards, it can be on the high degree of quality that satisfies clients, but ne’er all the elements in the procedure of bringing and ingestion can no longer repeat.A Simultaneity ingestion and proviso of services through the interaction of both sides creates a alone “ atmosphere. “ A

Psycho-physical features of the service suppliers can significantly do satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the consumer, irrespective of proficient, organisational and technological quality of the service segments.A Because of this, the focal point quality is transferred to vrA?itelje services, providing and hotel direction staff.A It is of import to find the quality of criterions ( regulations which determine the elements of quality staff in the hotel: the cognition, accomplishments, experience, visual aspect, behaviour… ) .A But non plenty to run into the criterions to accomplish competitory advantage in a really disruptive market, what is a tourist.A Guest looking for something more! A Guest hunt experience! A And this is one of the taking tendencies that says UNWTO – Change from Service to expirience! A Interior, exterior, luxury, luxury, unreal smiling… A are no longer of important importance.A The chief trump card of successful hotel in 21.v.A man.A

Employees are in the hotel, you love your occupation and you are satisfied with the public presentation that you supply? A Masters the necessary accomplishments and knowledge? A As invitees, we will see, experience, that to bask and of class, be back once more, but this clip with “ hrpom ” friends! A

We conclude: A

The invitee is satisfied if the suppliers of content services.A

These reject the thesis that the place demands, demands, desires and satisfaction Evaluation in the first topographic point! A Already execute a new decision: A

Needs, demands, desires and satisfaction of employees are in the first place.A

And from the above consequences: A

Satisfied employees = employees motivated? A

And merely the motive of employees is a cardinal factor for success in all domains of societal life and work, particularly in idnustriji hotel where guest satisfaction mostly depends on the satisfaction of employees in the hotel.A Sometimes it is possible and the large proficient defects nadomjestiti beautiful gestures of employees, but the latest and most expensive engineering, luxury and magnificence can non nadomjestiti unkindness and “ coldness ” of the staff will ( non ) was available during your stay.A

A hotel company to actuate its employees, we will see the undermentioned example.A

Part III – practical EXAMPLEA


Is the set theoretical foundation found application in the local hotel industry? A

The reply we seek in the hotel Mistral and besides reveal why old ages ago Hit Montenegro, which owns the hotel, the taking company in the tourer market in Montenegro and beyond.A

Hotel Mistral ( hereinafter merely the mistral or a hotel ) do non hold much to present.A Just the name tells us a lot.A

Mistral is the boy of a really good, really good, the luxury, prestige.A Consequently, you will ever be able, during your stay at the hotel, run into many people who have reached their professions so.A Top of the pyramid.A

Question: Why? A

aˆ? Why, when merely the hotel edifice, its exterior, interior and non “ drawn ” luxury? A

aˆ? Why, when the adjustment units ( suites ) in general are non so big that invitees can bask? A

aˆ? Why, when the suites still no plasma TVs? A

aˆ? Why, when all the suites still have Internet entree? A

aˆ? Why, when a cup of java “ exude ” more humbleness than the polish? A

But the most of import issue merely follows: A

Why, despite the above, all hotel invitees coming back once more, even for the same sum of money can acquire a broad room, more beautiful towels… ? A

Answer: A

Because they are satisfied with experience and “ intervention ” given to them in the hotel! A

Because unlike other hotels, the hotel Mistral has a “ psyche. “ A

“ Soul ” Maestral do its employees, whereby it is of import to stress – all employees of higijeniA?arke to Executive Director.A

We arrive to a new thesis: A

Guests of the hotel Mistral are satisfied.A

Tax return to the thesis of the old subdivision: A

The invitee is satisfied if the suppliers of content services.A

Satisfied employee = motivated employee! A

With certainty we can reason: A

Staff at the hotel Mistral motivated.A

The aforesaid decision shall be taken as a starting point the thesis that the following exposure to be adequately argued.A


As grounds that the employees, their motive, but considerations when making a scheme, specifying the vision, mission and strategic ends, the following presentation will be separated lone fragments of importance for this work.A

Business thought of the company as follows: A

“ With cognition, marketiA?kim thought and professional attack we offer a high degree of service and do good concern consequences in the hotel composite, which allows our invitees adjustment, die, amusement, diversion, enogastronomske pleasances and good conditions for concern activities. “ A

Aims and programs of the hotel were based, and today is based, among others the undermentioned scene: A

aˆ? attraction, invention, expertness, kindness, and make nadstandarnom offer the advantage in front of the competition and accomplish the return of guestsA

