“In the beginning God created the Eden and the Earth. And the Earth was without signifier and nothingness ; and the darkness was upon the face of the deep. ” This is possibly the most olympian. amazing book of The Bible ; Genesis. Because the prolouge of any book is the primary feeling of it’s quality. it most surely has to do a permanent feeling in the reader’s head. In the first three chapters of Genesis. repitition is the method of composing that establishes its manner of beat and fluxing enunciation. Despite what some may believe. the redundancy of the phrases in Genesis are non humdrum. but are. alternatively. unusually effectual. The first representation of reduplication is noted when the transition quotes God. stating. “Let there be…” This shows God’s confidence in His address. When He says this. He evidently expects a response to His words. Of class. He receives a answer. When the action becomes complete. the Bible continually states. “And it was so. ”

This statement proves that what God says will go on. will go on. Again. this shows how powerful God can be. The following phrase that is repeated throughout the transition is “…and God saw that it was good. ” Knowing that God is perfect. if He says “it is good. ” so it is likely beyond flawlessness. The last phrase with insistent power are the words. “And the Lord…” This shows the audience when the Lord is about to take action. You may even state it is a signifier of boding. All of these phrases are illustrations of utmost importance to the quality of this authorship. Repeat of them serves to make the beautiful lyrical quality of Genesis. Genesis does a typical occupation of enticing readers through its manner of beat and fluxing enunciation in the usage of repitition.


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