The village and I painting analysis This essay will outline the brief of Marc Glacial with his panting, moving forward to analyzing it’s painting ” The Village and ” using design elements and using visual grammar. Marc Glacial Is a Jewish Russian artist. His did the painting freshly when he moved to Pans back In 1911. It was made of canvas, and using 011 paint. The painting Is currently exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. In this part, the essay will discuss the content of the painting using design elements, as well as predict the painter’s idea behind Its painting.

The style of It Is cubism, it seed to exaggerated triangles facing each other, curved lines to Illustrate depth in the path of the road, and two circles contrasted In size. The reason of choosing this art is to show the painter’s childhood memories he had them as influential to him. And it attracts people’s attention because of Its unique art style. First describing in general then breakdown the painting in depth and details. The overall color of it is vivid which are red, green and blue. It creates contrast of Hue. The colors represent natural word surrounding them In that society.

The placement of the previous three lord is clearer for the viewer. For example if the red background of the path was replaced with the man’s green face, the man him self may have more hierarchy because of the bright color. Therefore, creating the road of the village red helps to equal dominance to the human figure and the animal. Another point to argue is having the man and the goat facing each other exaggerated and positioned relative to the edge, It creates more emphasis for the viewers to see it. Adding to that, it illustrates the powerful bond between the human and animals. Some critics say the green man Is the Glacial him self. The b


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