The book The White Tiger is by Ovarian Taiga. This book is about a man named Manna, which translates to “boy,” who takes on the name Balsam, which is given to him by one of his teachers. He tells his story to the Chinese Premiere, Went Ojibwa over the course of seven nights via email. His story is that he wants to make a lot more money than he does working in the family tea shop, which is what his caste, the Hallway, does. He overhears two men taking about how much money that drivers make while he is working at the tea shop. He immediately goes out and learns how to drive and gets a Job from a man named Shook, who is the local landlord, the

Storks, son. They all move to Delhi for Shook’s Job. While Balsam is working for Shook, he struggles eternally with how the caste system works and how servants are not treated as human beings. After struggling for a long time with this, Balsam decides to kill his boss and to create a driving company and make more money than he ever has before. This book was very well written and I do not see any way that I would have changed it. This book had a little bit of everything. Balsam would talk about the chandelier in his office while writing the emails, which made it seem like a real conversation with Went Ojibwa.

The book, The White Tiger, made me feel sympathetic for Balsam. I felt bad because he had spent his life living in the shadows and had to do something drastic to make something of himself and his family resented him for it. I understand why his family would be angry with Balsam, but they did not even try to understand what he was going through. He was really working and he promised that he would send money home, but he never did, which was very wrong. His grandmother threatened to tell his boss about this, which could cost him his Job, so that could ruin everything for Balsam and the rest of the family.

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Balsam was being very selfish with his money. His grandmother cared enough to pay for his driving instruction, and he does not care enough to repay her. The author is saying that life is unfair and only the selfish make it to the top. When there is a competition, it doesn’t typically matter how kind you are to your competition, it matters that you win. Your competition probably will resent you for it, but like I said, the selfish only make it to the top. The downfall is that when you’re at the top, the only place to go is down.

Somebody will probably destroy your power out f pure Jealousy, like Balsam did to Shook. This happens all over the world, but you can see it more in poverty stricken parts of the world, because our socialistic behaviors are not the same as theirs. The caste system in India makes this behavior easier to see because the people are separated by social and economic class and are not treated as equals. There are many very different parts of this book. There is a part when the students make fun of Balsam because the teacher calls him the “white tiger” because he is an individual who seems to be smarter than his peers.

This part is believable cause kids always find reasons to bully their peers. One unbelievable part of this book is when Balsam kills Shook. It is Just so out of character and way too sloppy and spontaneous for him not to get busted for committing this crime. I en title AT tens kick, I en went Alger, TLS ten kick very well Lora’s ten Declining of the book, one of Balsam’s teachers says that his intelligence is rare and that he is the “white tiger” of the group. The book is the story of Balsam proving everyone that he is different and is in fact the “white tiger” of the group.

The White Tiger is a fitting title for this book because he does make something of himself, but at a great cost. A white tiger would have to fight to survive and thrive in the wilderness. You have to be willing to do a lot of things you would not normally do to make it to the top. The ending of The White Tiger sums up the story. When a lot of writers end a story, they do not answer a lot of questions that might readers have. This book did leave you thinking, but not to the point of insanity. The book leaves behind one big question, “Will Balsam receive a punishment for killing Shook?

I personally believe hat he will not be punished. Balsam seems to know exactly how to outsmart the police so that they cannot find him. The writer should always leave you thinking, but not over thinking. The most important part of the book is that Balsam gets a Job as a driver for Shook. If that had not happened, then none of the events that occurred during the job would have happened. The most important character besides Balsam is Vicar, who is Balsam’s role model. Vicar came from nothing and befriended a politician and made something of himself. Whenever Balsam saw him, he thought to himself “That’s what I want to be.

Balsam reminds me of Catkins Evergreen from The Hunger Games. I think this because Balsam and Catkins both cared about their families, one more than the other, but they both still cared for them. They both had to fight and do some terrible things to make it to the top. They wanted to win and they knew that they could if they put everything into it. The main difference between the two is that Catkins was forced to kill so that she could survive. Balsam chose to kill Shook because he did not want to be enslaved anymore. I have read an untitled article that is a lot like The White Tiger.

The article is about teenage boy who shot his mother and sister because they messed him up enough psychologically with all of their fighting. They provided things for him that he needed and wanted, but made him feel awful at the same time. The same situation applies to Balsam. His boss gave him all that he needed but being a servant made Balsam crazy. The two had come too point with life that they Just had to destroy their problems. This book showed me what life is like in poverty stricken areas of the country. When I started to read this book, my dad had Just returned from India and was telling my mother and me all about it.

Combining both of those experiences made me appreciate the book more than I probably would have without it. I now know why some people kill others. It is not always because they are cold hearted psychopaths, it could be because of what that person put them through, trauma, etc. Killers are not who society makes them out to be. They need to be punished and get psychological help, not hatred from other people who don’t understand their situation. A technique that the writer used in this book is description of the setting. In Balsam’s emails to ten essence Premiere, en always talks tout ten canceller Tanat nags in his office.

It makes the book more like he is sending an actual email to Went Ojibwa. When people talk, they often get sidetracked by things that are surrounding them. That aspect made the book more personal. It was an informal book, so it was like friends who were sending emails back and forth, but we do not know if Went Ojibwa ever responded to them. Someone who likes books about other countries would love this book. The White Tiger talks a lot about the Hindi Caste System, which is very common in India. Also, a social studies teacher may assign this book to a class who is learning about the Hindi Caste system.

This book tells us that last names identify what caste you are in. A reader who likes to know why people can be so selfish may enjoy this book because it will give them a better understanding of why people are this way. A lot of people would enjoy this book because the theme of it needs to be known world wide for us to have a better society. The most memorable scene in this book would have to be when Balsam killed Shook. Most people typically remember the craziest parts of stories, and this definitely takes the cake with that.

When people are killed, your heart races and your mind goes “What happens next?! Most of the readers will wonder if he gets caught or not. The planning behind the murder is also interesting, so is why he did it. The whole book leads up to this point. It starts with the wanted poster and goes there. This book would be great to read in class. There are a lot of different ways to interpret this book, and you could get a different take so many times. A lot of people usually think the same things about a book, but this book has a lot of ways to take it. You could look at it from a social standpoint, economic standpoint, or a religious attendant.

Reading papers about it would be interesting because everyone’s ideas would be so different. Also, it is quite an educational book, and not Just in the literature area. On a scale of one to ten, I give this book an eight. It is a great book and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. There were a lot of parts that I did not understand, though. This book was a bit over my head. I do not have personal experience with many parts of this book, which made it difficult to relate to. It was a phenomenally written book and I think it should get more press than it does.


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