On January 21. 1969. Richard Milhous Nixon was inaugurated as the 37ThursdayPresident of the United States and re-elected in January 3. 1973. On August 8. 1974. Nixon became the first US President to vacate after impeachment proceedings were initiated against him over what has become known as “The Watergate Scandal. ” ( Watergate Chronology )

The term Watergate has become synonymous with political cover-up. prevarications. offense trickery and dirt in the United States and worldwide. The fact that a simple bungled burglary opened a colossal can of worms makes it all the more mind-boggling. As people began to recognize that they were in the thick of a confederacy that reached all the manner to the top. they began to inquire merely how deep. and how widespread. the putrefaction went.

Nixon himself has denied any complicity in the affair. until grounds that this was non so go excessively compelling to disregard. hence the subsequent impeachment articles and surrender. However. his motives. aside from the mandatary “for the good of the nation” . was ne’er satisfactorily explained. Regardless of the why. the consequence of Watergate on the political position of Nixon is unexpected. It. of class. killed his Presidency. and although replacement President Gerald Ford extended him a full forgiveness and he did non travel to imprison. many believed that he embodied the kernel of all that was incorrect in American political relations of that epoch. Watergate colourss any good he may hold done during his term of office.

However. he was far from softly melting into the good dark. After his surrender and forgiveness. Nixon proceeded to softly recover reputability in the oculus of the American populace. By the clip of his decease. he had managed to author nine books and served as advisor to US Presidents Bush Senior and Reagan.

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Whenever he spoke about American foreign policy before a crowd. people listened because he had made it his concern to go and acquire a political feel of the assorted states he toured and the mentality of the political leaders he visited. In fact. his last book. Beyond Peace. was a less than blandishing summing up of American foreign policy that was seasonably in the face of the political crises such as in Bosnia and Korea after the Cold War. ( Stacks. 1994 )

Nixon failed in the thick of his success. and succeeded in the thick of his failure. Ruthless in his chase and determined in his enterprises. he managed to lift above the ashes of the Watergate Scandal that destroyed the callings of at least 30 of the most outstanding work forces of his clip and died in 1997 regarded by many as an aged solon.

What of the state he had. as many people still steadfastly believe. betrayed to foster his ain involvements and command? What has his maltreatment of power done to impact American policy?

The Watergate incident succeeded in opening an Aegean stallss of transplant and corruptness. throwing into crisp alleviation the particular involvement groups that had bought their manner into favour and prompted a US President to interest all. The cleansing tide of public sentiment and media unfavorable judgment enabled the dishevelled American authorities to beat up about and expose the nucleus of the job. But the wake was more complicated than what was anticipated.

Peoples started to lose assurance in their political leaders. seeing them as untrusty and vulnerable to big corporations with deep pockets. Conspiracy theories cropped up that seemed progressively likely. and intuition of the “men in black” such as the FBI. CIA etc. . bureaus that served the will of people in power and non the American people increased. This may hold been due to the fact of the FBI’s engagement in the attempted cover-up. ( Watergate )

The belt was fastening about run finance. and at first the steps were rigorous. Campaign parts could neither be from questionable beginnings nor more than $ 1. 000. 00.

A federal committee on elections was formed to watch over the general election between Ford and Jimmy Carter. However. these steps could non last with cagey politicians and tribunal readings of the jurisprudence endorsing the claim that run parts were covered under the First Amendment. ( Jackson. 1999 ) Soon. the sum of parts from particular involvement groups and big corporations to both the Democratic and Republican parties reached heroic proportions. undreamed off during Nixon’s clip.

Tighter media watchfulness besides succeeded in advancing transparence and answerability among the politicians. However. the foolproof incredulity of the spoken and written word became an built-in portion of this watchfulness. imparting stuff for many a stand-up comedy act that nevertheless undermine the attempts of politicians and solons to consequence positive and progressive alteration in American policies. ne’er mind if they be honest and morally unsloped.

The media coverage of the Watergate hearings became the focal point of involvement for at least 85 % of the population at any given clip in the initial proceedings. at one clip ruling airtime with 13 hours of coverage in the six yearss following the first hearing on July 24. 1974. ( Garay )

While this unbroken people informed of what was go oning. a alteration in the American mind besides resulted. The people post-Watergate lost their assurance in their elected functionaries and had adopted a passive. if non overtly hostile. attitude towards the whole procedure. This has filtered down to ulterior coevalss and now less than 50 % of the voting population really fusss to vote. The general sentiment is that all politicians and people in power are prevaricators. or are non stating the whole truth. in chase of their ain promotion and opportunisms.

