U.S. hotel concatenation Marriott International is one of the largest multinational corporations in the universe. Harmonizing to the corporation ‘s informations, every 4th tourer in America corsets in Marriott International hotels.

Quickly distributing its influence in the universe, Marriott sets the end to win and retain the taking place in the hotel market, demoing a particular concern with regard to the invitees, concern spouses, employees and society as a whole. The concern of Marriott Corporation is built on cardinal ideals of service provided to clients, employees and society. These ideals are ageless, alone and do the company a successful director, being the basis for all employees of the company.

In this subdivision, the chief survey focal point is on the information of explorative research conducted with the intent of placing current patterns of Marriott International under the conditions of globalisation and the impact of globalisation on Marriott ‘s gross revenues, selling, HR, and trade name placement attacks, while sketching the chief advantages Marriott international within this context.

History of Marriott International, Inc.

The history of this hotel corporation is a graphic illustration of the incarnation of the American dream traditional for several coevalss of U.S. citizens. Thousands of now booming companies started their long journey to success merely like Marriott.

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In May 1927, a 26-year-old adult male from Utah, John Marriott and his married woman opened the restaurant for nine seats in Washington. John ‘s lucky luck and concern accomplishments helped him to last the prostration of the U.S. economic system during the Great Depression – in the late mid-thirtiess he was already the proprietor of a regional eating house concatenation The Shoppe Inc. and the eponymic company specialized in the bringing of hot repasts for riders of local air hoses. John Marriott acquired his first hotel in 1957. It was called the Twin Bridges Marriott Motor Hotel, and was located in Arlington ( Virginia ) . John wanted to make a household concern and finally handed over the direction of the company to his boy. Marriott Jr. conducted concern every bit exhaustively as his male parent did ( Marriott and Brown, 1997 ) .

In 1964 the company was renamed as Marriott Corporation. The Corporation expressed involvement in everything that was associated with eating house and hotel concern, and when in 1977 the gross revenues grosss of endeavors in which Marriott had a franchise crossed one billion dollars, John Marriott Jr. realized that the belongings direction brings no less benefits than its owning. The Corporation developed its ain construct of hotel web with a limited set of services by the terminal of the 80 ‘s and actively operated in three sectors of the hotel market in the U.S. : pull offing the web of hotels with full service ( Marriott suites ) , cheap hotels ( Residence Inn ) and a web of inexpensive motels ( Fairfield Inn ) ( Marriott and Brown, 1997 ; O’Brien, 1995 ) .

In the early 90 ‘s, Marriott Corp. had merely a few twelve hotels outside the U.S.A. Based on the rules of variegation, kept by the most of the major companies in the universe ( in other words: “ Do n’t set all your eggs in one basket ” ) , in 1993 the corporation was split into two companies: Marriott International ( hotel and existent estate direction ) and Host Marriott ( existent estate minutess and nutrient bringing ) . That minute laid the beginning of the active publicity of Marriott International in the international market as the direction company ( Marriott and Brown, 1997 ) .

At the minute, Marriott International Corporation has more than 3500 lodging belongingss located in the U.S. and in 69 other states around the universe ( 2010 ) , using 137,000 people ( Marriott International Company Profile, 2010 ) .

Table 2.1. Marriott International Hotel Brands and Property Count

( December 2009- December- 2010 )


Globalization Schemes and Practices

Marriott controls more than half a million hotel suites worldwide, while having merely 0,3 % of them. One-half of the staying suites is a franchise. This means that hotel proprietors allocate 5 % to 6 % of their incomes to Marriott as a fee for utilizing the company ‘s name every bit good as for utilizing suites ‘ reserve system. Marriott manages the other half of hotel suites by bear downing the proprietors of the hotel fee for supplying this service ( Boo, Hillard and Jin, 2010 ) .

