The more you use Android your love and reliance on PC gaming decreases. Fortunately/Unfortunately I am one amongst those whose love for PC decreased on the introduction of Android gaming. Android gaming has both a brighter part and a darker part. The main advantage of Android gaming is they it is easy to play and saves up time switching on the computer and waiting for it to load etc. So that is the brighter part. But one among the downfalls of Android gaming is that it fails to offer a good gaming experience. Plus not all the people prefer playing games on their phone. However, there is a possible chance of running your favorite android game on your PC. This helps you to get a better experience and facilitate you to play your favorite Android game on your PC. How cool is that right? Today you are gonna learn to play one of the most popular and played android games on your PC. This won’t be a big surprise as the title clearly exposes the game we are about to discuss. But hey, if you did not pay attention to the title, Surprise! This article will help you play 8 ball pool on your PC. So, 8 ball pool players rejoice! You are about to play the game on your Computer. To avoid wasting time for the computer to turn on, switch on your computer and continue reading. It has been a necessity for the gamers to try this game(8 ball pool) out on their PC. The main reason behind it is that people are getting tired of experiencing this game on the small screen. Trust me when I say this, I have seen a lot of people addicted to 8 ball pool. Playing the game whilst classes, traveling, walking, running everyone plays this game. If you are not among them, try the game out, I bet you will regret trying it out. Now that you are the computer is ready to be used, let us move onto the main part. Detailed instructions for getting 8 ball pool on your PC1. Turn On your computer and go to a preferred or default browser. You won’t take a lot of time on the browser, as all you will do is to download the game from it, so opening default browser(even if it is Internet Explorer) won’t hurt much. 2. While you are at it, Google “8 ball pool PC”. Wait for a few seconds (wait for a few minutes, in case of internet explorer). 3. As an alternative, you can also use your browser to first download the Bluestacks. This is a better alternative, as this application, once installed, will enable you to experience mostly every android game on your PC. 4. Install the downloaded setup file. It might take you a minute or two to finish the installation, so do not lose your calm, patience is a key for playing 8 ball pool on your PC. 5. Now that you have successfully installed the application, it is now time to run it. Launch the Bluestacks application and do all the KYC thing by signing up signing in. 6. Next step is to search for 8 ball pool on Bluestacks. Once you find it, next step is, of course(What else will you do other than installing the game?), installing it. 7. Once you have installed it, you are ready to try the game out. Congratulations, you just did a job that demands a high amount of thinking skills and energy. Bravo!GameplayIf you are wondering how 8 ball pool on your PC, then this little talk is about it. After trying it out, it seems as if nothing has really changed a lot except for the smaller screen to enlarge and to occupy your computer screen. However, tapping and pinching functions will be now handled using your mouse. Except for those, 8 ball pool works well on PC and will undoubtedly change your take on Android gaming. Who knows, you might as well return to the golden times of PC gaming. Controls and BasicsWell, If you are new to 8 ball pool or 8 ball pool PC then this little section is for spreading knowledge on the basics and controls. If you could stick around till the end, you won’t be having any trouble playing the game for the very first time. Even though the game might provide quick tips at first, it won’t hurt much knowing the basics first. First off, the basics. 8 ball pool is an online game that allows a gamer to create a player with whom they will compete against the players all around. Therefore do not even try to play this game offline. Moreover, if your internet is slower than an ant and a bit faster than a snail, you will have a good gameplay and if your internet connection is slower than a snail, I doubt you will be able to finish the game properly. Once you get into the game, you will be having a couple of options like Facebook or Miniclip account. If you have any, log on to it, or else ignore it. If you haven’t logged into any said accounts, you will be facing random players around the world. The Game:- As it is clear from the name itself, 8 ball pool is a call shot game, played with a cue ball along with a total of 15 object balls, numbered from 1 to 15. The said balls are of two different colors, with balls with number from 1 to 7 have solid colours and the rest will be of stripes(number 8 is excluded). A player must pocket either one of the groups, that is, If Player A must pocket balls of 1 to 7 then Player B must focus on 9 to 15. The first player to pocket the group wins. As simple as it gets. That is how you win a game. The same rule is used in the game as well. Controls on PCIn android you pinch and tap to play the game. But in PC it is not possible, unless you have a touch screen on your laptop or computer. In case of PC, the mouse, an input peripheral is used to control and play the game. With the combination of left click, release power with dragging and clicking do all the work. It is ideal to use a mouse instead of touchpad, in the case of laptop. Thats it. You are prepared to play the game. Do take a minute to refresh the points before taking on an opponent and on top of that, don’t forget to have fun while playing it. It is just a game, don’t take it a way too seriously. 


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