I think that the show National geographic show “Taboo. The Third sex” did a good Job of showing everyone the third sex. It Is a very unfamiliar topic and Is not discussed very often but finally is getting more recognition. The terms third sex describe individuals who are categorized, by their own choice or by society, as neither male nor female, as well as the social category present in those societies who recognize three or more genders.

Biology determines genetically whether someone will be male or female (The XX chromosome combination will yield a female while the XX horseshoes will yield male) The state of being neither male nor female is sometimes considered in relation to the individual’s gender role in society, gender Identity, sexual orientation or any other characteristic and the Taboo show talks about this topic in depth and shows many examples. The show gives many examples of how there really are not just the two sexes, make and female.

The episode also gave several viewpoints that made the topic more personal and can help viewers understand the difficulties of the third sex. I liked how they showed the various ways hat people who don’t fit Into a category of male or female are viewed within their specific cultures. It was not a simple statement of who the people are and how they are different with regards to sex as the episode explored the cultures that they lived In and how they were perceived within these cultures.

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While watching, I learned how the horns were not accepted In India, but In other cultures, such as parts of Indonesia, five sexes are not only recognized, but are an essential part of the balance of the world. While the show Taboo did a good job in many ways, it showed the various sexes with hint stereotyping and prejudice. There were certain points that I felt the episode was highlighting the strangeness often associated with the third sex and not really educating people. I did not feel this way through the whole episode, but I was aware of it at a few points.

It is my opinion that the show and society shouldn’t make people who aren’t strictly male or female into some sort sideshow for people to gawk at and Judge. Overall, the episode was very well done and gave many examples of the different sexes throughout the world. It was fascinating to learn about, and probably for many people, enlightening, as the idea of more than two exes is hardly ever thought of or discussed. In India recently, In a landmark decision the Supreme Court of India created the “third gender” status for hollers or what Americans know as transgender.

Before now, hajjis were forced to write male or female as their gender. The Indian supreme court asked the Centre to treat transgender as socially and economically backward. The apex court said that transgender will be allowed admission In educational Institutions and given employment on the basis that they belonged to the third gender category. The supreme court said absence of law recognizing horns as third gender could not be intended as a ground to discriminate them in availing equal opportunities in education and employment.

The third gender people will be considered as Bobs, the Supreme court said. The Supreme Court said they will be given educational and employment reservation as Bobs. The apex court also said states and the Centre will devise social welfare schemes for third gender community and run a public gender has got a formal recognition. I think that this is a great decision and really shows the direction that society should be heading. We should all follow in Indian’s footsteps and make progress.


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