One of the really high ends and demands that the company has set earlier him as follows: A

aˆ? the company offers full-time staff employment, equal rewards, the possibility of development, instruction, preparation and careerA

High criterion and the company has set a vision and high outlooks of the direction company and some of them are: A

aˆ? Hotel Mistral house will be satisfied, originative, motivated and professionally competent staff, which will continually increase grosss, value add-ons and visit hotels.A

aˆ? Hotel Mistral will stand for one of the pearls of the tourer offer of Montenegro and as such would stand for an illustration of successful investings in touristry to the satisfaction of proprietors, employees, narrower and wider community.A

In conformity with the above specified, the company is set by among others the following strategic aims: A

aˆ? lasting investing in staff development ( cognition, motive, association ) A


Nowadays the fight of the organisation, its repute, and therefore its concern success are inseparable from ethics.A It can be said that moralss is the foundation of successful companies and direction that relies on trust.A Companies in which the regulation of justness and equity are frequently companies that respect ethical principles.A A manner that employees see a important impact on the equity of the organization.A Sense of equity is associated with greater committedness to employees, the higher grade of satisfaction, which is based on the organisation, concern, leaders, and behavior that reflects a sense of belonging to the company.

This company is precisely Hit Montenegro.A Mistral its repute gained chiefly furthering the right values and good application of the Code of Ethics.A

It may sound contradictory, if we note that the largest portion of the net incomes from the casino collected mistral.A But I do non necessitate much pojaA?njavati.A Ask one why casino participants will shortly make up one’s mind to put their money in Maestralov casino, and non in another, possibly better equipped.A

The reply lies in concern moralss, codifications of moralss and employees who implement.A

Working in such an environment, where you know you will non misdirect anyone, where all will be “ every bit clear as twenty-four hours, ” is truly a large driver of your energy, you certainly will non save to pass in the occupation at hand.A


Professionalism in the hotel Mistral is reflected, inter alia, in rigorous conformity with the jurisprudence on paper.A It can go on that you start work, and that you are non antecedently signed a contract with the employer.A

FasciniraA‡e you the following narrative from pattern: Seasonal worker came to the full prepared, merely in clip to his place for the first time.A That twenty-four hours was supposed to subscribe the contract.A Through the half-hour attorney appeared with the words: “ Excuse me delight, now I saw that the manager did non subscribe a contract, and is absent.A Can you come tomorrow he comes today and the contract will be ready in the forenoon? A Sorry once more, but I think it ‘s incorrect to make, and do non hold a signed contract, you agree? A Of class. “ A

The said employee is satisfied on the first twenty-four hours that truly work for professionals, as his nagovjeA?tavali earlier.A


aˆ? Iplata monthly benefits to all employees every fifteenth of the month.A Deviations were non, and there ‘s non likely that delayed payments to employees or non that month, expressed with one decimal figure, is 0.1 % .A

aˆ? UraA?unaA‡e you and overtime work, dark work, work during the vacations, work on Sundays.You and paid travel disbursals and repasts at the hotel.A

aˆ? If you are a seasonal worker, you will be provided adjustment in nearby hotels.A

aˆ? Paid you life and wellness insurance.A

aˆ? Business book you filled and safe.A

aˆ? You have two free yearss a hebdomad and the right to one-year leave and the right to paid ill leave.A

aˆ? All your rights foreseen by the jurisprudence on work, safety and employment contract have been met at every opportunity.A

SloA?iA‡ete is that rare company in Montenegro, particularly in the hotel, which apply this system work, which, logically, employees to the full responsible.A And this is one more ground to remain in Maestral and non iznevjere trust.A

10.A Fee and gratuityA

Consequences of the study, which was conducted a few old ages ago one of the employees in the hotel Mistral, showed that about 70 % zaposelnih declared that their chief motivation for work is non salary.A

However, should podcijenjivati importance of pecuniary compensation.A Bearing in head that the hotel has a high tenancy rate throughout the twelvemonth, and that chiefly comes to the casino hotel, the hotel employees are good paid, which gives a good footing for the investing of extra attempt and better results.A

Wagess are non merely pecuniary income of employees in the hotel.A From two to three times a twelvemonth wholly employees have a rise, as a signifier of extra stimulus.A

