I am the Wind
I creep and crawl through every swamp and vale
Touching every foliage and keeping every subdivision
Surrounding every stone and chilling every watercourse
Playing with the foliages that dance on my shoulders

I am the Wind.
I cradle nature’s breath in my weaponries
Rocking it back and Forth
Singing to it my sweet cradlesong
Snoging its stamp face with my gentle zephyr

I am the Wind.
I instruct the tall grass to bow before me
Governing over the foliages and regulating the H2O
Stating the rain when to fall
Commanding even the moving ridges of the ocean to obey me

I am the Wind.
Nature has given me more than one undertaking
I work to finish them all
I fly with the birds and run with the chetah
I guard the babe as she sleeps and ticker over the Canis familiariss that howl at the Moon
I play with the hair of a sleeping kid
I race the autos on the main road
I dance around the maize Fieldss at twilight
I watch the universe Begin to sleep and am at that place at its waking

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I am the Wind.
Tornados are mere toothpicks for my dentitions
Hurricanes are but mizzling rain
Blizzards lose their terms without me as their foundation Rooted as the beginning of storm and storm. I will non stir

I am the Wind.
I hold the stars and chevrons of many flags
Helping the states show them with pride
I collide with the canvass of boats
Catching my pess they make me draw them along

I am the Wind
I pull the foliages off of the trees like apples
Puting them carefully on the land to kip
Leting them rest under a cover of snow till they wake

I am the Wind.
I carry the seed of blowballs on my dorsum
Washing it with my zephyr
And seting it in the soft Earth beneath my pess
I cool it while I blow through pursed lips
And convey clouds to slake its thirst
Soon my work is done

I am the Wind.
Curling my fists at the mountains that stand in my manner
Disobeying the gravitation of adult male
Defying even life itself as I live on forever


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