The value of life is a heavy and controversial idea in many ways it is necessary to set a monetary value on decease but in others it seems un-just or non right to the sorrowing household and friends who has merely lost person. There can non be a monetary value on life that is at all just to the lost 1s household but the authorities feels that they can give one. If there must be a dollar sum on life how make you find what it is there are many facts and sentiments on how to calculate that out every bit good. but does any dollar sum convey back the doomed adult male or adult female ; of class non.

Peoples say that a person’s after life sum should be looked at in an equal manner to the sum of money they earned whilst still populating. There household should have adequate money so that they can go on populating as if there loss was still at that place. But if that was just. a stateless individual or person who hasn’t made a good sum of money over life clip should be worth less than an mean individual or a individual with a higher life criterion. Every homo should be equal to no affair the sum of money that you have collected.

A stronger belief is that every individuals loved 1s should be given a certain sum of money such as $ 500. 000. More people believe that that is the most just and merely option. But of class we want the best for our loved 1s and $ 500. 000 does non cover those disbursals. But if any sum above that were given people would seek to take advantage of it. Forging deceases and slaying household members merely for the sum of money that is given.

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