A tradition inherited from sires. In the center of huge Indian ocean. the islands of Maldives. remained as a admiration. a resting topographic point. and a halt over for dog-tired crewmans. The crystal clear H2O and all right white sandy beaches. though defines the modern twenty-four hours Maldives. the islands were good known among the crewmans and bargainers of Indian ocean for its beauty and cordial reception since 14th century. Today. universe knows Maldives as a high terminal tourer finish for flush Europeans.

However. the latest studies and 800 old ages old written history of the Maldives reveal a startling fact about life style of the island-dwellers. The history written by assorted eyewitnesses and crewmans over the last 100s of old ages have one uncontentious history on Maldivian life style. particularly on matrimony.

Harmonizing to Ibn Battuta. a celebrated fifteenth century Moroccan crewman. “It is easy to get married in these islands because of the littleness of the doweries and the pleasances of society which the adult females offer. When the ships put in. the crew marry ; when they intend to go forth. they divorce their wives” . The divorce and remarry was portion of mundane life of the Maldivians. Battuta himself took pleasance get marrieding with local adult females. He wrote. “In these islands. I married several adult females ; ”

It would be normal for a Maldivian adult female to hold lived in several different houses with each matrimony taking her to a new home. In this journey she would usually take her kids from old matrimonies with her to the new home. There she lives with her new hubby with kids from several other old hubbies until she get divorced once more.

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The faith and civilization of the state has privileged the work forces. giving them the right to disassociate. The adult females have small or no right to disassociate their hubby. In most instances. it is a verbal statement that hubby reads to his married woman in the presence of her or any other individual. willing to disassociate her which so constitute a legitimate divorce. However. harmonizing to Francoy Pirad. a Gallic crewman. “The married woman. excessively. can divide from her hubby. provided he consents ; otherwise non. This divorce. which is really common among them. must be made in the presence of informants. all or some of whom must be present when either of the parties expresses a desire to get married another”

The Maldivian attitudes toward matrimony has changed merely small. Even in this twenty-first century. with of all time increased interaction with outer universe and other peoples’ civilization. Maldives remained as the state of the universe highest divorce rate. Harmonizing to study “Top Ten Countries With Highest Divorce Rate” done by The Map of The World. Maldives get figure one with holding 10. 97 divorce per 1000 and United State has 3rd place with 4. 19 divorce per 1000.

In drumhead. the simpleness of doweries and the local usage made it easier to get married in Maldivess and the adult females being broad had the right to take the hubby randomly among local work forces and foreign crewmans. Though it contributed for well frequent divorce. many Maldivians found it and even today find it as a tolerable act of their society.


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