If your occupation requires direct contact with invitees, it is rather certain that you will go forth a tip, which can sometimes be higher than your monthly salary.A It is understood that you will non acquire a tip if you have left a negative feeling on the invitees, whether your neljubaznoA?A‡u or non-professionalism.A But, as you care to keep good dealingss with co-workers, you portion tips.This is one of nepisanih regulations and really proved successful in practice.A At the terminal of the twenty-four hours you and your associates happy.A


Public represents an of import portion of about every employee compensation and they are determined as indirect pecuniary or non-pecuniary compensation that employees receive because they continue to work for the company.A The fiscal compensation was the word in the old chapter, and that all the Mistral provides more benefits to their employees we will see from the following exposure.A

The last two old ages for the new twelvemonth, all employees had the chance to make a certain period of usage by one Thai massage.A All employees have certain price reductions at spouse hotels, Montenegro Airlines.A Fee in the brotherhood, two times a twelvemonth to have “ bundles ” with food.A Union besides provides benefits in some hotels during the winter / summer months.A


Peter Drucker says, “ They are non workers, they are people. ” A director should be dainties people with self-respect is respect.A

Already during the debut to your higher-ups conclude that the word of professionals who know their occupation good and who is ready to assist and to teach.A Through a friendly conversation, in his office, in the conference room or an aperitif in the saloon, we introduce the vision, mission and ends of the company, will present you to your undertakings, odgovornstima, rights, regulations of behavior uruA?iA‡e you a list of undertakings that you are required to meet.A It will give you a twosome of utile Council to get down, run into with your hereafter colleagues.A

Tomorrow you will subscribe a contract, acquire a uniform, “ benne ” , badge, keys of the closet cupboard.

Your director will bear down any of the employees in the twenty-four hours, when traffic is the smallest of invitees, with you show you visit the hotel.A

NaglasiA‡e you if you have any troubles in the workplace, to reach him and to all of you can work out “ clubbing together ” .A Your director you on the first twenty-four hours at work acknowledges, respects and viewed as a confederate, as person who will heighten their public presentation quality concern hotel.A And you become clear that you are non “ automatons ” who listens and everyday undertakings assigned to him by the director, but persons whose sentiments at any clip to be heard and distinguished.A Encourage you, praise, kadkad iskritikovati, but without the high voice.A You will function as a theoretical account for how to act and set in certain situations.A You will be able to show their thoughts, suggestions, proposals, and likely will be respected and implemented, the agencies, if you are in line with company concern policies.A Every twenty-four hours you will pass on and direct.A

This place takes the director ( caput ) Laundry with its employees, chef with his employees, the caput response with employees, the hostess of the hotel with his employees, his caput of security, with its casinos, health centre with her, F & A ; B Manager with the caput of the kitchen, leader of the hotel directors, executive manager of the Leader of the hotel, fiscal, legal services, etc..A The differences do non exist.A

Thankss to this attitude of directors towards employees, with you as novozaposlenog develops a sense of belonging to the company.A as you no uncertainty a twelvemonth and turns into your driving force, motivator.A It is one of the most of import ground why the fluctuation coefficient ( the ratio of zamijenjenih and the mean figure of employees ) at the Hotel Mistral is really low.A


No section of society in which communicating is non important.A Communication plays a cardinal function in making a favourable or unfavourable feeling of the persons and organizations.A

Communication can be defined as the transportation of information from transmitter to recipient with the status that the receiver understands the information.A Communication is the footing and stipulation of success of private concern and interpersonal relations.A Based on a system of feedback and feedback ( feedback ) .A Chance for bipartisan communicating form our experiences of how we are treated properly.A

However, does non talk merely of formal communication.A

You are surprised when the hotel are all on the first twenty-four hours and cheered when the during molt in the apparels you engage in optional confab with other employees.A Of class, sometimes you will non be up to chew the fat, but the feeling that you can, ie.A middlemans have ever when you want, you will look satisfied.A

Your co-workers will instantly accept as a long clip with njma cooperate.A I ‘ll demo you how to make their occupation, when you need assist, will give you.A The tiffin will offer you the company.A

An interesting fact is that we all communicate and cooperate, which is non surprising sing that the top direction, while set uping the company was cognizant that the benefits of those companies that have the right information at the right clip and that surrogate teamwork within the organization.A Now all employees Maestral svjestni importance of good communicating and teamwork.A

How directors from the really beginning of its employees develop a sense of belonging to the company ( indicated in the old chapter ) , so all employees are responsible for everything.A

