Valentine’s Day is a fantastic vacation for everyone who gets the flowers. balloons. confect or stuffed bears that are delivered to the edifice throughout the twenty-four hours. Today is Valentine’s Day and the florist has been in the edifice at least 10 times with bringings. but I am still waiting. I have non been a individual who has a history of being forgotten and I do non acquire down because no 1 loves me. because that is non the instance. I have many people who care about me and hold had adequate day of the months to do me happy.

I merely do non understand why other misss and I spend much of our clip waiting on cats to demo they care about us. We should be unafraid adequate with ourselves we do non necessitate the attending of males to do us experience particular. Unfortunately. though we have learned that it is of import to be portion of twosomes and if we do non do up half of a twosome. we are uncomplete. I have had a happy life and am really comfy with whom I am. but I like about every other miss in society have spent my portion of clip playing the waiting game.

It begins really early in life. but we do non recognize we are playing the game yet at that clip. When we foremost become old adequate to recognize that we like boys we begin to put some of our value on the sum of attending we get from them and other people judge us partly by that same sum of attending. My first crush was where it began for me. He was cunning and I could non wait each twenty-four hours to acquire to school to acquire to see him.

I enjoyed playing with my friends and I of class completed the work that I needed to make. but my twenty-four hours was ne’er complete if he did non pay some sort of attending to me. Normally the attending he gave me was something like him forcing me down. or drawing my hair. but when he did that it made me recognize that he noticed me. On the yearss he did non pay any attending to me. I went home experiencing like I had missed something during the twenty-four hours. The instructor might hold said I was the best pupil in category. but if my crush ignored me I had a bad twenty-four hours.

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When we get a small older the attending from the male childs becomes even more of import. By the clip we get to be twelve or 13 old ages old we start desiring them to really handle us like we are particular. It is no longer O.K. if they pull our hair. we want asked to the school dance or to a friend’s party. By age 12 male childs do normally at least admit they like misss. but they still do non desire to allow their friends think the misss affect they manner they behave. At that age I had a new crush and he liked me excessively. He was a nice male child except when his friends were about. He would name me on the phone and state all sorts of nice things to me. but at school he was afraid the other male childs would badger him if he said anything nice.

At school he would about wholly ignore me until it came clip for a school dance. He asked me to travel to the dance with him. but once we got at that place. he went to one side of the room to speak to the other male childs and I was expected to travel to the other side of the room with the misss. He did non even inquire me to dance until it was about clip to travel place and some of the other people had eventually gotten brave adequate to travel out on the dance floor together. I did non make bold inquire him to dance. because if I did that would hold embarrassed him in forepart of his friends and he would non hold talked to me the remainder of the eventide. When it was clip to travel place. his parents took us both place. but that was about the lone clip he talked anyhow. because even when he danced with me. he was afraid his friend would hear if he talked to me.

By the ulterior teenage old ages. the male childs want their friends to cognize they have girlfriends. and frequently brag about it to their friends. The job is they still merely pay attending to the misss when it is convenient for them to. and we continue to wait for them. During dances like the homecoming dance or the prom are two of the worst events for the waiting game. I like other misss did non desire to travel to the prom entirely. because that is the worst signifier of rejection in high school. but most of us misss still believed that the male child should be the one to inquire the miss to the prom. which of class led once more to the game. When it came near to clip for the prom. all of the misss would direct all sorts of intimations to their favourite cats to inquire them to the all of import dance.

The misss who had fellows were reasonably safe in presuming they would acquire to travel with them. I had no specific fellow at the clip. so I like the other individual misss had to seek through the mass of available male childs and pick one I wanted to convert to inquire me out. The one cat I liked at the clip had non truly shown any involvement in inquiring me to the prom or even traveling to it. but I was determined I was traveling to travel with him.

When I talked to him. I seldom specifically mentioned the prom. but instead merely tried to maintain him speaking. He seemed to bask disbursement clip with me. but would merely non inquire me to the prom. Finally. merely before the prom he mentioned that if I wanted to travel possibly we could travel together. We had a great clip at the prom. but the game I had to play in order to acquire him to inquire me was wash uping.

Most late as a immature grownup the game has become even more hard and frustrating. because each individual I go out with could be a possible hereafter hubby and I have to believe about that. The job is they think about that every bit good and although finally work forces want to acquire married. none of them want to believe about it while they are dating and we have to be careful no to remind them. Right now it is Valentine’s Day and I am still waiting for some sort of acknowledgment of grasp from my particular cat. I know he cares. but it is all about playing the waiting game. which unluckily girls like me acquire really used to playing throughout our lives.

I do non understand why we play it other than our female parents have taught us that is what good misss do because we do non desire to be frontward and scare the nice male child off. Alternatively we sit around everlastingly waiting for them to detect us in order for us to experience particular. We need to understand that our value is non dependent upon the acknowledgment of our male opposite numbers. We as people are really of import and valued because of who we are and we should non hold to pass our lives sitting around waiting for person to state they love us. because we know we are of import and if the work forces are non able to appreciate that so we should non experience any less of import because of it.

Although it is nice to hold the attending of work forces. we need to understand that our value does non depend on it and we should non be afraid to state the work forces that if they do non appreciate us we will last anyhow. Unfortunately. even though we know we are separately valuable. we continue to play the game. We ply it the manner our female parents and grandmas played it before us and the manner our girls will doubtless play after us. It is the manner the universe has ever worked and few adult females are courageous plenty to interrupt the rhythm of the manner the game is played.


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