Acting as an operator, Marriott takes about 65 % of income, paying out from this sum the disbursals for wages, public-service corporations, insurance, and purchase of nutrient. 29 % of gross goes to the proprietor of the hotel. Of this sum, he pays belongings revenue enhancements and mortgage rates, and the remainder ( if any ) he counts to his net incomes. Even though some people may be disgruntled and demonise Marriott, the company still has much to be proud of: 55 % Marriott hotel proprietors would wish their following hotel to be run by this company ( Jang and Tang, 2009 ) . Brand and the Marriott reserve system are worth it.

Regional offices Marriot Inc. include ( Table 2.2. ; Table 2.3. ) :

North America ( NALO )

Asia, Pacific, Australia ( APA )

The Caribbean, Latin America ( CABL )

United Kingdom, Ireland, Middle East, Africa ( UKIMEA )

Continental Europe ( CE )

Central Europe ( Germany, Austria, Switzerland )

Western and Southern Europe ( France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc. )

Eastern Europe ( Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Kazakhstan ) .

Table 2.2. Marriott International Hotels Distribution ( March 2010 )

Table 2

Table 2.3. Marriott International Properties Rates by Region ( March, 2010 )

Table 2

Marriott International manages and provides franchise of hotels under the trade names of Renaissance, Marriott, JW Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Residence Inn, Courtyard, TownePlace Suites, Fairfield Inn, SpringHill Suites and Ramada International ; the company develops and operates resorts in the holiday ownership under the trade names of Marriott Vacation Club International, The Ritz-Carlton Club, Horizons and Marriott Grand Residence Club ; it offers flats in Marriott Executive Apartments, provides equipped corporate suites Marriott ExecuStay and operates conference centres ( Table 2.4. ) .

Table 2.4. Marriott International Average Daily Rate by Brand

( US/Canada, March 2010 )

Table 2

Smith Travel Research information province that raising a Marriott flag in the forepart of a large hotel offering a full scope of hotel services increases its gross revenues by 13 % if compared to gross revenues of a hotel with the flag of, for illustration, Doubletree. Virtually all other Marriott divisions from luxury Ritz-Carlton to a normally accessible Residence Inn – are in front of their rivals in the index of hotel room income by 10 % to 30 % ( “ A job shared ” , 2005 ) .

Product & A ; Brand Position

The constituents of Marriott ‘s corporate manner are a company logo, colourss, founts, letterhead, web site, trade name aromas and accoutrements. Marriott logo is a rectangle with an image of a sphere the lettering “ Marriott ” itself ” , designed in two basic colourss: white and cherry, and aureate. A well-established and recognizable corporate manner is the key to Marriott trade name publicity in the planetary market.

For illustration, when developing a plan to advance a web of hotels in Moscow, Marriott used the corporate logo and trade name image, which is the image of the celebrated Faberge Easter eggs, which embodies prestigiousness, luxury, and really high consumer value, comparable merely with the plants of the most expensive and stylish jewelry maker. For illustration, Marriott Tverskaya has as its symbol a conventionalized gold Faberge egg, Marriott Grand 5 *- the bluish one, and Marriott Royal 5 * luxury – the vermilion one. Such attack to corporate manner creative activity can be described as really competent and thoughtful. Trusting on the widely popular historical and cultural trade names and utilizing state ‘s national colourss, the company surely enhances the image constituent of hotel selling, uniting high international criterions of service with the national distinctive features of a state and its cordial reception traditions ( O’Neill and Mattila, 2004 ) .

Furthermore, in each room of Marriott hotel concatenation there are branded signifiers for letters and branded pens with the hotel name. The suites use trade name linens, and trade name aromatic policy of Marriott hotels.

Recently, with the development of Internet and e-mail correspondence, the issue of corporate manner of electronic paperss has become really topical. Web site today is the first thing that a possible invitee sees, and it can assist to rapidly make an feeling about the degree of the hotel, the service, room rates, to gauge the location and walk through suites, eating houses, sofa, every bit good as to book a room ( O’Connor, 2008 ) .