Take jednostavnan true example.A

Waiter upon reaching at work noticed that the auto is parked in a zone where parking is prohibited, straight in forepart of the hotel, heard the response, and from the receptionist heard the securing and within five to ten proceedingss, no more, the vehicle was preparkirano.A

Waiter did non Stojalo the occupation description to supervise whether any of the hotel invitees parked in the Illicit zone, but felt a duty to inform co-workers, who predicted the happenstance error.A

It is of import to stress that the server did non move in this manner that a co-worker pointed out that it is negligent and does non take history of the work performed, but because predpostavljao that he was preoccupied with other affairs and could non be found in two topographic points at once.A

Suppose now that the server noticed the mistake and has non informed the response or the information is non reached responsible.A

What would go on? A

Responsible for security would have unfavorable judgment from their director, the director of the leaders of the hotel, the leader of the Executive Director.A Tension grew and would be felt among the employees.A On the other invitees would go through uncomfortably surprised by such skip, some were angry and it would, judging by what you see, it seemed like a invitee whose auto has greater privileges than others.A ” Sop ” bend into a problem.A

For foregrounding the importance of good communicating among employees, imagine that you truly are responsible for the proper parking and reply the inquiry: In what state of affairs you would wish more to be found, in the first or 2nd? A

In the first, of course.A CijeniA‡ete more of their co-workers, zapamtiA‡ete that you “ pulled ” from problem, honor them the same manner the first given the chance and you will be satisfied with what you do with people who will indicate out any errors when you are non able to see them yourself.A

Teamwork and good communicating will be your extra drive force, your motivator.VoljeA‡ete their work more and hence be more responsible and more careful following time.A


Mistral To take attention of their employees and accent on good interpersonal relationships with the company is the fact that the company organizes twenty-four hours trips twice a twelvemonth, and New Year gatherings.A

Employees have the chance to better run into these yearss, closer, talk about subjects non related to the occupation and of class, be good fun.A

15.A Advancement and a opportunity to advanceA

As in the chapter “ concern scheme, ” noted one of the strategic aims of the company ‘s investing in employees, in their cognition and skills.A

Consequently mistral meet employees and presume the costs doA?kolovavanja.A

Besides every twelvemonth forming linguistic communication classs for employees.A Professional seminars and preparation in assorted countries are besides the pattern ( eg. Croupier preparation, developing for chefs, servers, receptionist… ) .A

Your difficult work in the hotel Mistral sees and rewards.A And it will surely be an extra incentive to give more, learn more, hence use the new chances that you provide.A

Mistral is a company in which you move through your battle and dedication to work.A In short, how much will you offer to return.A


The intent of the disciplinary procedure is to promote employees to move moderately ( in conformity with the regulations and ordinances ) .A

The inquiry is: how executives in the hotel recognized the unwanted behaviour and actions of their employees? A

Do non worry, your errors will non travel unnoticed.A

However, every bit far as your mistake was big and important will non be publically criticized.A Discreet will pull attending to where you are incorrect, how to rectify the mistake and that the effects of your carelessness.A Frequently it comes to mulcts, which will be deducted from the monthly fee, pay.A

If worse comes to the misdemeanor of concern policy and / or ethical codification of the company, the steps can be highly strict ( suspend and cancellations ) .A

In this manner, your unwanted behaviour preobaziA‡e be desirable, which means you ‘ll hold one more ground to be more posveA‡eniji work performed.A You ‘ll avoid errors, and hence the sentence.A


Thesis: “ Staff at the hotel Mistral are motivated, ” confirmed the valid statements that the writer collected from employees in the hotel Mistral, a particular stamp paper gives the fact that the writer had the chance to happen as an employee and therefore that the existent image from MaestralA a new angle, which is unaccessible to you as a guest.A

The complete concern hotel mistral based on professionalism, quality, above all, just and merely, sincere relationships, every bit good as teamwork.A

Never bury that the HIT Montenegro subdivision successful Slovenian companies, and that this manner of operation of the hotel Mistral, merely the consequence of the impact “ of the West, the modern apprehension of the organisation, direction and leadership.A

Executives Maestral are realized in clip that their employees in the first topographic point, that their satisfaction is of important importance for the success of the concern and hence most need to put in people.A

We can even state to that decision this work, they knew interpret, and they believed that their actions and behaviours that make and field associates ( employees ) believe the same, and that is to: A

“ Advance one that gives a little more and a small better. “ A

Ellsworth Statler ( 1863 – 1928 ) A


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