Every event has its ain feature, and MCG in 2002 had a batch of alone 1s. There are several alone features of the commonwealth games in Manchester, they are:

The Volunteers ; Manchester Event Volunteers is the volunteering bequest of the Commonwealth Games. It is wholly alone and there were more than 10.000 voluntaries have supported 100s of events. Volunteering with MEV is about personal pick and you can give every bit much or as small clip to those things which involvement you most.

Organized the largest Games of all time ; it was the largest in footings of athleticss on the plan and the figure of participants.

New Sports: A Two athleticss, Table Tennis and Triathlon, were held for the first clip with the athleticss of Judo and Wrestling returning to the plan.

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Events for the Disabled: A For the first clip events for Elite Athletes with a Disability were integrated into the plan with decorations won by EAD jocks numbering towards the overall decoration tally.

In fact, voluntaries helped a batch in services industry since they were assigned to assist the participants or the protagonists throughout the competition. Becoming the organiser of the largest game of all time, the Manchester Commonwealth Games made a batch of incensement in fabrication industry since it had the largest figure of participants and protagonists sing.

Cultureshock was the Commonwealth Games North West Cultural Programme, it started from 11 March ( Commonwealth Day ) to 24 July 2002. 174 undertakings took topographic point as portion of Cultureshock, but the existent figure of events is much higher – several undertakings were festivals or programmes or work themselves. Cultureshock formed the hub of the Arts & A ; Culture strand of the Spirit of Friendship Festival ( SOFF ) , the nation-wide festival covering humanistic disciplines & A ; civilization, athletics, instruction and the Golden Jubilee, which ran from 11 March – 10 August 2002. There was besides a stand-alone ‘Festival Live ‘ events programme during the Games ( 25 July – 4 August ) that took topographic point in assorted public infinites in the metropolis, and in the Athletes Village and Sports City. The cultural programme attach toing the Games was ab initio led by the M2002 Cultural Steering Group, formed in February 1997. In 1999, a Regional Cultural Steering Group for the North West programme emerged with representatives from M2002 Ltd, North West Arts Board, Manchester City Council, Marketing Manchester, and Humanistic disciplines about Manchester ; and in November of the same twelvemonth a Commonwealth Games Cultural Programme Co-ordinator appointed. Seventeen months subsequently in April 2001, two Co- Creative Manufacturers ( occupation portion ) and a Project Development Manager were in station, and the Programme Co-ordinator changed functions to go Marketing Manager. The Tourism Campaigns Manager started in November 2001.

Key to this accomplishment has been and will be:

O the comprehensive attack to gaining benefits of the Games ;

O the accent throughout on procuring the bequest of the Games ;

O a positive favoritism in favor of quality results ; and

O an inclusiveness in the manner in which Games-related activities have been developed by all spouses.

Question 2

Five Features of the Britain labour market during 2001 and 2002

Infrastructures ; Before the 2002 MCG, there were plentifulness of labour workers needed in order to construct new athleticss hall, bowls and so on.

Conveyances ; During the Commonwealth Games, transits were one of the most of import things, the voluntaries needed to do certain the traffic is traveling all right to avoid jam and so on.

Event Services ; In order to do the 2002 MCG go on, the voluntaries strived to assist and give the best services to the participants, visitants or even the locals.

Securities ; Security concern has ever been of import, without security workers the 2002 MCG was impossible to be held in UK ( Manchester ) since the felons are so high in UK and so on.

Medic ; There were plentifulness of voluntaries joined the Medic in order to maintain the Games traveling good.

Recruitment Techniques used by 2002 MCG

In the terminal, more than 10.000 voluntaries were hired in order to maintain the 2002 MCG traveling and the techniques were used to enroll the voluntary are like:

The voluntaries were interviewed and offered preparation Sessionss before the games

The chance of accomplishing a making or certification in event volunteering

Enhanced chance for volunteering for the game itself

In 2001 events and route shows were held across Manchester and the North West to enroll the voluntaries from the targeted groups.

Age limitations, for illustration above 16.