Figure 2.1. Marriott Brand Positioning Strategy

Figure 2

Marriott Corporation owns over 3500 hotels, and for conveniency there is a individual site from which one can acquire to the site of any hotel of the web in the universe. Furthermore, the web-sites of the hotels are designed in the same manner and construction. Color differences depend on the trade name. The common trade name Marriott Hotels, Resorts & A ; Suites unites many trade names, each with its ain colour strategy: for illustration, Courtyard by Marriott has a green colour pallet. Site construction is common for all hotels ( photo circuit, invitee suites in inside informations, hotel proposals, hotel background information, eating houses and halls, metropolis usher, maps and conveyance, events program, Marriott Rewards plan, hotel ‘s fact-sheet in print format ) . The web-site is the incarnation of Marriott corporate manner and world-class service.

Presently, Marriott is included in top 10 international hotel ironss and actively moves to the top through spread outing its franchise contracts and advancing high degree of service and corporate manner.

Gross saless & A ; Selling

The major instrument of the company is the fact that a really little per centum of existent estate the company manages factually belongs to it. In 1993, Marriott transferred all of its edifices and most of the debt on the balance of the investing existent estate subordinate Host Marriott, headed by the younger brother of Bill Marriott, while Hilton and Starwood, in contrast, ain 30 % of hotels under their control. Since Marriott receives a fee for hotel direction, vacant hotel suites bring fewer losingss to it than to the proprietors, who have to unclutter the mortgage ( “ A job shared ” , 2005 ) .

Another constituent of the success of Marriott is the attending to inside informations. For case, the regulations for cleaning a hotel room set in Marriott include 66 points. The company besides portions the olfactory property selling attack. Generally, Marriott with great ardor is looking for new clients and chances to open new hotels. Taking into history different groups of clients and their material resources, the web is developing a assortment of trade names, increasing the sum of service ( Table 2.4. ) :

Marriott Hotels and Resorts – hotels with full service, managed through a franchise or independently.

Renaissance Hotels and Resorts – hotels offering full-service adjustment installations for concern travellers, vacationists.

Marriott Conference Centers – full service hotels for conferences and meetings.

Courtyard by Marriott – division responsible for a hotel concatenation with comparatively low monetary values.

Fairfield Inn by Marriott – division responsible for economic system category hotel concatenation.

SpringHill Suites – division responsible for the concatenation of secondary and higher-class hotels targeted at concern and leisure travellers, particularly adult females and kids.

Residence Inn by Marriott – leader in the section of the long stay hotels.

TownePlace Suites – division responsible for long stay hotel concatenation with comparatively low monetary values.

Marriott ExecuStay – concern unit that provides adjustment installations for 1 month or more.

Marriott Executive Apartments – division that provides adjustment for concern visitants for a period of more than 30 yearss.

Marriott Vacation Club International – division using timeshare system ; a invitee can buy a hebdomad away at the hotel of this category. The system includes 38 sole resorts.

Ritz-Carlton – prima hotel trade name in the section of luxury hotels.

The advanced attack that accelerated the development of Marriott, Inc. , was besides the fillip plan for clients, launched in 1983, which now serves as the component of Marriott ‘s corporate manner. Thankss to Marriott Rewards, Marriott Corporation has an chance to get more lasting invitees of the Marriott concatenation. Marriott Rewards plan encourages clients for giving penchant to Marriott International and its spouses, honoring them for the pick of hotels of the web ( Dube and Renaghan, 1999 ) . The participant of Marriott Rewards receives certain points or stat mis that can be used as payment for adjustment ( particular certifications ) in the hotels of the web or as a price reduction for purchasing air hose tickets ( applied to stat mis ) . Points can be used for free adjustment, buying discounted “ package ” services around the universe, including domestic air conveyance services, auto lease, sails, etc. Such plans subsequently started to be introduced by other web cordial reception companies, but the strategy, devised by Marriott, remains the best 1: maximal price reduction combined the highest luxury.

