1.1 This study presents the importance of the quality of services and merchandises for tourers ‘ experience, and the trouble of measuring these experiences and the ways for sweetening. Analysis different elements that related to tourism experience in Sri Lanka, these include attractive forces, substructure, adjustment, wellness and safety, by discoursing the best and poorest attack to tourers experience, and supply possible recommendation to get the better of the poorest attack for the intent of choice touristry experience sweetening.

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2.1 The intent of the study is determining the quality of the tourer experience in Sri Lanka, and measuring for the quality of both tourers experience and finish betterment. Jerome L and Courtney E ( 2010 ) indicated that there are many issues would impact the attraction of the finish, includes seasonality, handiness, clime, political and the quality of the merchandises and service. This study will concentrate on the importance of the quality of the merchandises and services.

2.2 Quality of the merchandises and services is the index of touristry, the chief factor that affects the attraction of the finish, Mannell R and Iso-Ahola S ( 1987 ) suggested that good quality of touristry experience could convey the repute to the finish. This research is traveling to analysis the installations and attraction on the Sri Lanka includes the best and poorest, like attractive forces, substructure etc, later give suggestion to get the better of the poorest attack to tourism quality sweetening.

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3.1 Quality of touristry experience is the high degree of tourers ‘ satisfaction ; this could include tourist outlook, quality of merchandises and services, wellness and safety, hygiene and acceptable monetary value etc elements. The quality of touristry experience is really important, this is because it is the index of touristry.

3.1.1 Mannell R and Iso-Ahola S ( 1987 ) suggested that good quality of touristry experience can trip the repute of the finish straight as tourers will urge the finish to their friends and households and return visit when they had good quality touristry experience and enjoy during the vacation.

3.2 This study is to analysis the quality of touristry experience on Sri Lanka for quality experience sweetening, includes services and installations provide for tourers, substructures and attractive forces etc elements. Through the analysis so supply recommendations to better the poorest attack for enhancement intents.

3.3 Quality of touristry experience sweetening is one of the chief and hard undertakings in the touristry industry. This is because every individual has different outlook in their ain construct, and it is hard to run into all of them separately and to mensurate as it can non acquire the physical merchandises and service, it is a memorable experience merely. ( Experience economic system mention )

3.3.1 Nevertheless, Jerome L and Courtney E ( 2010 ) identified that good substructure and comparative richness would give good quality of touristry experience.

3.3.2 However, due to people ‘s exclusion is altering all the clip, which mean 10 old ages earlier could different to presents. Therefore, touristry association should besides mind of the tendency of consumer outlook for quality sweetening.

3.4 Sri Lanka is in the Indian Ocean, and is at the South of India. Tourist reachings from Sri Lanka ‘s one-year study showed Sri Lanka ‘s touristry industry had turning quickly from 1967, and most of tourers visit Sri Lanka for leisure intent and age from 30-50. This is because they have more stable income for disbursement on vacation.

3.4.1 However, tourer reaching has been reduced for different ground. For illustration, figure of tourer reaching in 2001 has been reduced from 400,410 in 2000 to 336,800 in 2001 because of the terrorist act onslaught which affect the whole touristry industry around the universe. This is because of the higher security system in airdrome which means travelers take longer and difficultly to acquire through the security, and people afraid of flight because of the onslaught every bit good.

3.4.2 Furthermore, declined from 566,200 in 2004 to 549,310 in 2005, because of the affected from tsunami in 2004 ( World Fact book CNN, 2004 ) . Furthermore, reachings decreased from 494,010 in 2007 to 438,470 in 2008 because of the recession ( BBC intelligence, 2009 ) .

Beginning: Annual Report 2009 [ accessed from 2010 ]

Beginnings: Maps of universe [ accessed from 2010 ]

Choice touristry experience in Sri Lanka


4.1 There are scopes of resources in Sri Lanka for touristry development, includes nature beauty, historical sites and adult male built attractive forces etc to appeal different types of tourers. For illustration, H2O autumn – Bambarakanda, UNESCO World Heritage sites like temples in Anuradhapura and scopes of museums and art galleries etc.

4.2 Furthermore, Sri Lanka besides provide different types of vacation to run into different demands from tourers every bit good, for case, air current surfboarding, plunging and campaign for tourers whose like something escapade ; amusement like events and dark life for immature people whose like clubbing ; nuptialss and honeymoons for twosomes ; watering place and Meditation for people whose want to loosen up and wellness etc.

4.2.1 However, rivals around Sri Lanka are besides provided these different types of vacations, and Sri Lanka did n’t look hold tonss of competitory advantage comparison to other island finishs, for case, Maldives, Fuji and Mauritius etc within the Indian ocean. This is because Sri Lanka did n’t hold the particular attraction to appeal tourers.

4.2.2 Maldives is celebrated on irrigating activities like plunging and surfing etc, and best finish for honeymoon as it able to supply an uncrowned and peaceable environment for tourers whose want to loosen up and hold their ain privateness on vacation which Sri Lanka can non as they got excessively many populations and tourers on the island.


5.1 Sri Lanka has good substructure include good developed conveyance system. Main conveyance for aliens get into Sri Lanka is by air. Annual Report 2009 stated that up to 99.9 % of reaching on Katunayake International Airport which had 1,644,142 people arrived in 2009 and merely 0.01 % of reaching on Colombo Harbour which had 420 people arrived in 2009 in entire.

