As sustainability is going a tendency in the hotel industry, many hotels are seeking to be environmentally friendly and salvage energy and resources. In making so, the engagement of employees and invitees plays a large function as they use energy and resources in hotels. This paper looks at the ways to affect them in salvaging energy and resources and possible benefits and barriers to implementing it.

Since hotels have small control over labour costs, take downing the bottom line becomes important in commanding operational costs. By developing the employees and honoring the invitees, the hotels can break affect the both parties and derive fiscal benefits. As recommendations, larning the credence degree of the civilization the hotel is in, proper and proving employees on energy and resources salvaging issues and supplying proper equal wages for employees and invitees are given.

The hotels need to successfully prosecute the both parties in assisting salvage the energy and resources so that they can maximise the net income and lower operational costs. With quality preparation and wages plans for the employees and the invitees, the hotels will be able to make where they want to be in footings of costs and net incomes.


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In pull offing a hotel, labor costs are a large ball, yet since the nature of the concern is to supply quality service to its invitees that they can be satisfied with. This means that the staff to guest ratio is rather inflexible. In the instance of Ritz-Carlton Immigration and Naturalization Services UK, the ratio is 0.5:1 ( Ritz-Carlton, 2010 ) . The ratio may change depending on the size and type of the hotel, but the ratio stays around the given figure. Besides, the more epicurean a hotel is, the higher the ratio because more staff such as house maintaining staff would be involved in cleansing and keeping the quality of the room. Al Maha located in Dubai is “ a luxury aggregation desert resort & A ; spa ” and is besides known to tout its high 3:1 ratio ( Al Maha, 2010 ) .

With instead inflexibleness over the labor cost, the country where a hotel can cut down under its operational cost is limited to public-service corporations. To take down the operational costs, hotels have been following electricity-efficient engineering and other ways such as obtaining certifications and patterns. In add-on, the turning importance of being sustainable has played a large function. Large hotel ironss such as Hilton, Intercontinental, and Starwood have employed some of the agencies such as Green Engage, Starwood Global Development and Sustainable Meetings to be sustainable and lower their bottom lines.

While such agencies are adopted as a corporate degree scheme, they are practiced at a much lower degree by single hotels. When successfully implemented, they will guarantee that hotels save resources and energy. The execution of environmental policies and patterns by the employees and invitees will besides convey about cost nest eggs ( Hotel Business, 2009 ) . Therefore, this paper aims to acknowledge the importance of employees ‘ engagement and how it can take to invitees ‘ engagement as good. In add-on, possible benefits of acquiring both parties engagement and restrictions every bit good. At last, recommendations will be mentioned to assist successfully acquire employees and invitees involved in assisting hotels.

Importance of Employees and Guests Involvement

Installing latest engineering to salvage resources and energy in single hotels is non easy as it normally requires a big startup cost. Besides, put ining of engineering may intend retrofitting, which can be dearly-won as good. However, the success of execution and maximising the fiscal benefits of them extremely depends on the employees at single hotels. Employees at hotels have control over the engineering as opposed to executive flat direction squads. Therefore, their active engagement is reflected in how much energy and resources the hotel saves.

Besides, it takes clip for employees to larn and derive the same cognition. However, when they do make the top of holding the cognition, both the directors who trained the employees and the employees themselves will be non merely knowing but besides confident about how the hotel is salvaging energy ( Hansel, 2009 ) . The educated and confident employees can so explicate to their invitees what the hotel is making to salvage energy and resources. Furthermore, they can explicate or give suggestions to their invitees what they can make to salvage the energy at the hotel and place. If the hotel succeeded in acquiring the invitees involved and the invitees choose to move on the suggestions provided by the hotel, they will probably collaborate better with the hotel on salvaging energy and resources.

The same applies to the relationship between the employees and the invitees every bit good. Well trained employees can seek their best to take down the bottom line.. However, it is the invitees that are utilizing the most portion of the hotel and therefore find how much the hotel will pay for the energy and resources use. The employees would inform their invitees of what the hotel is seeking to accomplish and how much the hotel can salvage by one little action such as turning off the spigot when brushing their dentitions. However, if the client merely does non care plenty to make what is asked of them, there is nil the hotel can make to a paying invitee.

Knowing that the invitees drives the public-service corporation measure of the hotel, the importance of acquiring invitees involved in assisting the hotels to salvage resources and energy becomes important. Merely as it will take clip for employees to larn about the energy and resources nest eggs, it will take clip for the invitees every bit good. While it may be argued that it takes longer for invitees as they are non employees at a hotel and therefore are non reminded of energy nest eggs on a regular footing, the turning concern for the environment good stand for how general populace is seeing energy salvaging as a manner to assist salvage Earth.

