Thesis Statement:

States with immense reserves of atomic. biological and chemical arms have no moral authorization to state any state non to develop atomic arms. An international motion to extinguish these arms from the face of the Earth will extinguish this danger from the universe.

Statement 1:

In my sentiment atomic arms pose a major menace to the universe and no state in the universe should be allowed to develop atomic arms. Unfortunately the manner Non Proliferation Treaty was designed it merely protected the planetary hegemony of the masters of the 2neodymiumWorld War. Under this context United States is to the full entitled to halt any state from going more powerful than the masters of the Second World War and she did. We tried to forestall India. China. Pakistan and North Korea from developing atomic arms but failed

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North Korea which feels highly threatened by United States and is constructing missiles and atomic arms to counter the sensed menace and has merely agreed to give-up its atomic arm ( s ) in exchange for confidences and assistance. the staying atomic arm provinces have succeeded in being accepted as such. Harmonizing to IAEA. Iran is nowhere near geting a atomic arm. but the noose being tightened around Iran puts it in a similar place as North Korea. United States being the sole world power has every right to seek to halt any state from disputing its authorization but this is based on its world power position and ability to make so. non on morality of maintaining and utilizing these destructive arms.

Statement 1: commendation

Paul Kerr. ( 2006 ) .HIRC Markup. US-India Nuclear Deal.[ Online ] . retrieved from Internet on 28 February 2007. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. armscontrolwork. com/US-India Nuclear Deal. htm

The remarks sing the powers exercised by atomic provinces against non-nuclear provinces is one factor ensuing in proliferation:

Simple. Any state that is threatened by atomic warheads should be able to develop a hindrance of its ain. The likes of the US and China understand merely one linguistic communication. For illustration: A terrorist supporting. destabilizing and non atomic Iraq is considered a knave province while a terrorist supporting. destabilizing and atomic Pakistan is a cardinal US ally. Nuclear arms are a must to hold a position in this universe. If you have them. the universe will listen to you even if you are a knave. If you don’t hold them. you are nobody” .

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As international political powers seek Iran’s capitulation on atomic arms development. small notice is given to what the Americans and the British have done to make this crisis nor what steps the Israelis might finally take to do it deeply more complicated.

Iran’s antipathy toward the West has been spurred by what Iranians see as lip service on the portion of members of the world’s atomic community. and the bumbled tampering of the US and UK in Iranian personal businesss for more than a half century.

Iran is unsafe. but the British and the Americans have helped to do it that manner. And the state of affairs is even more unstable than it appears

Nuclear arms were presented as disincentive against a foreign menace and an instrument of maintaining peace by all world powers. The same statement when advanced by other states is non accepted but is a valid statement

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In 1945. the United States became the world’s exclusive atomic power. and about instantly used its new arms on the metropoliss of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In the decennary and a half following the Soviet Union’s development of atomic weaponries. the UK. France and so China besides developed atomic arms.

By 1967. the five declared atomic arms provinces formed an sole nine. They were the lone provinces with atomic arms. and they were all lasting members of the United Nations Security Council. As such. these states had considerable prestigiousness in the universe. They all justified their atomic armories on the footing of disincentive – the menace to revenge to a first-strike atomic onslaught – and all but China. which had pledged “No First Use” of atomic arms. held unfastened the possibility of reacting to a conventional onslaught with atomic force.


Statement 2

United States does non hold a unvarying policy in handling the menace of atomic nonproliferation. When our strategic involvements justify we are prepared to overlook misdemeanors of NPT and even ownership of atomic arms by friendly states. This partizan attitude is damaging to provinces unfriendly to United States from seeking to get atomic arms.

Citation 2

After the initial limitations on India and Pakistan. United States has accepted these two states in Nuclear Club. Apartheid South Africa had atomic arms which were abandoned by the new Mandela government. Israel is said to hold more than 200 atomic arms but no one hears of these arms.

“US-India atomic trade is the death of NPT”

Paul Kerr. ( 2006 ) .HIRC Markup. US-India Nuclear Deal.[ Online ] . retrieved from Internet on 28 February 2007. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. armscontrolwork. com/US-India Nuclear Deal. htm

Moore. J. C. . ( 2006 ) . Israeli Nuclear Hegemony: Why Shouldn’t Iran Have Nuclear Weapons? The Independent. May 1. 2006.

“If Israel has US atomic arms pointed at Iran. the place of the country’s supreme leader. Ayatollah Ali Khomeini. becomes more politically bearable by his people. Despite the fact that Israel has been developing atomic stuff since 1958. the state has ne’er officially acknowledged it has a atomic armory. Analysts have estimated. nevertheless. that Israel is the fifth-largest atomic power on the planet with much of its bringing systems engineering funded by US taxpayers. To perplex current diplomatic attempts. Israel. like Pakistan and India. has refused to subscribe the atomic Non-Proliferation Treaty even as it insists in the international discourse that Iran be stopped from geting what Israel already has

Statement 3:

United States will be in a better place to back up international atomic disarming if it agreed to planetary denuclearization. In the short term merely insulating Iran. Syria and North Korea as the axis of immorality and knocking these states is deemed as endangering behaviour by these states and creates an urgency to obtain ‘deterrence’ as so vocally argued by the five atomic powers to support their atomic armory.


“More attempt demands to be directed towards atomic. chemical and biological arms disarming. ”

Kile. S. and Hart J. . ( 2002 ) .‘Preventing Mass-Destruction Terrorism and Weapons Proliferation. Monterey Nonproliferation Strategy Group meeting. 506 September 2002. Stockholm. Sweden

Conclusion/Reflection Statement

United States and other world powers are all keeping immense reserves of atomic. chemical and biological arms and merely leting the states to develop the engineering which do non menace their power or so back up their strategic involvements. This policy is right for a world power which wants to utilize its power to forestall any other state from going a menace to its power. This means that any state which can withstand the international norm and the will of the bing atomic nine can make so because the doctrine is non based on a moral statement. Iran is nowhere near the point which North Korea achieved with all the controls and menaces of United States.

I believe an international mechanism needs to be created where the universe does non necessitate the atomic. biological and chemical arms and United States or any other atomic province does non hold to state the others “Don’t do as I do. Make as I say”


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