In this research, I have selected the Lost World of Tambun a subject park of my pick. The Lost World of Tambun is an action-packed, exciting escapade with the most electrifying drives and attractive forces in Ipoh, Malaysia. Located in the historic town of Ipoh, in the center of the North-South corridor in Perak, this topographic point is non merely a adult male made H2O subject park with beautiful Mayan architecture, gargoyles, and H2O canals, but is surrounded by 400-million-year-old natural limestone hills which offers a alone breathtaking position.

The World of Tambun is built by Sunway Group in 2006 at a cost of RM60 million, this subject park is well-designed with many alone characteristics. It has many different “ resort areas ” and is surely an added attractive force to the popular Sunway Lagoon subject park in Kuala Lumpur.A

Five chief elements that make up this universe of escapade are the Water Park, the Amusement Park, Lost World Hot Springs, the Tiger Valley and the Lost World Petting Zoo. It is a perfect adventure for household and metropolis oilskins who want to hold a short interruption off from the metropolis and bask the out-of-door elements from adult male made beaches, to hot H2O springs, subject park drives ; both moistures and dry, a tiger vale where you get to see the wild animal roam freely, and beyond that jungle trekking, undermining and burrowing activities.A

Answer Water Park

Get down the journey atA River & A ; Beach Garden, a landscaped beach with waterfalls surrounded by 20 pess duplicate waterfalls with two rivers fluxing into the pool. For a start, catch a float for a individual individual or two, and leap intoA Adventure River, Asia ‘s longest semisynthetic river drive with a moving ridge generator in the H2O park section.A Besides, refresh with a musical shower at the Musical Body Wash before heading to the Sandy Bay for an intense game of volleyball with friends and household or possibly, for a restful soak in the Sun.

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Next, acquire ready for a wet universe of merriment in the kids-only zone, Explorabay, specifically designed kids. Explorabay boasts particular smaller slides and a big, wet, synergistic drama country with elephantine tipping pails, H2O canons, spraying elephants, H2O drapes and fountains. Designed for more-thrill seeking grownups and adolescents, the Cliff Racer injects a encouragement of epinephrine when your mine cart flies, Indiana Jones manner – directly down the speed-coaster at maximal velocity! In add-on, do non lose traveling on the Tube Raiders, longest inflatable tubing drive in Malaya!

Amusement Park

Enjoy the scenery while you dry off on the Dragon Flights drive, as you get swung in the air in this thrilling swing-chair drive ; before you sail on over to the Stormrider, a plagiarist boat which will swing you 180 grades for some knee-knocking, spine-tingling exhilaration. Besides, acquire your small 1s to chill down after playing adventurer at the H2O park, on the Perak Parade carrousel ; and travel on the Giddy Galleon for a perfect household sit off from the H2O. In add-on, make certain you go on the Adventure Express ; where you can sit back and allow this ancient locomotor return you and your household on a journey past olympian ruins, billowing Waterss and wild Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams ; giving you a speedy circuit of the Lost World of Tambun ‘s other attractive forces.

Lost World Hot Springs & A ; Spa

Afer a twenty-four hours of exhilaration, plunge yourself in the beginning of pure relaxation in our Lost World Hot Springs. The 100 % natural mineral hot springs is clean and fresh as the H2O flows through the pool continuously from the chief beginning and is so channeled to the nearby Kopisan River. Incorporating healthy minerals such as Calcium Carbonate, Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphate, Chloride and Iron, the Hot Springs are heavenly for those looking for a healthy retreat.

This add-on includes many elements which are catered for everyone: giving them the ultimate relaxation experience. The elements include Infinity Pool, Lost World Steam Cave, Foot Spa, Crystal Spa, Top of the World Pool, The Geyser of Tambun, Crystal Pool and Saphira ‘s Bistro.

Infinity Pool

It is specially designed as a true watering place and can accommdate up to 300 people at one time and is surrounded by the serene and quieting sounds of the volcanic waterfall.

Lost World Steam Cave

The Lost World Steam Cave is great for those looking for a reprieve after long nerve-racking yearss. The steam cave acts as a sweat room promotes the action of sudating where the toxins and waste are expelled through the pores on the cuticle go forthing the dermis clean and refreshed. The high temperature besides prmotes blood circulation.

Foot Spa

Foot Spa in the Lost World Hot Springs and Spa has reflexology pebbles fitted to the floor. Visitors can walk on the pebbles while basking the hot springs H2O comforting their pess.