This belief has translated into an fanatic. about paranoid. oculus for political corruptness. Ethical motives commissions and processs. independent advocate jurisprudence. public unity subdivisions and other such bureaus are devoted entirely to holding a conditions oculus cocked for the smallest trip. What was one time acceptable political discussion. such as free football tickets. is looked at askance as a symptom of much bigger largesse. ( Jackson. 1999 )

This has non stopped any trickery. nevertheless. There are many ways around a commission. and around the jurisprudence. if one has adequate resources to draw it off. Many usage this watchfulness to discredit a rival or to derive favour in the public oculus. most likely while making the same thing or something else every bit or more unethical or even illegal. The of import thing is. from a political point of position. is non to acquire caught. as Nixon so really openly was.

All this reform. revelation and transparence has given manner to two really important consequences: One. those in political relations set on functioning their ain involvements has become really good at gulling the ticker Canis familiariss down waies that they want to expose while covering their ain paths ; and two. those who have the nation’s involvement at bosom has an acclivitous ascent in deriving the trust and assurance of the people.

And what of the media? Many forget that the media is besides a particular involvement group. but alternatively of currying favour from politicians to acquire particular intervention by giving run parts and other contributions. the media uses political relations and politicians to work whatever the issue of the minute is and sell.

While many are legitimate publications with dependable beginnings or grammatical sentiments. the great influence they have on public sentiment are non ever used judiciously. Their motive is to sell. The bigger the dirt. the better. ne’er mind if it is non ever in the public involvement to cognize all. Bad intelligence sells better than good intelligence. and many times the populace focuses merely on who’s making what to whom instead than what good some have been making. or seeking to make.

In the instance of Watergate. media fed on the thirst of the populace to cognize. but failed to supply a complete image of what really happened that 30 old ages down the line has provided to some extent. The harm has been done. the people no longer trust authorities. and are ready to believe the worst without giving benefit to doubt.

What was most interesting to those who analyze theraison d’etreof the dirt was that it seemed about unpointed. as Nixon at the clip was at the top of his signifier. holding merely been re-elected with a landslide triumph. and popular with the state.

Many asked what could be his ground for desiring to tease the offices of the Democratic Party’s National Committee. housed so at the lavish Watergate Hotel. Political spying and sabotage seemed to be the most obvious ground. as FBI research workers established in 1972. and it appeared sensible what with the coming elections. However. the popularity he had gathered with his bringing of the “Silent Majority” address on the Vietnam War seemed to do these attempts superfluous. ( Watergate. info )

To this twenty-four hours there has been no satisfactory reply as to the why as many closely involved with the dirt have died. and have taken the enigma with them.

What is non a enigma today is the ripple-effect of Watergate on American political relations and policy. and the constitution of Richard Nixon as a public figure. Political bashing and mud-slinging has become the order of the twenty-four hours. and the media has run true to organize in working the dollar value of a good dirt. Campaign funding has become large concern. making astronomic degrees. with the added fillip of being legitimate. thanks to sleek reading and use of the jurisprudence by cagey legal advocates. Political inventiveness has plotted an indictment-free zone so that money can speak in authorities policy.

And despite incredulity. the American public relies to a great extent on the media to organize their sentiment sing whom and what to believe. particularly since Watergate when there were no holds barred as to what the media could set out. Peoples believe that the printed and televised words is intact. but more frequently than non the voices of the 1s who have truly pure motivations get drowned out with all the noise the 1s with the deep pockets make.

And where is Nixon in all this. that focal point of Watergate? He lives on in the memory of the Americans as the President who authored the female parent of all dirts ( and was unfortunate plenty to acquire caught ) and the adult male who afterwards stood back up and brushed himself off to exercise his influence in the political sphere in malice of it. As he reportedly put to Russian Vice President Alexander Rutskoi following Rutskoi’s release from prison after his failed coup d’etat against Boris Yeltsin. “that. for some. there can be life after snake pit. ” ( Stacks. 1994 )


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