Employees Involvement

As stated above, even though the executive degree direction squad implements schemes for efficient hotel operation, employees must take actions for the success of them. Therefore, it becomes clear that hotels must invent proper thoughts to prosecute them in their effort to salvage the resources and energy. Youth aged 15 to 24 held about 40 % of all employee occupations in the touristry industries ( CTHRC, 2009 ) . Besides, more than one one-fourth of the employees in the adjustment industry is working on a portion clip occupation footing ( CTHRC, 2009 ) . These imply that those immature employees who work at hotels as their portion clip occupation are non likely to care about the hotels salvaging energy and resources because they are non looking at their portion clip occupation as their possible calling and therefore missing trueness.

While it is non easy for the hotels to filtrate those who will come and travel, there are some methods they can follow for the bing employees.

Supplying developing plan on-site is going more common method to acquire employees involved. Merely as hotels provide developing upon engaging, they can besides supply developing on how the hotels are seeking to salvage energy and resources by holding certain engineering and sustainable patterns in topographic point. Training can get down from holding new employees do simple things such as doing certain that all the visible radiations are turned off when a invitee room is empty, wholly turning off the spigots in washrooms. Although it may take clip to acquire used to making such things, long term employees consider the preparation on such issues as portion of the company civilization and are proud that they are working at a topographic point with clearly defined environmentally sustainable ends and aims ( Bohdanowicz, Simmering & A ; Martinac, 2005 ) .

When it comes to supplying developing to employees, it should non be seen as a manner to doing employees specializers on energy and resources nest eggs. Rather, the plan coordinator should maintain in head that the plan should be devised in a manner that the employees can weave what they have learned into their day-to-day modus operandi at work. If an employee knows a batch about energy and resources salvaging issues and the importance of it, yet he or she can non use it at the workplace, the cognition would be less than useless. Jovicic ( 2010 ) says that the primary intent of such plan is to supply important and relevant information that cardinal employees in cordial reception concern can utilize in their decision-making procedure. By supplying a preparation plan that gives practical and applicable information, the employee can be competent and use the same system at other hotels as good.

The preparation should be provided to the employees on an on-going footing so that they can maintain up with the tendency and current issues on energy and resources nest eggs. The hotel can besides give the employees Internet resources where they can see one time in a piece to look into up on such issues as good. While other methods such as wages system are available for usage, proviso of preparation and instruction seems to be the most formal and systematic attack to guaranting that the employees are portion of what the hotel strives to accomplish as an organisation.

Guests Involvement

While the hotels can implement different schemes and patterns to take down the bottom line, as mentioned above, the invitees ‘ engagement is merely every bit important to successfulness of the energy and resources nest eggs.

It is non as easy to acquire invitees involved in assisting the hotels to salvage energy and resources nevertheless. It may be easy presumed that since traveling green is a tendency in the hotel industry and salvaging energy and resources being portion of it, invitees would easy travel along with what is asked of them. However, when met by the realisation that taking such action is traveling to impact them financially invitees can be loath. Figure 1 shows how willing invitees are to back up and take part in the green plans.


Guests Response

Group that conducted the survey

90 %

Prefers to remain at a hotel that cares about the environment

International Hotels Environment Initiative and Accor ( 2004 )

75 %

Participate in the hotels environmentally sustainable enterprises

North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Study ( 2008 )

Figure 1 ( From: Joural of Sustainable Tourism )

However, the informations in Figure 1 can non turn out if the invitees would be still as willing if they were to pay a premium. In fact, most hotelkeepers have the common thought that most invitees are non willing to pay a premium to assist the hotels ; alternatively, they are likely to utilize more resources and energy during their stay at their hotels as they have tendency to presume that the hotels are running on limitless resources ( Hotel Business, 2009 ) . Therefore, what seemed easy plenty becomes harder as the hotels now must happen out how to acquire them to make what they are willing to make while bear downing them a premium.

To acquire the invitees to pass money for back uping hotels to salvage energy and resources, it seems rather sensible to counterbalance them financially or other signifiers that have pecuniary values.

There are several ways to supply compensation for the invitees. Giving excess wages points is a good manner to honor them as it compensates the invitees financially indirectly – the invitee can non make anything with the points itself, but the thought that the invitees are acquiring two, three or more times points can be thought of as a good wages. Honoring by a agency of gift cards is besides a feasible option because the invitees can utilize it any clip they want. Yet, the card will be valid merely at the hotels they stayed at, therefore the hotels can guarantee that the compensation they provided comes back to the hotels. Besides, by paying excess dollars, the hotels can come in invitees for a opportunity to win an across-the-board bundle or free room darks. This manner, the hotels do non needfully counterbalance everyone who is paying the premium, but give every invitee who pays the premium equal opportunity to win the award.