Crystal Spa

Crystal Spa is a watering place installations where visitants can bask organic structure therapy at a nominal charge. There are three huts located here, named as a Sapphire, Topaz and Amethyst. The watering place offers Aromatherapy Massage and Head & A ; Shoulder Massage. Within the privateness and comfort of your ain massage hut, you will be pampered and treated to an invigorating massage of your pick and feel rejuvenated from inside out.

Top of the World Pool

Top of the World Pool is a jacuzzi pool that allows a full scope of curative hydro-massage for musculuss, articulations and force per unit area points. It is advisable for invitee who are enduring from musculus, cervix, shoulder and back hurting. Athletes retrieving from athleticss hurts are encouraged to take a dip in this pool because it could assist to rush up the recovery. Besides, the heat from the hot springs H2O easiness joint motion for invitee agony from arthritis.

Saphira ‘s Bistro

To farther heighten the experience in the Lost World Hot Springs & A ; Spa, a swim-up dining mercantile establishment known as Saphira ‘s Bistro has been built to provide for visitants seeking for some bites to quicken their appetencies. This bistro boasts a healthy choice of nutrient and bevarages such as Salmon Fillet, Chicken Stew, Open Sandwiches, Western Style Curry and Salads Saphira ‘s Special.

Tiger Valley

Meet Sultan, Raima, Putra, Jazz and Azian ; Lost World of TambunaˆYs really ain Siberian Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams. One of the alone attractive forces here is the Tiger Valley where you get to see the wild animate beings roam freely in their enclosure, and execute stunts during feeding clip. There are a sum of eight Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelams, once circus animate beings abandoned by their proprietors, when they could non afford to wing them back, and were later adopted by the subject park and now given the best possible attention by experient trainers.

Lost World Petting Zoo

Take walk on the wild side at the Petting Zoo, where you will be able to acquire personal with merely some of the menagerie favorites such as Ruby the raccoon, Nia the Python and Wira the Green Macaw. Take some clip to walk through the different countries, where you would be able to feed, touch and experience animate beings in their natural home grounds. Besides, the Petting Zoo allows the populace to touch, experience, provender and drama with the animate beings ; giving those looking for a more personal brush, a closer position. It features a big assortment of alien animate beings in an environment created as stopping point to nature as possible and apart from being a merriment activity that households can make together, it besides serves as a nature instruction platform for schools and tourers. Childs can look frontward to holding an gratifying clip caressing and playing with coneies, guinea hogs, tortoises, African Dwarf Goats and Deer and endearing Primatess such as the white-eared marmosets, black-eared marmosets and macaques. In add-on, the big aviary houses over 500 birds from 18 species with all-time front-runners such as cockatoos, Citrus reticulata ducks and Inachis ios. The Serpentarium features a host of sliding reptilians such as the reticulated pythons, mangrove serpent and the Giant Monitor Lizard. To maintain the memory for a long clip, childs and grownups likewise can present for images with the Mustela nigripes, brush kangaroo, Sugar Glider, and Blue-Gold Macaw and the Giant Iguana at the Rock Canopy.

Adventure For The Eco-Enthusiast

Make your manner, jungle trekking through the deep limestone hill woods of the Lost World of Tambun. Witness and research the alone vegetations and zoologies, acquire up near and personal with wild animate beings and see the beauty of its waterfalls and cryptic caves.

Delve deeper into the caves for a one three geographic expedition of the Gua Datok, a cave dating back to 400 million old ages ; with naturist ushers as they expose brilliant history and the formations of the stalagmites and stalactites. For the younger thrill searchers who wants a gustatory sensation of the action there is a smaller cave called Gua Anak Datok, located at near the pess of Gua Datok. Opt for the three-hour cave geographic expedition experience at the Six Mile Tunnel. Eco-enthusiasts are guided by experient ushers through the 700 metre long cave tunnel ; walking through ankle-deep clay, swimming across a shallow pool, before go oning to walk through chest-deep H2O inside the tunnel. Stay near to nature and cantonment overnight. Share adventures with friends and household over a balefire at any one of the two encampment sites at the Lost World of Tambun – the Needle Village, the Riverside Village ; where you indulge in adhering activities such as lake kayaking, rafting, teambuilding Sessionss, every bit good as themed dinners.