Offer the voluntaries to play the of import function in the 2002 MCG

The other manner to enroll the voluntaries is through Internet Advertising where allow people to make full in the application signifier and subject it online. This will promote the immature coevals to fall in the volunteering since they tend to experience convenience to use on-line alternatively of postal.

Question 3

Option faced by the administration in respone with the increasing of United Kingdom Equality Law

– Age

There ‘s the age limitation for the voluntaries in 2002 MCG, it has to be 16 and supra.

– Disability

They did hold voluntaries for disablement, this is good for the disable 1s in order to bask the events.

– Gender Reassignment

Both male and female are welcome to work.

– Race

There is no race favoritism during the event.

– Religion or Belief

Any faith are welcome for the events.

Four Advantages of the preparation for 2002 MCG and its Volunteers

Main chances for Volunteers

The research grounds shows the chief chances for the hereafter could be to:

oˆ‚? Enhance the proviso of instruction and preparation chances for voluntaries and chances to recognize the accomplishments voluntaries get as a consequence of volunteering in athletics.

oˆ‚? To better constructions and chances for voluntary direction with a focal point on back uping voluntaries, bettering communicating, enlisting and keeping of voluntaries.

oˆ‚? Ensure new statute law does non unwittingly impact on volunteering in athletics or on nines and administrations. For illustration, understating administrative loads and guaranting statute law does non make accidental barriers to volunteering.

oˆ‚? Promote and observe the significance of volunteering in athletics

Advantages of the preparation for 2002 MCG

With Training, the voluntaries will be able to lend their aid to the upper limit as they were taught what they should make, where, how and so on.

The event would travel smooth and manageable as the voluntaries had been taught how to pull off the crowd and so on.

MCG could salvage a batch of money for adult male power as they had recruited more than 10.000 trained voluntaries to assist during the event.

By supplying preparation for the voluntaries, it helps the metropolis or even the state to make skilled employees or worker in the hereafter.

Advantages of the preparation for voluntaries

The voluntaries can take the advantages of the preparation giving by the Manchester Commonwealth Games as it trains them in order to better their accomplishment.

Volunteers will acquire the benefits after the preparation such as the enfranchisement and so on.

The preparation helps the voluntaries in make up one’s minding what they want to take to make in the hereafter as they will develop themselves during the preparation.

It is traveling to be the best experience for the voluntaries who volunteer in the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games where they will larn something new in their life.

Question 4

Wagess for the 2002 MCG voluntaries and the advantages

As set out in the 2002 Sport England study the benefits to the local community most normally cited by nine voluntaries are similar to those claimed to stand for the value of athletics to society as a whole. The most of import benefit reported was that without voluntaries at that place would non be so many chances for people to take part in athletics. ( Sport England Survey, 2002 )

Although the voluntaries in the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth game did non acquire paid, but there are some wagess they had such as voluntary enfranchisements to every voluntaries during the events, life experience for all voluntaries and for some voluntaries their games experienced proved to be the passport to linger term employement, whilst others merely happy to hold been taken portion in such event.

There are some advantages for either Manchester or even the state and the voluntaries itself by supplying those benefits to the voluntaries. For illustration, when 2002 Manchester Commonwealth games provides the voluntaries enfranchisement to the voluntaries who had taken portion on that event, it truly helps them in order to voluntaries in another bigger event in the hereafter, it is benefit the voluntaries and besides the Manchester as the metropolis would somewhat increase their employment after the event.

Pass to linger term employment is a good advantage for the voluntaries as they will non hold a difficult clip to be employed in the hereafter and yet besides will automatically increase Manchester or UK ‘s employment. For those who are merely happy to hold been taken portion in the event will decidedly derive a such as good experiences in life and it is an advantage for them as they learned a batch of things from the preparation and so on.

The decision will be that the both voluntaries and Manchester will see the benefit of the event where there are plentifulness of voluntaries took portion and did great occupation hence in the hereafter the voluntaries will hold chances to be employed or go a profesional voluntaries for the state.

Occupational Health and safety hazard for 16 twelvemonth old and typical cost each for that person and 2002 MCG.