The wagess mentioned above are besides the ways to convey up tenancy rate and besides promote hotels in other locations, which indirectly helps selling of the hotels.


With the active and full engagement of the both party in cut downing use of energy and resources, the hotel can salvage important sum of money. In the instance of Scandic hotel, the hotel has implemented what is called “ Resource Hunt ” to develop their employees that would hopefully cut down the energy and resources use. With in the first two old ages of the plan launch, the hotel saw a 23 % decrease in energy ingestion ( Bohdanowicz et al, 2005 ) . Besides, in seven old ages, the hotel saw a immense 48 % lessening in the sum of unsorted waste ( Bohdanowicz et al, 2005 ) . The two figures are a contemplation of considerable cost nest eggs for the hotels because they are representative of decreased operational costs.

Another benefit would be acknowledgment. The invitees who stay at the hotels that offer thorough preparation plan and that have good structured wages system for counterbalancing for the premium charged are likely to distribute the words about the hotels. As Figure 1. has it, the bulk of the travellers are giving penchant to the hotels that are seeking to be environmentally friendly. Thus it will be easier for the hotels to pull more invitees and take advantage of the popular “ word of oral cavity ” advertizement. This besides enhances the overall image of the trade name of the hotels. O’Neill, Mattila, Xiao ( 2006 ) say that the trade name with high client satisfaction degree grows faster than with lower satisfaction. Given that the hotels are fulfilling the invitees wants in footings of being sustainable by salvaging energy and resources, the possible growing of the hotels in size and in value is assuring.

Possible Obstacles and Restrictions

Although affecting the both parties in the hotels energy and resources nest eggs seems to convey great fiscal benefits, there are obstructions every bit good. Equally effectual as the employee preparation plan and wages plans are, the initial cost can be more than manageable for some hotels. For little hotels, it may non be easy to obtain the support they need as they might non hold a large pool of money that large concatenation hotels do. Besides, it takes tonss of attending and clip for little hotels to develop their employees and implement systems ( Energy Start Update, 2008 ) . Therefore, in order for the little hotels to truly prosecute both the employees and invitees in helping them save the resources, the directors must hold clear and specific long term ends.


To successfully implement the programs to acquire both the employees and the invitees involved, directors at hotels must move proactively and intelligently. They have to look at the environmental milieus of the hotel and if engineering or patterns are adoptable. For illustration, in South Africa, some game Lodges are located in distant parts and the employees and the locals are non educated on environmental issues or energy and resources savings up to the criterions in western states. While they keep their environment clean as they need to maintain wild animate beings from acquiring harmed from taint or risky stuffs, even the directors do non look to care much about energy and resources nest eggs. Therefore, non merely will it take a batch of research and clip to invent a preparation plan that is designed specifically for them, but besides it will take long to acquire the employees used to stay by the new policies. Aside from Torahs and ordinances, other factors such as locals ‘ consciousness of such issues and if the acceptance of patterns and engineering are acceptable by the local civilization must be considered.

Once the employees are good trained, the directors need to promote them by a agency of compensation. The directors may give the employees a instance survey or scenario that is relevant to the hotel ‘s energy and resources salvaging issues and have them show the instance on a regular footing. The employees would be rated based on a pre-determined standard, and the winning employees may be rewarded with a pick of options where they may take a travel bundle, gift cards, or even free darks. This would be a good manner to happen out if the employees remember the stuffs from the preparation plan, and which countries of the preparation can be improved. This should non be excessively frequently as the employees may experience stressed out from it, which may negatively impact productiveness. Besides, upon engaging new employees, the directors can give penchant to those who have gone through such preparation plans over the 1s without any. This would promote employees to take preparation plans more earnestly and efficaciously guarantee that the new employees have a basic apprehension of the relevant issues.

As for the invitees, aforementioned ways would be an effectual tool for the hotels to make the invitees that are non presently remaining at the hotels. Sending out E-Letters on a regular footing is a good manner to make out to the clients that have visited the hotels before. E-Letters can maintain the invitees informed of what the hotels are presently making to cover with the energy and resources salvaging issues and besides a ground for the invitees to come back to the hotel and give them repetition concern.


To command the cost of the operational costs, the directors frequently try to convey down the bottom line by cut downing the sum of energy and other resources. Since the cordial reception industry is service industry, hotels have limited control over cut downing the other portion of the operational costs – labor. Therefore, the importance of take downing the bottom line becomes important. It seems sensible so that the directors try to prosecute the employees in salvaging the energy and resources to run concern more cost-effectively. As of import is the engagement of invitees as they occupy the suites. With appropriate agencies to educate the both parties and honor them, the hotels can derive the possible benefits and turn to the obstructions to implementing the programs. By successfully holding the both parties engaged in the schemes, the hotels will be able to make the full potency of the programs and maximise their benefits from them every bit good.


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