If you are looking for a more relaxed interruption, hop on board the Tambun River Cruise at a mere RM6 per individual. Sit back and take it wholly in as the sail sails you through the picturesque decompression sicknesss of the Tambun River. Once you ‘ve sailed through the Tambun river, take control and take the lead by paddling about in the Lost World of Tambun ‘s Koi Pond in one of the swan-designed paddle boats. Whether you opt for a spouse, or travel alone in the paddle boats, be certain to feed the Koi fish following you around!

Food and Beverage

The Ipoh White java is love at first sip! Made merely from the finest choices of Liberica, Robusta and Arabica quality beans, the java is skilfully roasted to flawlessness by Ipoh ‘s old, legendary Masterss.

If java is non your cup of tea, seek Lost World of Tambun ‘s Roasted Rice Tea. A traditionally alone cupper, the Roasted Rice Tea reflects the reliable spirits of a formula that has been handed down through many hereditary coevalss.

For those seeking any other ground to try the Lost World of Tambun ‘s Roasted Rice Tea, the tea touts a list of wellness benefits which include comforting sore pharynxs, chilling down organic structure temperatures and relieving febrilities.

The park is opened from Monday to Fridays from 11am to 6pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm, and during school and public vacations from 10am to 6pm. The park is closed every Tuesday except during Malayan school and public holidays.A

The park rates are RM30.00 per grownup, RM24.00 for kids below 12, and free of charge for kids below 90cm in tallness. Group bundles are besides available with minimal figure of 30 individuals – progress engagement is required.A

The Lost of Tambun is prime tourer finish for the part by the launch of its largest investing undertaking which covers the touristry, existent estate, cordial reception, amusement, leisure and retail sectors. The Lost World of Tambun is the best H2O subject park within the northern part because it offers assorted elements such as Water Park, Amusement, Hot Springs & A ; Spa, Tiger Valley and Petting Zoo that attract visitants from local and tourers from other states.

Besides, the Lost World of Tambun is the lone H2O subject park with natural hot spring in Malaysia that can suit more than 10,000 people. Key attractive forces besides include the action-packed prohibitionist and wet escapade drives every bit good as a scope of eco-adventures. Furthermore, the Lost World of Tambun has received many pretigious awards for its first-class invention, ocular entreaty, quality, stigmatization and the singularity as a H2O subject park. For case, the Lost World of Tambun has been awarded “ Winner of the 2008/2009 Innovative Tourist Attraction Award ” by Tourism Malaysia. Furthermore, it has a big parking topographic point and other park installations such as supplication suites, cabinet, tubing & A ; towel engage service, shower and altering suites including for handicapped, to the full qualified lifesavers, to the full equipped and staffed first assistance station, hut countries and seating, bike hiring, security guard and ample parking infinite.

Future enlargement to be made for illustration ; spread outing the subject for the edifice of hotels. Besides, monorail system to be introduced for an overall transit for both visitants and staffs.

The Lost of Tambun can hike their gross revenues and net incomes by offering household bundles and widening their concern clip. Besides, they can form party relevant to the subject park. In add-on, they can ask for international performing artists as a portion of advertizement to pull more people to see their subject park. A portion for that, free H2O playthings can be provided for kids and particular scope to be offered for senior citizen.

One manner to advance their concern to a planetary graduated table is to publicize their concern through travel and Tourss bureau by seting what they have in bundles. Besides, on-line publicity besides helps them to advance their merchandises and construct closer client relationships. They should besides acquire foreigner investing to allow them open a subdivision in their state. In add-on, they can cover with big alien companies through international conferences and events.


In decision, the Lost World of Tambun surely offers a alone experience beyond the bangs and spills of a subject park, with the chance of being in the bosom of nature to witness something fantastic and unreplaceable.

Therefore, changeless installations upgrade must be performed from clip to clip. Besides, they need to maintain on altering to follow up the current client demands and wants. In add-on, client should be informed about the latest intelligence and occurrences such as the launching of new merchandises in their subject park.

The bosom of each concern lies in the custodies of its clients. Therefore, the company ‘s ability to set up and keep a strong and steadfast client base is indispensable for its growing and endurance. All clients come into the client state of affairs with differing demands and wants. Therefore, it is really of import for a company to understand client demands and wants to guarantee the repetition client. The one unobserved fillip is that it really costs less to serve repetition clients because their outlooks degrees are established and they know the function they are to play. Final client demands and wants are ever the key to the success in a concern.


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