5.2 Lonely Plant 2010 suggested that there is different transit provide for tourers acquiring about in Sri Lanka. The most common public conveyance is bus, because it is inexpensive and routes cover about 80 % of Sri Lanka of route, includes private and Central Transport Board ( CTB ) buses. Train, taxis, auto hire and three-wheeled vehicles t & amp ; uacute ; k-t & A ; uacute ; Kansass are available to tourers around Sri Lanka, and in acceptable monetary value every bit good.

5.3 There are about 240,000 registered T & A ; uacute ; k-t & A ; uacute ; ks in the island, which is easy to happen. Nevertheless, Lonely Planet 2010 suggested that up to 40 % of T & A ; uacute ; k-t & A ; uacute ; Kansas drivers do non hold driving licences and is non obeying any route regulation, which would trip dangers.

5.3.1 Nonetheless, traffic job and auto accidents are chief concern in Sri Lanka because of the growing of population and vehicle population quickly. Accident statistics in Sri Lanka 2006 stated the population from 19,435,000 in 2004 to 20,450,000 in 2009 which is really high.

5.3.2 Furthermore, up to 43,171 of auto accidents go on in 2005 every bit good as bad behaviour drivers, particularly is private coachs and T & A ; uacute ; k-t & A ; uacute ; ks drivers as they earn depend on the sum of riders. It besides because of walkers and animate beings like cattles walk on the chief route which cause heavy traffic.


6.1 There are scopes of adjustment in different country in Sri Lanka to run into the demands of tourers from different rates. Annual Report 2009 stated that there is 256 of hotels in entire include unclassified, and 578 of auxiliary constitutions include all guest houses, hostel and young person inn etc are approved by the tourers board.

6.2 Compare to 2009, there is a lessening figure of hotels which merely have 242 in entire, but increased to 629 of auxiliary constitutions. Furthermore, the study stated that there is an increasing of tenancy rate in unclassified and 3 star below hotels. Especially is 1 star hotel, which increased from 29.2 % to 41.9 % in tenancy rate quickly.

6.2.1 This is because of the planetary economic recession lead to many people loses their occupations and income. Global Employment Trends 2010 stated the unemployment in the universe from 184.9 million in 2008 increased to 221.2 million which hit the highest degree on record. Therefore, many tourers choose someplace with lower quality alternatively for money economy.

Health and safety

7.1 High offense rate is a job in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Policy Service stated that 13461 of break-in and larceny, 4650 of robbery and 3520 of rip offing in 2009. These high offense rates could force tourists off as this is non safety to tourers as many of criminals will aim on tourers as they have more money and valuable points like camera with them all the clip.

7.2 Quality of H2O and hygiene of nutrient and drinks are large issues in Sri Lanka all the clip which cause unwellness and diarrheal job to tourers because of local people alert less in hygiene. Joe Cummings 2006 indicated that tourers should avoiding shellfish and nutrient in counter manner, and need to clean fruit, veggies deeply to forestall the jeopardy.


8.1 Sri Lanka should see developing its sustainable touristry by supplying events and activities for both hosts and invitees for physique relationship between them. This is because tourers can hold memories see in the traditional civilization of Sri Lanka through connect with local people. It can besides convey in the economic benefit to the community straight.

8.2 Sri Lank authorities should cut down the figure of vehicle population by limited the figure of vehicle registry in the hereafter each twelvemonth for lessening the pick of heavy traffic.

8.2.1 Furthermore, authorities should better the route statute law to cut down the hazard of danger drive and cut down the figure of drivers without any impulsive license. This is because these could decrease the hazard of danger driving against to drivers, riders, even prosaic.

8.3 Furthermore, Sri Lanka should better the quality of hotel by sorting all unclassified hotels to run into the different demand of tourers, so tourers can cognize these hotel better. Beside, Sri Lanka should promote hotels to better its quality of services and merchandises, particularly is 1-2 star rate hotels to run into the international criterion for tourers.

8.4 Additionally, Sri Lanka should better the hygiene of H2O, nutrient and drink to forestall the jeopardy of nutrient toxicants and diarrheal and advance the importance of it. For case, must rinse custodies before cook, eat, after lavatory and touch money etc information.

8.5 Improve the degree of security system in adjustment to forestall larceny and advance the watchfulness of larcenies and con creative persons. For case, suggest for tourers put their valuable points into the safe lock in the adjustment alternatively, and put their bags in forepart of organic structure during going about.


9.1 After the analysis of different factors link with quality of touristry experience in Sri Lanka, include attractive forces, substructure, adjustment and wellness and safety by critical its best and poorest attack to touristry, and give recommendation for the intent of choice touristry experience sweetening.

9.2 Sri Lanka had assortment resource for touristry development include nature, historical and man-built attractive forces to run into different demand of tourers. But these could non do Sri Lanka stand out because of others of island finishs provide similar things every bit good. Therefore, Sri Lanka should see something particular for sweetening, such as build the relationship between hosts and invitees for civilization experience.

9.3 Furthermore, Sri Lanka have first-class substructure for transit, but high rates of accident and bad traffic lead to the hazard of danger to tourers, which need to work out for construct the trust to tourers and do them experience safety during travel around bettering the statute law and restriction on population.

9.4 Furthermore, there are scopes of adjustment include hotels, inn, hostel and invitee houses etc around different countries in Sri Lanka, but should sort those unclassified hotels for excess options and increase the quality of low star rate hotels to run into the international criterion for the quality touristry experience sweetening.

9.5 Hygiene and offense rate in Sri Lanka besides trigger the wellness and safety job to tourers, which should be cognizant by advancing the importance of hygiene and consciousness of larceny and ways to avoid these things happen during going in Sri Lanka.


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