Health, Safety and the Typical Cost for each person and 2002 MCG

The chances for immature people to take part were besides felt to be peculiarly of import to local communities, and this is frequently connected with the 2nd most normally cited benefit relating to positively prosecuting immature people ‘keeping childs off the streets ‘ .

Given the recent wellness concerns about inactive kids, the wellness benefits afforded to communities by athleticss engagement in voluntary nines besides comes high on the list. This is considered relevant to immature people, but it besides impacts favorably on all ages. Another sensed benefit is that voluntaries are seen as keepers of athleticss installations for future participants. In their 2002 study, Sport England besides province that for single nine voluntaries, it is the ‘social benefits ‘ that people get from volunteering that are dominant, with the related

construct of ‘enjoyment ‘ being the 2nd most cited benefit. These top two benefits for single voluntaries are of import to admit in the context of increasing force per unit areas on voluntaries in athleticss administrations to ‘perform ‘ more professionally in their voluntary functions. Enjoyment is closely followed by a set of satisfactions that are more selfless in nature, including satisfaction from ‘giving something back ‘ from assisting the nine do good and from maintaining the nine traveling.

The Sport England 2002 study besides showed that voluntary athletics administrations provide a safety cyberspace for persons to take part in activities that tend to be niche-oriented that may non be considered feasible investing chances for the private sector or where the populace sector can non warrant puting in such specialized countries. ( Sport England Survey, 2002 )

From a policy position, in drumhead the benefits of athletics volunteering are apparent in relation to:

oˆ‚? Healthier communities

oˆ‚? Safe, strong and sustainable communities

oˆ‚? Economic verve and work force development

oˆ‚? Meeting the demands of kids and immature people

Question 5

Three Major Human Resource Management Challenges

The function of the Human Resource Manager is germinating with the alteration in competitory market environment and the realisation that Human Resource Management must play a more strategic function in the success of a sport event like Commonwealth games. Sport Organizations that do non set their accent on pulling and retaining endowments may happen themselves in dire effects, as their rivals may be outplaying them in the strategic employment of their human resources.

In this subdivision will speak about three major human resource direction challenges and its issues that Manchester could confront in the hereafter:

Motivational Approachs

Workplace motive can be defined as the influence that makes us make things to accomplish organisational ends: this is a consequence of our single demands being satisfied ( or met ) so that we are motivated to finish organisational undertakings efficaciously. As these demands vary from individual to individual, an organisation must be able to use different motivational tools to promote their employees to set in the needed attempt and increase productiveness for the company. In order to accomplish their end to be successful once more, Manchester need to pattern to actuate the voluntaries so they will be working difficult and happy.

The Management of Workplace Diversity

In order to efficaciously pull off workplace diverseness, Cox ( 1993 ) suggests that a HR Manager needs to alter from an ethnocentric position ( “ our manner is the best manner ” ) to a culturally comparative position ( “ allow ‘s take the best of a assortment of ways ” ) . This displacement in doctrine has to be ingrained in the managerial model of the HR Manager in his/her planning, forming, taking and commanding of organisational resources. Manchester will decidedly look on this affair if they want to win in the hereafter if they were chosen as a host once more.

Scientific choice, preparation and arrangement of the human resource direction.

To carry on such a quality preparation and arrangement is non an easy occupation, hence the Manchester might take this as a challenge although they have done it before and it was sort of successful.

B. ) What is HRM policy and its three major map for 2002 MCG

HR policies allow an organisation to be clear with employees on nature of the organisation, what they should anticipate from the organisation, what the organisation expects of them, how policies and processs work, what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour the effects of unacceptable behaviour.

The three major map for 2002 Microgram:

Recruitment of Employees or Volunteers

This is one of the most cardinal functions of the HR section. By enrolling the right individual in charge in the 2002 MCG is one of the secret in its success.

Improvement of compensation bundles

One of import facet of this is be aftering for employees in the administration. It is of import that the administration ensures that all the employees under its wing are merely plenty to increase value to the administration. Without this, 2002 MCG will non carry through their ends.

Planing in the administration

Every administration needs be aftering in order to be success. MCG planned for more than 4 old ages before the events therefore they seemed to be so good prepared.


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