Human Resources

Every corporate civilization is an component of corporate manner. Marriott ‘s corporate civilization was founded in 1927 and is being kept boulder clay this twenty-four hours: “ The better the company will handle its employees, the better employees will handle clients. ”

Large corporations like Marriott, offer a high service degree in many states around the universe. To do all the employees irrespective of their nationality and educational degree run into the high criterions of the corporation, they should be trained in order to better their accomplishments. The key to developing efficiency in Marriott is its perceptual experience as a corporate value which is consistent with the chief scheme of the company. A uninterrupted preparation helps to vouch high quality service, comply with the company ‘s rigorous criterions, motivate and retain employees, making staff modesty. Continuous preparation is besides the lone manner to maintain abreast with the alterations happening today and be prepared to their turning gait ( Hinkin and Tracey, 2010 ; Katzenbach, 2000 ) .

Every twelvemonth, Marriott celebrates the day of remembrance of its foundation ( May 20 ) choosing a certain hebdomad for it to show the company ‘s gratitude to the employees who are the members of a immense international household Marriott. Ad and publicity plan “ Marriott Rewards ” is besides a really of import portion of every employee in the Marriott Corporation.

Sing the instance of hotel concatenation Marriott International, it should be noted that in a concern celebrated for its high rates of grosss, Marriott is outstandingly competent at continuing gifted directors, which is reflected in low satisfaction spread ( Figure 2.2. ) ( Hinkin and Tracey, 2010 ) . One of the ways to make that is a specific plan that trains directors to work out concern state of affairss fixing and promoting them to seek for publicities to exceed direction places.

Figure 2.2. Forces Satisfaction Gap

Figure 2

Advantages of Marriott, Inc over Competition in footings of Globalization

Marriott International Hotels have the burden of 10 % above the norm in the planetary cordial reception industry, while hotel suites are sold at higher rates than those of direct rivals ( Table 2.5 ) .

The advantage in the burden per centum and merchandising monetary values is achieved by supplying single and group clients more services than they can acquire anyplace else. Booking of hotel suites in the company ‘s hotels is conducted through its ain planetary distribution system ( GDS ) or via the Internet. Furthermore, the system uses the engineering of “ guest acknowledgment ” of hotels of all trade names of the company, and wagess plans for repetition clients. In 1999, the company expended its usage of the alleged “ quality confidence squads ” , helping companies to implement advanced web direction patterns and cut down costs ( Dube and Renaghan, 1999 ) .

Table 2.5. Marriott International vs. Starwood Average Daily Hotel Ratess

( North America 2Q 2010 by trade name, with year-over-year alteration )

Table 2

On a whole, Figure 2.3 shows the positive kineticss in RevPAR informations for North America Marriott belongingss for the five financial old ages 2004 -2008 with a extremum in 2007:

Figure 2.3. 2004-2008 RevPAR information for Marriot International ( North America )

Figure 2


Marriott dominates in the market for one simple ground: it is successful in pull offing hotels worldwide. The hotel managed by Marriott becomes a big hotel with eating houses, stores and concern centre, room service, in-line and pantrymans. All hotels of the concatenation are characterized by the same service, which is based on a clear interaction between all constructions and maintained tight control by the caput office. Marriott International mission provinces that the corporation aims to go the best company in the Fieldss of adjustment and services in the universe due to the fact that its employees are seeking to supply their clients the best possible services, ensuing in benefits for the company ‘s stockholders.

In recent old ages, Marriott International has shown a positive kineticss of development and continues to quickly distribute the concatenation all over the Earth on the footing of franchise contracts. This pattern, along with advanced attack to planetary hotel selling, Marriott Rewards plan, guest acknowledgment engineerings, high degree of forces developing and invariably increasing degree of service, helps Marriott International stay in the top five hotels ironss globally.


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