This short narrative negotiations about some bizzarres events that happen to a adult male that is analyzing to go a Spanish instructor. First off all. the chief character informant that his neighbour. Don Cesareo. who is an old adult male that has bad pique and cares a batch about his garden. by chance murders a mendicant. who insists a batch on the beggary and Don Cesareo by chance killed him because of losing his forbearance. the chief character decide non to state anyone about the slaying.

After three old ages. the chief character becomes a Spanish instructor. and one twenty-four hours he sees the mendicant. who was killed at the beginning. enter in Adriana Bernasconi’s place. who is the adult female that the Spanish instructor has fall in love. but she gets married and pregnant with other adult male. and lives in the house which is in the opposite side of the street. When the Spanish instructor tally at Adriana Bernasconi’s house to warn that a mendicant was come ining her place and likely he could steal something. Adriana and her hubby don’t see anyone enter their place. Then the Spanish instructor decides to return to his place and believe that he was certain that the dead mendicant enters to Adrianas Bernasconi’s place.

Alternatively of the small boy Gustavo disappearing. I would prefer that the Spanish instructor ell foremost to Adriana that he loves her so much and that he witnessed a awful slaying. and seek to convert her that she has to go forth the town and travel to another state because there is a spirit stalking her and her household. Then talk to Don Cesareo and convince him to squeal to the constabulary that he was the 1 that killed the mendicant.

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